Maternal needs to use cephalosporin test to show that it is positive. After discussion, the pharmacist insists that the doctor uses cephalosporin

——Shai Dongyan/Wen Henan Provincial People’s Hospital Clinical Pharmacist

Reading Tips: Let’s take a look at how important the work of clinical pharmacists!Note that this author is a clinical pharmacist.

Early in the morning, I received a call from my colleague Dr. Liu. She told me on the phone: "I have a patient with a Pattum 7*4cm huge cysts here.Based on the cysts, bacterial infections have been merged, and now it is a huge abscess! But the patient’s penicillin and cephalosporin test are allergic! I want to consult you, what antibiotics can I use this patient? "

Let me give you a bald gland cyst.

Pakistania, also known as vestibular gland, is located on both sides of the vaginal mouth. It is blocked due to the obstruction of the vestibular gonad pipe and the secretion accumulates.This is combined with bacterial infection on the basis of cysts, but it worsen!After listening to my colleague’s phone, I immediately ran to the ward to further understand the situation.

This patient was a breastfeeding mother who discovered this cyst before pregnancy and gradually grew up after pregnancy, because she was worried that surgery would affect pregnancy and breastfeeding. Although she was uncomfortable, she also reluctantly endured.Now that the baby is 4 months old, the pain in the lesions in the past week is unbearable. After discussing the whole family, I came to see Dr. Liu for a doctor.

The family members of the patient pay special attention to breastfeeding. They have been asking if the use of drugs is safe and how long it takes to breastfeed after stopping the drug.

What kind of treatment should we take for this huge abscess?Do you have no need to fight infected drugs?There is a possibility of cyst recurring; do you use it, how should you weigh the relationship between the advantages and disadvantages?Therefore, we must try to choose drugs with less milk secretion and high safety.Penicillin and cephalosporins are of course our best choice.Therefore, we decided to do penicillin leather test again, while adding a negative test test of physiological saline to eliminate false positives.

Unfortunately, the results of the skin test are still positive!

Next, doctors, nurses, and my pharmacist sitting together, we have to discuss the next step of cephalosporin test.The head nurse complained to me. When I first went to work, the cephalum did not test at all. Why do I do skin test now? So many patients, with leather test solution and skin test. After fifteen minutes, the two people check the results.La!The doctor hurriedly said: Conicide is not allergic. In case of allergies, the patient will say why you do not do skin tests, especially the patient has done a skin test in other hospitals. If it is allergic now, the patient is more true.IntersectionHow should we answer?

Now, let’s take a look at the situation in the country. Some hospitals do, some hospitals do not do it, some of them do it, and there is no standard statement; then we can pick up the medicine instructions and some requirements, but do not explain what to do to do what to do.Some of them did not mention this at all!Finally, everyone is waiting for my pharmacist!

I try to show my state in a simple and popular language!Everyone has reached a consensus on penicillin leather test, and also figured out that allergies are closely related to the structure of penicillin itself.What is the relationship between custard and penicillin?

In popular terms, cephalosporins are transformed to the easily allergic structure of penicillin, and some flowers and plants are inserted on it. The original structure is not easy to allergic. Occasionally those inserted flowers and plants will also cause allergies, but these allergies will be allergic, but these allergies will be allergic, but these allergies will be allergic.It is impossible to predict the leather test, and the probability of occurrence is also very low. Now the voices of cephalosporin testing are also high.You may ask, the meaning and method of the skin test are uncertain. Why do so many hospitals do it?It was not a case that caused death caused by accidental allergies, and this caused a troubled medical dispute! Therefore, although there is no evidence that the cephalosporin test can accurately predict whether the allergic reaction will occur, and there is still a negative skin test.The possibility of death allergic reactions, but everyone still holds an attitude that has a strong leather test, and is doing a leather test without standards and no scientific basis!This also allows patients to pay extra spending and increase the additional labor of medical staff!

what can we do about it?

In the end, several of us found the patient and their families to communicate. The patient had a history of medication for custard when the patient had cesarean section. He also ate cephalosporin at home two days ago.We sought the patient’s opinion, no longer do skin tests, and directly infused with cephalosporin and observed closely.After making this decision, it has already passed the afternoon get off work time.

In the evening, I was reading a book and received WeChat from the beautiful nurse. The medicine had been lost. Everything was good!In response to this incident, I posted a circle of friends, but I never wanted to explode in the circle. "This patient is okay. Will the next patient be allergic? Who will bear this responsibility?" "Dare to bear it, I dare not"Nympho

If you go to the hospital, you have to use cephalosporin, and the doctor does not have a skin test, will you question it?If there is no leather test, cephalosporin is allergic, will you go to the doctor and nurse laziness?Even will this become a medical dispute?What happened to a doctor and patients with the same trenches. What happened to our relationship?(This article was recommended by Professor Liang Baosong, the general consultant, Liang Baosong, graduated from Henan Medical University undergraduate in 1984, chief physician and professor of the Department of Gastroenterology, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital)

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