Mai Xiaoden is pregnant!Just get married and have joy, pregnancy vomiting seriously makes her unwilling to give birth

The Internet celebrity Mai Xiaodeng was surprised to announce the news of his pregnancy in the live broadcast last night, which aroused warm blessings and attention of netizens.Mai Xiaoden is a well -known blogger with more than 10 million fans. Her videos and live broadcasts often share their beauty experience and life interest, which is loved by everyone.She just held a wedding with her boyfriend in January, and the relationship between the two was also public.

Mai Xiaoden is well known as a blogger. She has a large number of fans on platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, and B Station. Her video content mainly shares various beauty skills, product evaluation, and product evaluation.Daily life, etc., the style is relaxed and humorous, and is loved by young people.

She and her boyfriend met through friends. The two fell in love at first sight, and soon determined the relationship of love.He loved and supported Mai Xiaoden very much, and often gave her various surprises and gifts, and would also accompany her to shoot videos. The love pictures of the two made countless netizens envy.

Mai Xiaoyeng revealed in the live broadcast that she has been pregnant for more than two months. Now she knows that she is pregnant and crying, because she has not felt her mother’s love for nearly 30 years.At that time, the mother was abandoned.Now, she can pour this love to the child.

And her encounter before became famous, it made netizens boo. Her father was a rough person. When working in the field every day, Mai Xiaodang lived in her aunt’s house.It is also poor that even the meal can not be eaten, so the folks will feed him with the rest of their food and let him grow up.

However, pregnancy is not an easy task, especially for Internet celebrities such as Mai Xiaoyeng.According to her herself, in the early pregnancy, she often had symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and dizziness, which caused her to work and live normally.As a result, she also reduced the frequency of updating videos, and sometimes she couldn’t even get down the bed.

She said, "Actually, I knew that I was pregnant very early, but because I was dangerous in the first three months, I wanted to share it with you again. But I didn’t expect that I would be so uncomfortable.I ca n’t eat it, I have lost a lot of weight. My husband is also worried about me. I accompany me every day and give me a good food. He said he is glad that we have a baby, but I also hope that I can get better soonstand up."

Due to severe vomiting in the early pregnancy, Mai Xiaodeng also lost a lot.She showed her recent photos on the social platform, and she could see that her cheeks became thinner and her eyes were a little reflected.However, she still maintains an optimistic and positive attitude, saying, "Although I look very embarrassed now, I believe this is temporary. When I am pregnant, I will return to my vitality and become more beautiful and happy.. I also look forward to my baby’s birth, I think he or her will be a cute little angel. "

Mai Xiaodeng also showed his B -ultrasound and belly photos to let everyone see her "little bean sprouts".She said, "This is our baby, although it is still small now, but already has heartbeat. The doctor said that everything is normal and rest assured. I am also very happy. I think this is the best gift from God to me. I am. I am.I hope my baby can grow up healthily and happily, and I also hope that my fans can always support me and my family. "

After being learned of the news, he was very excited and wanted to return home immediately and told his parents about the good news.However, Mai Xiaodeng stopped him and warned him to abide by the local customs. Until three months later, the condition of the fetus could be announced to the outside world.Nevertheless, he couldn’t restrain his excitement. He tied into Mai Xiaodong’s arms and cried loudly.

Once Mai Xiaodong’s pregnancy news was announced, it caused heated discussion and congratulations from netizens.Many people said that she was very happy and felt that she and Sun Shihao were a happy couple.Some people say: "Congratulations to Mai Xiaodeng, you are one of my favorite Internet celebrities. Your videos and live broadcasts are very interesting and useful. You and your husband are very good. Your baby must be very cute."

Some people say, "Mai Xiaoden is so lucky. After finding a husband who loves her so much, she will be a mother. She will definitely be more beautiful and happier in the future." Some people expressed their concern about her physical condition and advised her to have more.Pay attention to rest and nutrition.

Some people say, "Mai Xiaodong, you have to take good care of yourself, vomiting during pregnancy is really hard. You have to eat more food that is easy to digest, drink plenty of water, and rest. Don’t be too tired.Responsible for yourself, and for your baby. "

Mai Xiaoyeng thanked the blessings and concerns of netizens. She said, "Thank you for your blessings and concerns, I am really moved. I will take good care of myself and my baby, and I will continue to do my job well., Bring you more fun of life. I love you, and I hope you can be happy. "

Mai Xiaodeng’s pregnancy is still long. We also wish her all the best and ushered in their own baby as soon as possible.At the same time, we also expect her to continue to bring us more interesting and useful video content, let us witness her beauty and growth together.

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