Menstruation delay is caused by these five reasons besides pregnancy

Women with sexual life will be a little nervous as soon as menstruation is delayed: shouldn’t it be pregnant?

However, you want to accurately judge pregnancy information.Please use early pregnancy test strips to test or go to the hospital for examination.

Women who have no sexual life have no problem of pregnancy when they have delayed menstruation.However, they have more anxiety than pregnancy -irregular menstruation, will there be any disease problems in the body?

How many days have been delayed by menstruation?

The average period of menstruation is 28 days, but 21 ~ 35 days are normal.

Generally speaking, it is normal for menstruation or 7 days in advance.

Women have to come hundreds of menstruation in their lives. They are affected by the environment or their own health. Occasionally, some small fluctuations are normal.

What needs to be vigilant is: postponed or more than 7 days in advance!I should go to see a doctor.

Five causes of menstruation delayed

1. Endocrine abnormalities

The regular operation of endocrine allows women to experience a complete menstrual cycle, including menstrual period, follicle period, ovulation period, and luteal stage.Each step is closely related to the level of estrogen and progesterone.

If the endocrine system is abnormal, such as premature ovarian or polycystic ovary syndrome, menstruation may be delayed.Suspected of this situation, you need to go to the Department of Endocrinology.

2. Chronic disease

If women have certain chronic diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, thyroid dysfunction, tumors, etc.Chronic diseases usually consume physical energy, leading to malnutrition of patients, which indirectly causes delayed menstruation.

It is recommended to check the body’s clear chronic disease and actively cooperate with treatment.After chronic diseases are controlled stable, menstruation can return to normal.

3. Excessive weight loss

Excessive weight loss leads to weight loss or even malnutrition, which has a bad impact on menstruation.Because when women’s body is insufficient or insufficient energy intake, a large amount of fat and protein in the body will be consumed, and the synthesis of estrogen will be hindered, which will cause delayed menstruation or scarce menstrual flow.

In this case, you usually need to suspend weight loss to restore your normal diet.

4. Drug impact

The medicine cannot be taken casually. Some women may take contraceptives or emergency contraceptives for some reason for some reasons. These drugs contain estrogen and progesterone. Long -term oral oral disorders may cause menstrual disorders and delay menstruation.

Generally, after the drug is discontinued, the menstruation can be automatically adjusted to the normal level. If the menstruation is still disordered in half a year after the drug is discontinued, it is necessary to go to the hospital.

5. Emotional impact

Do not underestimate the influence of emotions on the body. When people have adverse emotions such as stress, anxiety, sadness, or anger, they may also destroy endocrine balance, which causes irregular menstruation.

Suggest, try to keep your mind as much as possible.Learning indigestion of mood has a good positive effect on maintaining normal menstruation.If the menstruation is delayed caused by emotional reasons, then there is usually no need to treat, and it can return to normal after the emotional improvement.

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