Looking back on the exposure of the Loyal scandal of Rooney, the love of the young girl after marriage+the Manchester United superstar finally brew the ethical dispute

“”Is one of the best players in Manchester United’s history. He is one of the "Gemini" of the team. Once he and another person joined forces to play the 78th of the British giants, but RooneyThe feelings are unacceptable, because he is really too much. When the Royn Raise scandal is exposed, the reason is that he stole two wonderful girls after marriage. This scene was very "hot". In the endAfter this ethical dispute, his wife finally chose to forgive her husband to derail.

Ruoney and his wife Kelin were a pair of plums that grew up together since childhood. After adulthood, they started formal communication. In the end, they also entered the palace of marriage. In fact, Rooney can be compared with the "Plum Ball King". Whether it is their career,It is still very similar to the experience of the green plum bamboo horse. The experience of the Rooney and the ball king is still very similar, but the Manchester United superstar after becoming famous did not care about his "trouser belt". He often slipped out of the marriage and derailed, which also affected himself and his wifeFeelings, but Kelin forgives again and again, in exchange for Rooney’s more unscrupulous derailment, which also made her almost collapsed.

The Manchester United superstar once had a miserable exposure of the two wonderful girls at the same time. The incident almost made Rooney and his wife completely break up. Finally, the former requested the forgiveness of the former, and sent some exquisite gifts.I chose forgiveness for the last time. She also knew that her husband’s self -control was relatively poor. Some women also used the reputation of Manchester United superstar to make herself famous. In addition, her and Rooney had so many years of feelings, and they could not be broken.Really break up will make the husband fly more unrestrainedly, and in the end you can only forgive it now.

At that time, the Manchester United star while his wife was during pregnancy, his trouser belt "seemed to be" seemingly "unattended, so Ruoney had about two young women" service "for him. The three had a relationship in the hotel. This scene can be said to be veryHot, Rooney is very satisfied with the "service" of the two wonderful girls, so they have given them a lot of "funds" and hope that they will keep this secret. The two ladies agreed at the time, and Manchester United superstar also brewed huge ethics.dispute.

These two girls are Helen, and there is also a Jennifer Thompson. They are "accompanying girls" who often work in nightclubs. Because Rooney fancy the proud figure of the two, so "click" this directly.Two women thought that no one would discover that they would be derailed. I did not expect that these two wonderful women turned to the reporter of the "Sun" and exposed the matter between the three.I couldn’t believe it casually. Rooney learned that he was exposed by two women. He was a little dumbfounded at the time. In this way, everyone knew what he was doing. Of course, his wife also knew this scandal. He was angry.She almost didn’t want the child in her belly. After the child was born, Kelin also returned to her mother’s house. She didn’t want to see her husband, and finally returned to his home with him in the Manchester United superstar softly grind.

Ruoney and his wife raised a total of 4 children. Now the family is very happy. His image is really old. Manchester United superstar is only 8 months older than Ronaldo, but Portuguese superstars are still active on the football field, andReni had already retired. When his partner returned to Manchester United, he did not expect that the former "Gemini" turned his face. What made people understand is that Ruoney has not been used to his partner. Everyone thinks that Manchester United superstar is jealous of C.Luo’s career.

Ruoney made his debut from Everton when he was 16 years old. His first show opponent was Arsenal. At that time, the old England door god Heman became Rooney’s "stepping stone". Lu "Little Fat" rely on this game in this game.Famous, and the Lord Ferguson successfully convinced Manchester United’s senior management. They took out 27 million pounds to introduce the 16 -year -old genius teenager for the first time. Ruoney completed the "hat scene" for the first time for Manchester United.The old Traford Stadium was boiled in an instant, and I had to admire the eyes of "Ford Fu". This transaction was one of the best guidance in Manchester United’s history. With the talent of Rooney at the time, he was not as good as "Meiro" two.How much people are worse, but unfortunately this Manchester United superstar is too self -disciplined and often "engage in things" outside the field, and Rooney has always been worried about hair, so there are often news that the media revealed his hair.

It is reported that after the Manchester United superstar got a big contract, he had had a relationship with 100 beauties. It was strange to say that Manchester United’s furniture registry is like Chelsea. Most of their players have scandals.Terry and Cole, and Manchester United players are not much worse than them. Players such as Beckham, Giggs, and Rooney are also "Neptune" in love, and most of the players in the football are not very self -disciplined.

Do you think Rooney is very lascivious?Is the two wonderful girls who stole love in the marriage?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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