Lin Shen See Deer Episode 31: Liu Yingxia stressful bleeding during pregnancy

If Lin Shaotao does not accept the arrangement, Yan Shuai will cooperate with the Administration Department and Jian Ai to question him.Lin Shaotao suspected of the rationality of his approach, but Jian Ai spoke at this time. If Lin Shaotao was dissatisfied with the work of the Ministry of the Executive Department, he could give her a job plan and then leave the office.Lin Shaotao believes that Yan Shuai should not pull Jian Ai in, causing everyone to be bored.Yan Shuai still had a hard mouth, and determined that Jian Ai was standing on the side at this time, but he didn’t know that it was not necessarily that the matter was not over.

People above all in charge are inquiring about Lin Shaotao’s recent situation, but Lin Shaotao arranged for Jiang Nan as usual and told her to work well.At noon, Jian Ai eat alone. Jia Kuan said that now Jian Ai seems to have stood on the front of Yan Shuai, everyone’s attitude towards Jian Ai is different.

Hearing that Lin Shaotao walked over and sat with Jian Ai, he didn’t care about what others looked at him.Kang Ru intentionally called to pick up Amy on Monday. When Monday Ming and Kang Ru appeared in front of Hima’s eyes with Amy, Hui Zi was stunned.Also stunned on Monday, Kang Ru intentionally and Huizi introduced Monday that he was his husband, and Amy also rushed forward to hug Monday and shouted his father.Hui Zi held back the huge sadness and sadness in his heart, pretending not to know the appearance of Monday.Kang Ru’s method was very cruel. Not only did she crack down on Monday, but she also hurt Huizi fiercely, so that she was crying in the dance room.

Kang Ru asked to come back on Monday on the grounds of busy work and take care of Amy by the way.Monday wanted to refuse, and Kang Ru was forced by Huizi again, and Monday Ming could only agree.When he went downstairs, he saw Huizi’s figure.It turned out that Huizi knew that he and Kang Ru’s mother and daughter these days were not staying here.Hui Zi thought a lot of possibilities, but she couldn’t find the answer and didn’t want to find it, so she wanted to give her a clear answer on Monday.He couldn’t say that on Monday, he could only guarantee that he would not remarry with Kang Ru.On Monday, he returned to Lin Shaotao’s house and cleaned his own things to go home. Lin Shaotao reminded him to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

The heads of the sales department, the public relations department and the technology department of Yan Shuai, as well as Lin Shaotao, Jian Ai and Liu Yingxia. He believes that localization reform is just a slogan.On the contrary, he has contributed to the establishment of the investment department.Later, Yan Shuai left Liu Yingxia alone, let her pay attention to rest, and then mentioned Jia Kuan again, so that Liu Yingxia’s heart was about to go up and eight, for fear that he would be holding this.Jian Ai thinks that so far, Yan Shuai has not showed any malice to Liu Yingxia. She can treat this matter as a reminder, and she can pay attention to later work.

Liu Yingxia bleeds after pregnancy, and Jia Kuan hurriedly sent her to the hospital. Fortunately, she was not a big deal.The doctor told Jia Kuan that pregnant women should not be stimulated, and they must keep their mood comfortable.Jia Kuan had a deep sense of self -blame, and he should not force her to ask for a child.Jian Ai entered the ward to see Liu Yingxia, Liu Yingxia and her talked about what Yan Shuai left herself alone. Jia Kuan just heard it at the door and determined that Yan Shuai gave Liu Yingxia’s huge and invisible pressure, so it would lead to herBleeding.Jian Ai patted her hand to soothe, Jia Kuan covered his door lightly, sighed, and then left the door of the ward.

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