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Hamsters were relatively small, and even if they were pregnant, they would not change much.But pregnancy is an important thing for hamsters and owners, especially the owner wants to get this information in the first time. So what ways can we know if hamsters are pregnant?Let ’s refer to Xiaobian.

One: Body size becomes larger

After the hamster is pregnant, the stomach will gradually become larger. From a distance, it is like a white pear. Generally, this situation will only appear a few days before the production of hamster, and sometimes the hamster mother will have one night one night.The belly will become so big.

Two: bad temper

Many animals will change greatly after pregnancy. Even the very docile animals have changed their temperament after pregnancy.The same is true for hamsters. If the little friend finds that the hamster suddenly starts to bite the cage and bite people, you can consider whether the hamster is pregnant.

3: Fighting

Don’t look at the hamster is very cute, but they don’t know the weight.Many friends will raise the male and female hamsters together, but when the female hamster is pregnant, the male hamster will attack the male hamster, and the other one will be killed.So the little friends must separate them after the hamster matches.

Four: Do the nest

After the hamster mother is pregnant, they will start preparing for Shengzai. At this time, they will desperately move the attachments to the beside the nest and let themselves have a large space for raw.If you find this situation, you only need to give them enough materials, and don’t disturb them.

Five: Storage food

Many animals will be able to find food at will after all, so hamsters will store food before pregnancy.At this time, do not help them or move their food, otherwise the hamster mother will think that there are enemies nearby to hide the food.

6: Increased drinking water

During the hamster during pregnancy, there are more water than usual. Here I remind everyone a detail: the more water drinking the hamster mother, the more hamsters in the belly.

Seven: The nipples are exposed

There are 4 nipples on each side of the hamster. A few days before the hamster mother was about to give birth to a cub, their nipples would begin to emerge like two rows of buttons.When the owner finds it, prepare for them.

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