Medication must be used with caution during pregnancy, but it does not mean that there is no medication during pregnancy

Hello, pharmacist, a few days ago, I opened a cephalosporin because of the cholecystitis. After taking it for a few days, I found out that I was pregnant. Will this cephalosporin be impact on pregnancy?Can my baby still want it?

After taking the drug, I find that I am pregnant and need to be checked under the guidance of a doctor. The doctor will determine whether to continue pregnancy based on the pregnancy cycle of pregnancy, drug types, drugs, and fetal examination results.

Cefchoma belongs to cephalosporin drugs, and is used in the use of drugs during pregnancy.And the medication should be within 17 days of fertilization. During this period, the impact of general drugs on the fetus was almost small. After successful fertilization, the fetal organs were divided early in the early days, which was relatively sensitive to drugs within C -Class.

18-60 days after conception are the differential period of fetal organs. This period of medication can easily lead to high malformation rates, which will be highly sensitive to drugs.

Therefore, if the cephalosporin is in the early stage of the fetal organs, that is, it is not sensitive, the possibility of impact on the fetus is not high, and if the amount of use is not much, and the fetal examination results are not abnormal, doctors usually recommend to be observed.

The level of drug hazards during pregnancy is divided into 5 types:

Class A: Drugs and special drugs during pregnancy can be used during pregnancy.

Class B: Usage during pregnancy cannot be confirmed that its existence is dangerous, which is a possible safe drug.

Class C: It is not clear in the practice of medication during pregnancy, and try to avoid use.

Class D: Clinically confirmed that there may be a certain danger to pregnant women and fetuses and should be avoided.

Grade X: Pregnant women disabled drugs, which have clearly affecting pregnant women’s pregnancy and possible dangerous drugs that may cause abnormalities.

[Special Note] Libavirin (virusazole), Saraidamine (reaction stop), vitamin, and hexyrazoline for pregnant women or women who are prepared for pregnancy are prohibited, and men who are preparing for pregnancy also need to be prohibited.

Although it is said that the medication needs to be cautious during pregnancy, it does not mean that it does not need to be used during pregnancy. In recent years, the media has propagated the harm of drug abuse in recent years, which has led to the tendency of many pregnant mothers.This approach is inappropriate.It is necessary to know that when pregnant women suffer from disease, they will have a lot of impact on their children.When there is a lesion in the mother, the pathogen can directly or indirectly affect the development of the fetus, and even leads to the emergence of deformity.At present, a large number of clinical evidence shows that when the mother is infected, such as chorionic amnioticitis can cause the incidence of premature infants in the fetus and even the increase in cerebral palsy.The emergence of this fetal inflammation response syndrome has a certain relationship with the treatment of gynecological inflammation does not pay attention to the treatment of gynecological inflammation.

Finally, it is recommended that friends who are pregnant and even during pregnancy should be used when taking medicine, but they need to be cautious before taking the medicine, whether it is commonly used.In short, the use of drugs needs to be applied under the professional guidance of clinical medical personnel. Try to provide detailed information as much as possible to medical staff before taking the medicine. When using "useful for pregnant women", you need to pay special attention to their safety.Safety.

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