Men have long abstinence, will sperm only be discharged?Reminder: men and women should understand

What if men have abstinence for a long time?

"My family is about half a year. Like it is okay, I have never taken it seriously. There is nothing uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if he said."

"It is also a ruthless person who can bear it for a month. I believe many young male friends can’t stand it in half a month!"

"I have a small tolerance in 3 days, a natal, but on the 6th day …"

"After abstinence, I feel that my attitude towards life has become much faint, and I don’t understand why so many people like sex!"

In this regard, some male friends began to live an abstinence life under the idea of "wanting sperm quality", "self -cultivation and nourishing, and avoiding the death of people."So that can male abstinence really improve sperm quality?Is it possible that the same room is too frequent?

Generally speaking, after the sperm of men is generated in the testicular, the morphological structure and chromosome are mature, and then they will enter the epididymis and wait for excretion.If men do not ejaculate for a long time, the sperm in the epididymis will be aging, decomposed, and absorbed, and the aging ratio of sperm will increase significantly.In other words, the older concept that the longer the sperm quality of the male abstinence, the better. The long abstinence time may increase the proportion of male semen aging, which will affect conception.

So I really want to improve the quality of semen by abstinence. How long is abstinence appropriate?According to the fifth edition of "WHO Human Semen Examination and Processing Laboratory Handbook", the number of abstinence days of conventional inspection should be maintained for 2 to 7 days, which means that the preparation of pregnant people can choose to have the same room after 2 to 7 days to promote pregnancy to promote pregnancy.Essence

Is the male abstinence good or bad?

In fact, this problem should be treated in the situation. Some men with a lot of rooms in their own rooms can help relieve body discomfort and restore the level of testosterone hormone in the body to normal state, which helps men to improve their sexual function.For men without this situation and have fertility, long -term abstinence will increase the proportion of semen aging and death, which may affect normal conception.

According to rumors, the male semen is abnormal yellowing is related to infectious diseases. Is there a scientific basis for this statement?

In fact, yellowing of male semen is related to two factors. First, physiological reasons, such as changes in physical and chemical properties caused by non -ejaculation for a long time, generally only need to restore normal sexual life to improve;

The second is pathological causes. Patients suffering from inflammation such as prostate, seminal gland, and urethral gland may also cause semen to yellow.In addition, long -term use of vitamins, Lipurine, and sulfa drugs, may also occur with jaundice hepatitis.

In addition to becoming yellow, the semen may also appear bright red, reddish, and green. Among them, the bright red semen is mostly caused by blood.Red -brown semen generally occurs in the case of more bleeding, while green semen may be related to special pathogen infections in the genitals.

Under normal circumstances, male semen should be milky white, and the color of semen that does not ejaculate for a long time may be pale yellow and pure white; the amount of ejaculation is about 2 ~ 5ml each time.It has 5ml; the taste of semen is similar to the river flowers. It is not normal to pay attention to the semen that has no taste at all. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Many male friends have doubts about the frequency of the same room. We can refer to a formula for sex frequency published by American sex experts: take the first number of age*9 and the 35 -year -old person as an example.= 27, ten digits are "2", and the number of digits is 9, that is, 7 sexual life within 20 days.Note that this formula is generally only suitable for men over 20 years old.

The deputy chief physician of the male department of the People’s Hospital of Fujian Province reminded that the frequency of sexual sex is more as a reference role.The specific frequency still needs to make specific judgments based on personal physical fitness, emotion, physical and mental stress, etc. If you feel physically and mentally happy after the same room, there is no uncomfortable feeling the next day, it means that the frequency is suitable.Conversely, if there is obvious fatigue and discomfort after the same room, and the whole person is particularly burnout, it is necessary to reduce the number of intercourse in a timely manner.

Semen health is very important for men. Pay more attention to the form of sperm in daily life.

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