Look at performance, use tools, do inspections, judge "whether you are pregnant" in three moves, and you know before pregnancy

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Xiaoyu has been married for almost a year. Her mother -in -law has been urging them to ask their children. They also said that they are still in their physical condition. They can also help them bring their children. After a few years of birth, they can’t take them.So from November, the two began to prepare for pregnancy. Last month, the aunt came from the 3rd, and the menstruation was usually more regular.

Normally, after the Spring Festival, I should come to the big aunt on the 3rd of this month, but she has never come, and she still feels that her chest is very swollen, always sleepy, always want to sleep, chatting with her girlfriend, chatting with her mobile phone, sleeping.It ’s a girlfriend teased her“ Is n’t it a matter of recruitment? ”It was suggested that she bought a test paper to test. She had some doubts, but recently it was a special period of new types of pneumonia, and I dare not go out.Go to check again.

Regardless of whether you are preparing for pregnancy, if you suspect that you are pregnant, then confirm it, and confirm whether there are three tricks in pregnancy.

First trick: see performance

Generally, after pregnancy, there will be some "good pregnancy performance", just like the manifestation of Xiaoyu in front, chest pain, drowsiness, and sleepy. In addition, there may be fear of cold, lower abdomen pain (similar to the feeling of menstruation), nausea, nausea, disgustingVomiting, bad appetite, etc.

If menstruation does not come on time and at the same time, there are these performances, it is likely to be pregnant, and it can be confirmed by the following two steps.

Second trick: tool

That is, it is confirmed at home "early pregnancy test strips".This is the fastest and most convenient and most troublesome method. Buy an early pregnancy test paper to confirm whether you are pregnant (morning urine is more accurate). If the test strip shows "two bars", it means that it is pregnant.Go to the hospital for examination and confirm.

Third trick: Check

Generally, if you suspect that you are pregnant and the hospital is checked and confirmed, the doctor may do the following two inspections:

1. Blood testing

The blood test is mainly to check the values of progesterone and HCG to confirm whether it is pregnant.Next, how do you judge whether you are pregnant through progesterone and CHG?

[Progesterone]: progesterone <5 ng/ml, reminding poor pregnancy ending; progesterone ≥25 ng/ml, good pregnancy status and internal pregnancy; progesterone is between 5 and 25 ng/ml, it is necessaryWaiting for observation further.

♥ reminds that there are two units in progesterone. Do not blindly evaluate the "low progesterone"

In different hospitals in different regions, after checking the progesterone, the units on the test form may be: Ng/ml and nmol/L. These two units are different, indicating that the value of progesterone is different.

Don’t look at your own progesterone in less than 10, worry about abortion of the fetus, and don’t look at it if you are more than 20, you feel relieved. The focus is on which unit is.

The conversion of the two units is: ng/ml *3.12 = nmol/l, ng/ml is a large unit!

After the unified unit, then judge your level of progesterone, consult your doctor’s "pregnancy status", and see if you need to keep your fetus.


Generally, trace HCG is secreted from the 6th day of fertilization. On the 7th-8th day, the blood can be tested. After that, the HCG concentration in the blood will increase with the increase of the gestational week (that is, doctors often say that doctors often sayHow about "HCG Double").About about 1.7-2 days rose to double, and the peak reaches the peak at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. After 1-2 weeks, it will quickly decrease to 10%of the peak.

The following picture is in the early stages of pregnancy (1-12 weeks), the value range and risk description of the HCG, pregnant mothers can compare their gestational week to see if the HCG value is within this range:

2. B -ultrasound

Of course, in addition to blood tests, some doctors may allow B -ultrasound to check, but because the number of days is too small, the doctor will give Kaiyin Super examination. Compared with, Yin Chao is more clear than the abdomen B -ultrasound.Essence

At this stage, doctors will focus on the pregnancy sac (usually the pregnancy sac at 30-40 days of pregnancy), and the doctor will determine whether the embryo is developing normally according to the "size, location, and characteristics of the gestational sac.

① The size of the gestational sac

The "gestational sac size" mentioned here refers to the diameter of the pregnancy sac. The diameter of the pregnancy sac at 6 weeks of pregnancy is about 2cm.

② shape and location of the gestational sac

Many people, in the early pregnancy, will judge the boy who is pregnant according to the characteristics of the gestational sac. In fact, this is not scientific, but at this stage, it can indeed be possible to see whether the characteristics of the gestational sac through the B -ultrasound are "oval or round or round or round."Form, and the doctor will judge the development of the fetus based on the characteristics and position of the gestational sac.

The above is the two ways to judge whether you are pregnant. It is also a more commonly used method. If you suspect that you are pregnant, you can choose to confirm according to the actual situation.

If you pass the early pregnancy test strip or hospital examination, confirm that you are pregnant, then the pregnant mother will treat themselves as a pregnant woman. After all, the embryo in the early pregnancy is not stable.There are the following points:

1. Prevent "biochemical pregnancy"

Many pregnant mothers test or hospital examination by themselves are indeed pregnant, but they have bleeding in a few days, bleeding like menstruation, and then checking. There is no sign of pregnancy."".No special attention, you can continue to prepare for pregnancy.

2. Take more rest, avoid tiredness, avoid the same room

As soon as you are pregnant, the embryo is still unstable. Be sure to take more rest to avoid excessive fatigue, and you cannot do severe exercise or same room to avoid signs of miscarriage.

3. There is a feeling similar to "menstruation", but it is not a cold. Pay attention to distinguish

At this stage, pregnant mothers may have a feeling similar to "menstruation". The small belly is slightly painful, afraid of cold, etc. This is not a cold. Be sure to distinguish it and not take cold medicine.

4. Relax and avoid excessive tension

Many women find that many articles that stop abortions from the Internet will make themselves too nervous. In fact, it is not necessary. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is a "survival of the fittest" choice process. Try to relax and face the fetus.

5. Correct response to early pregnancy

At this time, pregnant mothers may have manifestations such as drowsiness, sleepy, fear of cold, tiredness, etc. This is a normal early pregnancy reaction.

6. If you have abdominal pain or bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time

However, if the pregnant mother finds bleeding (including brown discharge), severe abdominal pain, etc., it is best to go to the doctor in time and obey the doctor’s advice.

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