Li Xiang appeared at the airport to get a blessing, and Datong was suspected of pregnancy?Wang Shiling’s height is close to his mother

Recently, the family of Li Xiang’s family of three appeared at the airport, which attracted everyone’s attention.

On the same day, Li Xiang wore a black -bottomed white dot suit, a large straw hat, and a pair of flat shoes, comfortable and casual.Li Xiang who appeared this time was a lot of fat again. In addition, she wore a pair of flat shoes, and she seemed that her figure was more round and bloated. Looking at the big belly on the side, many netizens guessed that she was pregnant?

Li Xiang, a strong woman, has always been the Royal Sister route. I really rarely see that she is so casual and paired with a pair of flat shoes. Then she has really been much fatter than before. Look at the back.She was fatter than before; netizens speculated that she was pregnant.

Wang Shiling has been gathered together with his mother. Wang Shiling, who is 11 years old this year, is tall and closer to her mother.My mother, easy to be fat.

Wang Yuelun obediently followed the mother and daughter, like a "brothers of the bag". This family status is really clear at a glance, hahaha.

Every time the Li Xiang family appears, it will become the focus of everyone’s attention. The body shape of their family is the most discussed topic.At this appearance, the Li Xiang family still did not disappoint everyone, and continued to maintain their "rich state".

In fact, it can be known from the dynamics of Li Xiang before that during this time, Wang Yuelun and Wang Shiling both exercised weight loss, playing basketball, badminton and other sports. They all performed.Sweat, flushed, can be seen that the amount of exercise is still sufficient.

Wang Shiling, who was seriously exercised, was also praised by netizens a lot, and the small pointed chin appeared, and his face value increased.

However, after the picture of this airport was exposed, the strict netizens still felt that the family was a little fat. I hope they will continue to work hard and lose weight. After all, it is not good for the body to be too fat.I hope that the family can eat less exercise and achieve the healthiest state.

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