Liao Zhai story: roadside female ghost

During the Ming Dynasty, one was named Song Ping. He was 32 years old this year. Because he was enthusiastic about his career and read books, he later did a good year for his life and delayed his marriage.

It wasn’t until last year that I had a serious illness that I had some feelings. I deeply felt that there were countless money in the world, and I always made endless money. Only a stable life is precious. Therefore, I bought a house and handed the business to others to take care of it.Marry a young and beautiful daughter -in -law, and the two wait for the old lady together to enjoy life with peace of mind.

Soon after the daughter -in -law passed, she was pregnant, and Song Ping and the old lady were happy.However, after knowing the news of pregnancy, the mother’s body is not as good as one day.This can toss Song Ping enough. Looking at the daughter -in -law who is waiting to be given, her heart is very excited. Here, looking at the increasingly thin old lady, it is very painful in her heart.

It was under such a double torture that Song Ping seemed a little depressed.Song Ping’s father died early. It was his mother who worked hard to bring him big. He wanted to change Guangzong Yaozu by his meritorious name. He couldn’t help but go. It was already a heavy blow to the old lady.Although Song Ping later made some money, he was always busy and always busy. He not only did not marry a wife and had a child, but also ignored the existence of his mother and ignored the family.

Now that his mother is seriously ill, he starts to examine his son. He always feels ashamed of his mother, and then he has an inexplicable fear of the child who is about to be born. I wonder what this child will look like in the future?Will it be as selfish as yourself?On the day of my old age, will it be as lonely like a mother?The more you think so, the more pain in your heart, hate yourself useless, and blame your child.

On the morning, Song Ping’s daughter -in -law met red and thought it was going to be produced. Poly Po and Lang Zhong invited them early. All applications were prepared for a long time. They were busy all morning, and their stomachs did not move.

Song Ping appreciated the money, and did not put it back in Po and Lang. He was on standby. People even implemented a rotation system.

When the sky was about to be dark, the old lady had a break for a while, her lips were dark, and her mouth was guided, and she seemed to be out.Just as Langzhong was at home, he could only go to this courtyard for a while. The old lady finally looked back as usual, breathed smoothly, and just fell asleep.

Song Ping did not hit his teeth for a day, and he was very tired, but he still didn’t want to sleep. While the moonlight was very good tonight, he went out and turned around. There was no figure in the silent street, just to relax the nervous nerves.

Thinking about it, a small lamp appeared in front of the road, which was a small stall buying noodles.Song Ping was a little surprised that he hadn’t closed the stall so late. Maybe the boss is also a person with a story?He walked over and walked over.The stall owner was squatting in a dark shadow, and was a thin woman. When she saw Song Ping came over, she just raised her head and had no words.

Song Ping is even more strange. How can there be such a sale?Maybe it’s too sleepy. He had to open his mouth to say hello and ask what noodles are there?The woman seemed a little impatient and replied: "Only the water surface." Usually the clear water of the soup, Song Ping didn’t even look at it. At this timeInstead, the noodles looked more like an appetite, and opened their mouths and asked for a bowl.

The woman reluctantly got up and boiled noodles. The water was really genuine and faint, but the noodles were smooth. Two greens, some clear fragrance, Song Ping was very happy to eat.After eating the noodles, I asked for another bowl of noodle soup. Sitting on the steps next to it, it was very satisfied.

The woman stared at Song Ping for a long time, and felt that this person was quite strange. She opened her mouth and asked: "In the middle of the night, why not go home after eating?" Song Ping laughed: "In the middle of the night, no one eats noodles. No one eats noodles.Why don’t you go home? "The woman said:" I naturally have me. "Song Ping said:" I have my truth too. "The woman said:" You are boring. "Turning his face.

Song Ping suddenly felt that the woman was very interesting. He tried to see the woman’s face clearly, but she always hid in the shadow and blurred on her face.Song Ping said: "I ask you something?" The woman said, "What is it?" Song Ping said: "Do you have a child?" The woman said: "What do you ask?" Song Ping said: "Your child, and your child, andDo you expect the same? "

The woman turned her face and asked, "I don’t sleep in the middle of the night. Do you run out of the house and talk to others?" Song Ping stunned for a while, thinking about what happened at home, and the knot that could not be opened in your heart.They all told this woman.

The woman smiled and said, "How about telling you a story?" Without waiting for Song Ping to answer, she told himself.

There is a woman named Qi Fan, born in the home of a bookstore door, but does not mean that she is worry -free. Qi Fan’s father is a poor scholar who lives with copying and writing. Life is very embarrassed.

Qi Fan has been reading literacy with his mother since he was a child, and people praised him for cleverness.When Qi Fan was twelve years old, could he like to go to the imperial examination for men and women?The first is to test whether my knowledge is as good as others say; the second is to imitate heroes like Hua Mulan. Maybe women can also shine the door?She went to her mother, wanted to study in the school system, and then took the exam.

Finally, her mother couldn’t stand Qi Fan’s soft and hard bubbles, barely agreed.Qi Fan was dressed as a teenager and went to school in the private school next door.After reading this book for a few years, Dad died of illness during this period, but Qi Fan’s knowledge has made rapid progress.

However, the older the older mother, the more worried. After all, Qi Fan is fifteen years old. It is inconvenient to soak with a group of boys all day long. In addition, Qi Fan also wants her mother to accompany her to study. The mother moves alone.Come to the village next door.

At this time, the life of the family had fallen into a dilemma. After the death of my father, there was no economic source at home. Qi Fan still had to study, and his mother shouldered the dual responsibility of supporting the family and taking care of Qi Fan.There is a rich man in the village. The kitchen needs a miscellaneous work, and the simple work of drying and shampooing. Qi Fan’s mother reluctantly lived on this job.

However, since his mother moved, Qi Fan began to have a temper.Qi Fan’s mother rushed back from the rich house every day at noon, gave Qi Fan a little, and hurried back.Not only does Qi Fan not eat, but also pour the food, because there is a scent of oil fume in the meal.

Not only that, Qi Fan started spending money and big feet. What is delicious and what is fun to play. If you have no money, you ask your mother to ask for it. Mom is ashamed to give the children almost unconditionally.A more powerful time, Qi Fan made trouble with a male classmate and smashed his head with a stone.The parents of the male classmate came to the door to say that Qi Fan’s mother kept apologizing, and as a result, she lost two or two silver as medical expenses.Two or two silver is a huge sum!

Mom’s original eyes were clear and godlike, and since this incident, it has become turbid.

Song Ping heard it here and smiled a little, and said, "This is not a big deal. Have we all done similar things in that year?"

The woman had no intention to stop and continued.

Suddenly one day, Qi Fan took a boy home, his classmate, told his mother to marry him.Qi Fan’s mother was incredible. Later, Qi Fan asked Qi Fan. Didn’t he have to study for his name?Mom worked hard for so many years to read her own dreams. How can she read her own dream?Have you been in vain for so many years?

Qi Fan listened without a word, nothing to say.Soon, Qi Fan went to the exam with his classmates.However, Qi Fan after returning, he became pregnant.Qi Fan’s mother is almost crazy. Who has been asking who the child is?Who else can it be?It’s the male classmate.Qi Fan’s mother came to see the parents of the male classmates to talk about marriage, but the parents of the male classmates did not recognize the family affairs at all, and even the children in Qi were suspected of being unknown.

The mother was crazy and asked the man to give it a saying, and was finally thrown out by others. The final result became Qi Fan’s men’s dress and women to seduce his son.Qi Jiu became a slut who came to see people, and could only move out with her mother.

Soon after, Qi Fan gave birth to a daughter, and three women depended on each other.

Song Ping’s pouting, didn’t know what to say for a while.

The woman paused a little and continued.

Qi Fan found a man in the village when his daughter was two years old, and finally had a top pillar at home. The whole family seemed to be relieved.This man’s family is okay, just a little bit, it is also good for others, like communication, friendly.

One day later, Qi Fan suddenly found his mother and wanted to borrow money, saying that men lost money to buy and sell outside, and had to pay debts.

As a result, the man’s buying and selling were gone, and the house in the house was gone, because the word was two words -gambling.Qi Fan didn’t know, but gamble with men.

Song Ping was a little incredible with his teeth, and said, "Is there such a person in the world?" The woman said: "Qi Fan’s mother has just died, she finally relieved, but she still missed Qi Su." SongPing suddenly seemed to understand something, and asked, "Which one of you is in this story?" The woman smiled and pointed at the other end of the street, saying, "Who do you see?" Song Ping looked up and saw,A woman’s figure slowly came over, Song Ping greeted him excitedly, and asked, "Mother, how did you come here in the middle of the night?" Niang touched Song Ping’s head with a smile, and felt like one.The child said, "Go home and take a look, your daughter -in -law was born."

Song Ping was just going back to run back, and found that she was still holding a noodle bowl in her hand, and returned to the noodle stall again, but the woman disappeared.Song Ping was looking around, running a figure not far away. It was a old man who was nearby and said, "Can you cook noodles yourself? Eat it?" Song Ping had no time to talk about it.Home, the old lady is gone.

Song Ping felt very strange. After finding it for a long time, he didn’t find it. He remembered the daughter -in -law and children at home, so I had to go home first.

In front of the house, a subordinate just ran out, and saw Song Ping hurriedly and said, "Master, the old lady just died." Song Ping stunned and said, "No, just …" He suddenly understood who I saw just now.With tears flowing down.The subordinates said again: "Mrs. has a daughter, you go and see."

Song Ping remembered what the old lady said to herself, and he decided to go to see his daughter -in -law and daughter first.He entered the room and watched his daughter -in -law, and then took his daughter from his subordinates. The little thing closed his eyes and fell asleep, and his eyelashes were long.The old mother asked: "How beautiful is the lady, the young master gives a name?" Song Ping blurted out, saying, "Call her Qi Su."

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