Life is stressful, and I am pregnant with three treasures. I dare not tell my husband, what should I do?


Children are the crystallization of love, but sometimes more crystals and become stones of life.

With the separation of national fertility policies, many families put their three -born child on the agenda. The protagonist of this article was very distressed. She had two daughters in her first child., But considering the actual situation at home, she didn’t want to give birth at all.

But a few days ago, she unexpectedly found that she was pregnant. Should she tell her husband and became her heart knot.Telling her husband that her husband must have persuaded her to give birth, but the job she was looking for was about to turn right immediately. Now when she is pregnant, she will be suspected of being deliberately cheating for pregnancy leave, and she will not pass the medical examination.If you know it secretly, if your husband knows, he must have a big trouble with himself, and you need to rest after childbirth. There are two 5 -year -old dogs at home.If the rest is not good, it is likely to cause a series of physical problems.

Thinking of this, Xiaoxiao’s heart was particularly bitter, and complained that he did not refuse him decisively when his husband was not asking for joy, causing a series of problems now.

29 -year -old Lu Xiao reads:

When I got the pregnancy test, I was stunned, and I felt that the sky was turning, and I didn’t have the joy of the first pregnancy.

I thought that my daughter was in kindergarten, and I could come out to work to reduce the burden on the family.But I did not expect to get pregnant unexpectedly. Looking at the WeChat, the personnel sent me a medical examination notice, and I made it difficult.

As soon as I graduated from college, I got married with my current husband. At that time, I didn’t want to get married at all, but I was pregnant unexpectedly. At that time, I was looking for a good job. I did a copy of a large advertising company.For a year, the manager focused on me. The first advertising plan for my entry was successfully obtained a good business. It can be said that I was very talented in doing this line. At that time, Be pretty in the workplace.

But things contrary to their wishes, my boyfriend and I at that time, my husband now, wipe the gun to get angry, and get pregnant unexpectedly.

And I am pregnant with twins, which is very expensive. I still remembered that I was pregnant for six months at that time. I proposed to the manager that I could not work overtime. The doctor said that the twins had the risk of premature birth. I asked me to pay attention to rest. I had to go to work on time. At that timeHis face was dark, and my eyebrows were cold and right, and said, "I knew that I had never recruited you who had never had a child who had never given birth to a child. I became pregnant one by one. The company became your confinement center. I knowThe company now has a large business volume, and is thinking about late to leave and leave early. Do you think the company is a charity? "

I was angry with him a few words, "Your mother is not a woman, your wife is not a woman, there are no children in life.. You a little manager, dare to do against the law. "

The manager was speechless by my dumb mouth, and also forged a beam with me. The work in the future secretly wore a small shoes for me. I intentionally arranged for me to check if there was any misplaced by the company’s copywriting.Is the computer? And the typos should be a person who wrote a document, you should check it. "

But the manager deliberately made it difficult for me to say, "Aren’t you a pregnant woman? Arrange your work for easy work.

Easy fart, the company has more than 100,000 words of copywriting every day to check. My job is harder than before. I also carefully checked it at first, but later I found that everything was used.So serious, use a computer every day to hand over.

So I was leisurely for a while. Later, one day, the manager suddenly called me to the office and said that I was very irresponsible. There was a star’s propaganda copywriting.Little star, there is no fame. The ghost knows what he is called. I tested it with a computer and found no mistakes.

But the manager was angry at the time, and I scolded me for an hour. I also knew that this was my mistake, but my temper became very big after pregnancy. I argue with the manager a few words.As a result, that month I didn’t make a salary of a dime that month.

Since then, I don’t want to work at this company. After my breastfeeding was over, I gave me a dismissal. I didn’t matter at the time. What I wanted to break the company and my sister would not wait.

After taking the resignation compensation, I concentrated on bringing my child at home. My husband also advised me not to find a job for the time being. I stayed at home for a few months by my husband’s salary and compensation., I went out to find a new job. Then I know that the workplace is very conflict about women with children. When I heard that my family had two children who were less than one year old to take care of, I refused to me.

After I hit the wall a few times, I obeyed my husband’s words and became a full -time mother.

But I am not completely income -free Baoma. I also have a discipline, run a public account, share my parenting scriptures and some emotional stories. At the beginning, no one watched it, but I slowly operated, and the income began to change.Not bad. From the first few hundred dollars per month to three or four thousand months, my husband often praised me.

But my heart is very bitter. My husband salary is about 5,000 a month. I am 4,000 a month, and the family income is less than 10,000. I have to pay a mortgage and raise two daughters.Stretching.

My husband works in the organ and works very easily. He only goes to work at 9 am every morning, and returns advance in advance at 4 pm. In addition to the anti -epidemic in the past few years, he is asked to stand from time to time. The work is still very comfortable.Stir -fried stocks are one day.

I often hit him, show me more, and strive to be a small leader before the age of thirty, but he doesn’t care at all. He agreed, but in fact, he still touches the fish every day. Sometimes I doubt whether he is a rich second generation.Qian, in fact, wanted to test me, maybe suddenly took me and my daughter to his mansion one day, otherwise he would not know that the family finance was so nervous, and he had nothing to do every day, as if he could lose money in the sky.

There is no hope for the career. I told him to register a takeaway rider. After getting off work every day, he would be given takeaway, and subsidized the home. He insisted that he was a college student and a civil servant.However, it is a rural child, that is, the civil servants who have been admitted to the provincial capital, and staying in the provincial capital, they have become a superior, and doctoral students have to take a takeaway.go.

I would rather be a young lady who brushed Douyin at home every day. Every day, I do n’t know what he is happy, do not do housework, and people do n’t bring it. He feels that I do n’t work every day.Every day, in order to think of the content of the public account, my hair is a lot of hair and a lot.

I do n’t know if the optimistic spirit will be inherited. My mother -in -law is also happy every day. Every day, I ca n’t beat the square dance. I jump from eight o’clock to 11 o’clock every day. I do n’t think about how I bring two children alone. Every day, every dayHer old sisters, showing off his son as a civil servant, stable work, studying work and marriage, she did not want her to worry about, she married a big city daughter -in -law and bought a house in the provincial capital. Now she is a big city.

She didn’t want to think about it. She is a rural woman and has no income. My father -in -law is just a migrant worker. We do n’t have any help when we get married.Over the years, my mother’s house has been put on money every year, and the monthly money is paid, and the down payment of the house has been taken in one million.If it weren’t for an accident, I wouldn’t marry him at all.

But regret it is useless. The children have two. I was completely hanged in their Lao Lin’s house.

My biggest wish now is to buy a car before the age of thirty. My classmates basically bought a car. Every time my classmate meets, I ride my little eDonkey, which is very embarrassed.

I think my grades in the class were among the best. The university was also good. It was a book in the province, but now there are no cars at the age of thirty. My mother proposed to buy a car for us several times.I rejected it because I don’t think my husband is.

Recently, my mother -in -law did not know where to be affected. I urged us to give birth to the three treasures. I didn’t know that I had made some remedies from there, forcing me to drink, saying that Bao Sheng’s son, I put the bowl of black paint in front of her face.Well, the black medicine was poured out, and I didn’t drink something unknown, and I didn’t want to give birth.

She scolded me angrily, I scolded her, she knew that the property at home was under my name, and my husband’s salary was also in charge. She couldn’t scold me. FinallyShe dare not provoke me.

I do n’t know if she was hateful and secretly made hands and feet on the sleeve, causing me to get pregnant unexpectedly. For this reason, I also specifically checked it, but I did n’t find any doubt.

I feel that I am almost depressed. The child is going to the kindergarten. Today, I went to inquire about it. The little better kindergarten takes more than 10,000 semesters. The two children are 30,000. My husband has lost a lot of stocks this year.My mother -in -law threatened me not to give me a child without giving me a child. She was going back to her hometown. Her husband was advising me. It was also possible to raise two.

I scolded them not to know what happened at home. I listed the wealthy oil and salt, mortgage, and the mothers. The mother -in -law did not work. The two of us had to raise five people.It costs three thousand, this still only eats vegetable meat, and does not buy any fruit expenses. The two daughters like to eat snacks. The monthly snacks cost 300, two hundred toys and cartoon books, 500 clothes and shoes, and my husband and I have clothes.Shoes are 800 per month, traffic costs are two hundred, and more than 1,000 people have less than one thousand. Telephones, two hundred broadband costs, 400 water and electricity costs. Our family rarely open air conditioners in summer.The mortgage loan is 4,000 per month.

There are more than 10,000, but my husband and I have only 9,000 wages. There is a vacancy every month. I took out my mother’s transfer record and told my mother -in -law and husband that the money I was missing was made up by my parents.Immediately, the real and cocoa is about to go to kindergarten. The cost is 30,000. Who will get the money? They want to make me grow old, how old they are, and her husband will not speak in an instant.One by one, the food cost is reduced by 500. The daughter’s snacks and toys can not be bought.

There are only 8,000 expenses per month, and there are one thousand left, which can have three babies.

He also said that each family had five or sixth child in the past, and eating sweet potato rice, and when they were born, they were completely raised. I almost didn’t lift the table. I said that I just sold the house.Living in the cave is not even more saving.

My mother -in -law also said that if I had a son, she would not be born, but I was born with a daughter, and my daughter would marry. Only the son could pass the incense. The old man in his hometown only brought his grandson.Seeing me too hard, she would not help take people. If she went out as a nanny, at least 5,000 months.

I said that you want you to be a nanny for others, but you do n’t leave you, but you do n’t ask me for the elderly.

My mother -in -law was silent, she had no social security, and she would rely on her son and daughter -in -law in the future.

After a showdown with her husband’s mother -in -law, I didn’t care about the family at home. My mother -in -law loves to do it. She let her husband do without doing it.

I found another new job. When I spent the experience of finding a job, I was full of tears. I am almost 30 years old. I am still a newcomer in the workplace.The child is still open to me.

The salary was given to 5,000. Five years have passed, the price has soared, and my salary will not change at all. If it is not for children and bring children, my life may be completely different.

But if there is no life, if you do n’t choose to get married and have children, now I may be a member of the older girls. With a high salary, I ca n’t find a suitable marriage target, and lament that others ’familys are happy and happy.

So and cherish, when I prepare to do a big job, pick up my career, my fate has a joke with me.

I was pregnant again.

I stood in the corridor of the hospital and refused to leave for a long time. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to tell this matter and tell my husband that after all, he was the child’s father, and I thought my husband was irresponsible to give birth.

But he changed the hippie smiley face in the past. He seriously said that he had considered the problem I mentioned last time. Although he wanted to ask another child, regardless of whether he was a man and a woman, but considering the actual situation at home, he might not be born at home.Okay, in short, he respects my opinions. If I want to give birth now, he will work hard to make money. Regardless of my life, he decided to run out of work in the future and subsidize the family. In addition, he recently mentioned another level.It also changed from ordinary officers to the deputy director of the office. The official raised a level, and the salary was added by hundreds of hundreds. Today, I announced it. I asked me to take my daughter today to go out for a meal and celebrate.

I couldn’t think of my husband who didn’t usually look out of mind. I had been working silently between me inadvertently. I instantly excited tears and felt that my heart was not so tired. I promised my husband’s proposal happily.


The combination of husband and wife is a combination of two families, often mixed with a lot of 龃龉 and unhappiness, but as long as the husband and wife are together, they will definitely be dark.

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