Lupus pregnant mother’s medicinal book "Immune -related kidney health science 5"

In the previous introduction, I shared with you how to get pregnant.One of the pre -pregnancy preparation is to adjust the doctor after communicating with the doctor, because some drugs that control the SLE condition will cause the fetus to be congenital malformations or abortion. The drug concentration in the body is relatively stable for a long time, which requires time to completely metabolize.Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the medication plan in advance to prepare for the healthy babies.We will introduce the effects of various SLE drugs on pregnant women and fetuses, which can be divided into the following three categories.

Recommended medicines available for everyone

All SLE expectant mothers recommend continuous oral oral hydroxyl chloride unless there are taboos.

Patients with continuous oral hydroxyl chloride have a lower chance of occurring in SLE during pregnancy, and the probability of fetal malformations and complications is lower.And the key is to persist. Some studies have shown that pregnant women who take hydroxyl chlorine in intermittently oral hydroxy chlorine have a higher chance of having a higher chance of taking oral hydroxyl chloride, even more than pregnant women who have never taken oral hydroxyl chloride.

In addition, last time we talked about the positive of the mother’s anti -SSA antibody and anti -SSB antibody, it may cause the baby to have lupus erythematosus, facial rash, congenital heart conduction block.Such expectant mothers can also take hydroxyl chloride during pregnancy to reduce the chance of heart conduction block.Small dose aspirin

All SLE mothers have recommended small doses of aspirin from 12 weeks of pregnancy, whether there is a positive anti -phospholipid antibody.The main reason is that patients with SLE are more likely to occur in the early stage of eclampsia, resulting in limited fetal growth.Small doses of aspirin can prevent pre -eclamps.

If you can’t use it, you do n’t need to choose the medicine

This type of drug is mainly used during SLE activity during pregnancy. Although some studies have proved the safety of their use during pregnancy, they still have a small probability to damage the fetus, so in principle, it is not necessary.

01 Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)

Common NSAIDS drugs include aspirin, Fenbid, Xilezheng, Fusong, Ledong, etc. In addition to controlling SLE, they are also used as antipyretics and analgesic drugs.Although NSAIDS does not lead to congenital malformations, the following two points must be paid in the oral time:

● Avoid oral administration within 3 months before pregnancy: Oral NSAIDS oral NSAIDS may cause natural miscarriage, especially women with difficulty in pregnancy should pay special attention.

● Avoid orally after 30 weeks of pregnancy: Oral NSAIDS after 30 weeks of pregnancy will cause fetal arterial ducts to close early, damage the fetal heart function, and severe cases may need to end pregnancy in advance.

02 glucocorticoids

A lot of glucocorticoids are used during pregnancy.During pregnancy, chorinisone is generally selected. The dose should be adjusted to a minimum, preferably 10mg per day.

03 azazine

Azidioprine is available during pregnancy, but the dose should be adjusted according to the doctor’s doctor’s advice to cannot exceed 2mg/kg/day.

04 cycloparin and hekmodis

Because there are very few research on cyclopylacin and other use during pregnancy, the two are not clear about the safety of the two for the time being, and they must be cautious when choosing.

A absolutely not available for the disabled phosphoricide, mold phenol, and methotrexate have clear teratogenic effects. Do not use it during pregnancy.If the original oral mold phenol acid can be adjusted into aulpioprine, hekmodis, or a small dose of hormone, it can be prepared for pregnancy after 6 months of orally.Although the teratogenic effect of Lai Fluton is not very clear, it is best to avoid orally during safety.If the original orally comes to fluorimit, you can receive the treatment first. After the treatment, if the blood can not be detected in the blood, you can prepare for pregnancy.

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