Long hair becomes short -haired, and when you are pregnant, you must cut your hair?

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Girlfriend is a big beauty with long hair. Her long hair is dark and bright, especially loving. She is also proud of her own. The energy on her hair is no less energy than her face.Seeing her a few days ago, Qi Er had short hair instead of long hair and asked the reason, saying that it was a long time of pregnancy, and she really had no energy to toss her hair. In addition, her mother -in -law’s hair in her ear will affect the fetal nutrition of the fetus all day.Absorb, so cut the hair hard.

Many pregnant mothers cut short hair after pregnancy are worried that the long hair club is to snatch nutrition and affect fetal development.In fact, this worry is completely redundant.

The growth of hair is very small, and after the hair grows, it will become an organization without metabolism. This part of the organization will no longer absorb nutrients.In other words, you do not absorb too much nutrients, and your short hair will not increase the nutrition absorption of the fetus.

After pregnancy, the level of hormones in women will change, and the increase in estrogen will make the hair stronger, so many expectant mummy will feel the increase in the amount of hair during pregnancy, these are the role of hormones.As the pregnancy month increases, expectant mummy will feel that long hair is increasingly inconvenient, so they will want to cut their hair short.

It is inconvenient to clean

Many people are used to bending their hair habits. This is a very difficult and persistent action for pregnant mothers. The hair is short and easy to clean, which will make the pregnant mother feel a lot better.

Make a lot of shampoo hair care

The hair is long, and the shampoo has a relatively many. Even if you buy a special shampoo and conditioner for pregnant women, the less it feels, the better.For the safety of the baby, some pregnant mothers have short hair.

Hair is not easy to dry

The hair is long, it is not easy to dry after washing. Use a hair dryer to worry about affecting the baby. Waiting for natural drying, maybe when it is, maybe accidentally suffer from cold.

Summer hair is annoying

The hot summer, too long and too thick hair will make it easy for pregnant mothers to sweat. In addition, the unstable pregnancy is unstable, and various irritability will occur. In the long run, it will affect the mood of pregnant mothers.

Think about confinement

In the concept of Chinese people, confinement cannot be washed and bathing. Although scientific pregnancy and childcare have begun to popularize, during the confinement, you can’t wash your hair as diligent as usual.It is better, the pregnant mother sweats, and long hair becomes a burden.

Based on the above reasons, many pregnant mothers chose to cut their hair after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, the hair is not cut.If you feel that you can accept the inconvenience caused by your long hair, you want to keep your long hair; if you think it is troublesome to take care of your hair during pregnancy, you can cut your hair.All your preferences.

Some pregnant mothers love beauty, and they like to fluttering long hair. So how can we take care of long hair after pregnancy?

Pay attention to the cleaning of hair

If your hair is long, and wash your hair after pregnancy is a more time -consuming project. If you can’t do it yourself, you can help your husband or family.There were fans left a message. After getting pregnant, I got a shampoo and spent money to buy it comfortably. If the conditions permit, it is also possible.

Try not to wash your hair at night

Some pregnant mothers like to wash their hair at night. For long -haired pregnant mothers, if the hair is not completely dry before going to bed, and moisture stays on the scalp, it may cause discomfort.The old saying: Washing your hair at night, he has a headache.It’s not unreasonable.

It’s hot to tie up

When it is hot, pregnant mothers can tie their hair or disk.

Not to be stained without scalding

The potions used during hair dyeing or perm are all teratogenic, so hair dyeing or perm is prohibited during pregnancy.

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