Massage during pregnancy can effectively prevent stretch marks

According to the survey, more than 90%of women have pressed stretch marks during pregnancy, but because everyone’s own skin’s elasticity is different, some people will grow stretch marks, and some people will not. If you meet you in line withAny of the following types, the probability of long stretch marks will be larger:

1. Mother has stretch marks

2. During the birth of a child, the age is less than 20 or more than 35 years old

3. Before pregnancy, the body is fat or thin

4. Usually the skin is darker and the wound is easy to leave scars

5. Multiple fertility and skin bearing multiple stretch

According to the survey, more than 90%of women will grow stretch marks during pregnancy, but even so, women do this during pregnancy can still be effectively prevented:

1. Appropriate age of pregnancy

Studies have shown that the older the younger, the easier it is to have stretch marks. The important part of the skin of young women under the age of 20 -primary fibrin is still fragile. It is prone to prone fiber protein breaks during pregnancy, leading to stretch marks;In addition, age is more than 35 years old, skin elasticity is relatively poor, skin repair ability and metabolism become weakened, and stretch marks are prone to occur.

Women’s pregnancy and childbirth are safer between pregnancy and 29 years old. They are the best period of pregnancy and can also effectively prevent the production of stretch marks. Therefore, the most fundamental way to prevent stretch marks is to choose the age of pregnancy.The risks will be greatly reduced.

2. Control weight

Women must control their weight before and during pregnancy. If the weight of the pregnancy or the increase of pregnancy during pregnancy, the skin tissue of the pregnant woman will be damaged, which will cause the skin elastic fiber to break and grow stretch marks. ThereforeControl your weight and not increase your weight too quickly.

3. Strengthen moisturizing

If a woman’s skin is dry before or during pregnancy, the skin elasticity cannot stand and pull, and the stretch marks will grow easier.Products that prevent stretch marks, because the fetus is not stable enough in the first three months, and the fetus will grow rapidly in the abdomen when it is six months. At this timeIncrease, so you can make moisturizing care until the fetus in the abdomen is four months.

The doctor suggested that the first choice for skin care is olive oil. Olive oil can not only be eaten, but also can be used for skin care. Applying olive oil during pregnancy has certain benefits to prevent stretch marks without any harm.) Olive oil, apply it every morning and evening, and gently pat on the belly, chest, hip, and thighs in the inside and outside of the thighs when applying it. It is best to keep it all three months after giving birth, so it can be effectively prevented.

What if stretch marks have grown?Can you remedy?Experts said that stretch marks can be prevented and irresistible. If stretch marks have grown, do not excessive depression. Doing the following things can help alleviate this symptom and fade the color:

1. Moderate exercise

Women can exercise in moderation after giving birth, such as housework, yoga, swimming, etc., so as to restore skin elasticity and have a certain effect on the dilute of stretch marks.

2. Supplement vitamin

After giving birth, women can eat more vitamin -rich foods, such as broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi, etc. These foods are greatly helpful for damage to the skin.

3. Moderate massage

After the birth of a child, you can use olive oil to massage the skin with long stretch marks. Massage for 10-15 minutes each time. The massage method is as follows:

The thighs: the starting point of the knee, pushing up from the rear side to the hip 10 times.

Hip: Massage from the bottom to the top and from the inside out with the strength of the wrist.

Chest: From the cleavage as the starting point, massage from bottom to top, from the inside out, until it is close to the chin.

Belly: The belly is the most important part. Rub your hands on your hands, then take an appropriate amount of olive oil to the abdomen. The palm of your palms is spread out from the center of the navel to the outer side of the sides, until the sides of the abdomen, and then massage from the lower waist to the top of the abdomen. 10Second-rate.Massage 30 times clockwise with both hands in the abdomen. Press your hands on both sides of the spine of the middle of the waist and massage 10 times from the inside out.


All the methods and relievals mentioned above are not effective for everyone, nor can it be used without stretch marks. The production of stretch marks is more related to personal constitution. In addition, use more ones.The method can only alleviate the role of dilution, and it cannot be fundamentally eliminated, so everyone can treat it rationally.

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