Li Xiaomeng took a pregnant belly photo 20 days after giving birth, reviewing changes during pregnancy, and warmly recorded his son’s growth process

In the early morning of December 27th, Li Xiaomeng, who had only 20 days after giving birth to a second child, updated the social platform dynamics, showing his body change from pregnancy to production, and wrote the text "Good night, my October pregnant".

Li Xiaomeng first revealed in the long text that she had 40 pounds in her nostalgia, and her second child was 34 pounds. For female stars, this number is indeed a bit scary.sports.

The first row of photos of Li Xiaomeng was changed from pregnancy to the 20th week. It can be seen that at the beginning, Li Xiaomeng’s belly platform, the ribs were prominent, and there was a trace of the vest line., Gradually with pregnancy.

The second row is her body change 6 to 8 months of pregnancy, her arm is thicker than before, and the same clothes look a little tight on her body. The short hair is a lot longer. In the face of the lens, Li Xiaomeng exudes a kind ofMother’s gentle charm.

In the end, Li Xiaomeng was 9 months pregnant to produce. At this time, her stomach was amazing, her stretch patterns on her belly were very obvious, and she had some fat on her waist.But Li Xiaomeng didn’t care about these, and she was cute at the baby in the belly, her expression was very cute.

Li Xiaomeng had a little yellow duck in her hands from the beginning to 10 months. In the last picture, the little yellow duck became a baby who was not yet full.I have to say that the birth of a life is a very magical thing. The photos from Li Xiaomeng can feel her difficulty and warmth. I believe that when the little baby grows up, he will thank your mother very much.Essence

After the production, Li Xiaomeng’s limbs were slender, his lower abdomen was flat, his body recovered very well, and his skin was not relaxed at all, as if he was not pregnant.Many netizens also praised her that she was still very thin and beautiful. She also asked Li Xiaomeng to lose weight. Some people called "a great mother, which is really great."

Li Xiaomeng and Wang Lei are well -known actors. The two met because of filming a TV series, and then sparked a spark to determine the relationship of love.However, their behavior was very low -key, and they never rely on frying scandal to attract popularity. After 7 years of love, they entered the palace of marriage and then gave birth to a big son.

On December 9th, Li Xiaomeng announced his second child and revealed that his brother had known to his mother at the age of 4, and at the same time he would take the initiative to hug his brother.

Perhaps because of growing up in such a loving family, the child has gratefulness. I hope Li Xiaomeng and the little baby are healthy, and I wish their family happiness.


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