Menstruation delayed?What should I do?

The delay of menstruation is delayed menstruation, also known as "scarcity of menstruation", "after menstruation", "menstrual passage", etc., which is a common type of menstrual disorders.Long -term delay of menstruation affects the health of patients with polycystic.

Female menstruation can be delayed for a few days

Usually women’s menstrual cycle is 21-35 days, usually 28 days. The length of the specific menstrual cycle varies from person to person. Menstruation or delay is about 7 days.More than no one, that is, irregular menstruation.

Several major factors that may cause delay of menstruation

1. Pregnancy factors

After 10 days of delay in menstruation, you can go to the hospital for urine pregnancy test. If it is positive, it is likely to be pregnant, and there will be some other symptoms, such as chills, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, etc.

2. Endocrine disorders

Obesity, excessive diet, impermanence of living, premature ovarian function, and polycystic ovary syndrome can cause female endocrine disorders, and delayed menstrual periods.

3. Emotions cause delay of menstruation

Such as psychological factors such as mental stress, stress, and environmental changes can cause delay of menstruation.

4. Bad living habits lead to

Some women like staying up late, drinking cold drinks or eating cold food, excessive diet, etc. These bad living habits have a greater impact on women’s normal menstruation, and regular life can keep menstruation regularly.In addition, changes in the living environment may also affect the arrival of menstruation. For example, the weather becomes cold, which may cause delay of menstruation.

5. Influence of gynecological disease factors

Some women’s diseases, such as abnormal ovarian function, will affect the normal menstruation, and there may be delay in menstruation.

What examinations do you need to do?

B -ultrasound: You can determine whether you are pregnant, and check whether the health status of the uterus, ovaries, and pelvic cavity suffers from disease.

Gynecological examinations: mainly include gynecological intrastium, vagoscopy, leucorrhea routine, etc.

Six examinations of sex hormones: abnormal sex hormones can cause follicle development and abnormal ovulation, etc. Six examinations of sex hormones determine whether it has endocrine diseases.

Method for delayed menstruation


Reasonable diet

One avoids overeating; the second avoid is fat and sweet, because people with full body and obese are prone to amenorrhea; the third bogey cold and acidic food.Chinese medicine believes that cold can make blood running unknown, and the menstrual blood is closed.The sour product has convergence and can aggravate the condition.


Sexual life should be appropriate

Normal sexual life is suitable for a Tuesday. If sexual life is excessive, it will damage the liver and kidney, and even the losses of liver and kidney essence, and gradually form amenorrhea.The same room during menstruation is even more unsuitable.


Avoid too tired

Preventing irregular menstruation, then female friends are not suitable for heavy physical labor, especially during menstruation, because too much physical labor is likely to cause female primary injuries and darkened women’s shade.The main reason for tuning, and on the contrary, if life is very comfortable, the poor and blood operation may cause irregular menstruation.So women should participate in some labor in moderation.


Relieve stress

Women who are fertilized, such as long -term pressure, sullenness, or poor mood, will inhibit the function of hypothalamal pituitary gland. It is that the ovarian no longer secretes female hormones and does not ovulate, and menstruation will start disorder.


The cold diet is not desirable

Women cannot eat cold foods during menstruation, and they cannot be cold. Cold things can make women’s qi and blood running poorly, causing the cold of the palace, making qi and blood from coming on time, which causes delay of menstruation.

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