Launched KidsGPT, the child Wang blew the new corner of the mother and baby industry

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"Isn’t the child tall about calcium deficiency?" "What should I do if my mother -in -law does not let my hair wash my hair during confinement?" "How can I make my father fall in love with a baby?" "Can I drink coffee when I am pregnant?" …

On the day of Children’s Day this year, the Children King officially launched the "AI Parenting Consultant Model" one -one KidsGPT, which was independently developed. Once launched, the whole network was hot.

After experiencing, many Baoma and Bao dads were directly "planting grass" by the AI childcare god who "knowing astronomy and geography, Xia Xiao Chicken", and said that they can lie down and bring the baby directly with KidsGPT.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the research and application of large models in the field of artificial intelligence have been unprecedentedly high.Earlier, Li Yanhong, the founder of Baidu, and Li Kaifu, the founder of the Innovation Workshop, all said that the application service opportunities brought by the big model will 10 times the opportunity brought by the mobile Internet.

As the leader of the mother and infant industry, the child king has always used "operating customer relationships" to do key operations and innovation around user needs.In the context of ChatGPT’s popular, the king of children is always thinking: how to better combine their professional knowledge with intelligent services with "AI".

The birth of KidsGPT is undoubtedly an important scene of the child king’s "AI+Parenting". It also means that the intelligent development of the Chinese mother and child industry AI in the industry has taken a big step forward.

At the end of last year, OpenAI launched CHATGPT to directly ignite Volkswagen’s enthusiasm for AI and pushed AI to the world.

Bill Gates is optimistic, Nvidia Huang Renxun calls it "new iPhone moment", Microsoft CEO Nadella spreads this technology to the industrial revolution, and an article in "Economics" is even more written. ChatGPTIt is a kind of innovative innovation.

From the perspective of the outside world, ChatGPT is expected to empower all walks of life to derive a new business model, driving the changes in productivity and production relations.

As a result, the "AI+" market also opened.

From "AI+Education" to "AI+Media" to "AI+E -commerce" and "AI+Finance", a large number of enterprises try to use similar ChatGPT products to better serve user needs.

"AI+Parenting" is undoubtedly one of the most imaginative tracks.

From the perspective of the industry’s dimension, after experiencing the "demographic dividend" of the past one billion yuan, although the Chinese mother and child are already a trillion -level industry, the challenge still exists.

It is undeniable that the biggest impact is the reduction of the birth rate.The birth rate of population still maintains a decline, which will have a certain impact on the mother and infant industry. Secondly, due to the large categories and low thresholds involved in the mother and infant and child industry, the homogeneity and internal curiosity between the products are serious.; Under the concept of eugenics, as a generation living in material conditions, the new generation of young parents in the post -90s and post -95s generations pursue refined and professionalism in parenting.

For another example, the mother and baby target consumer groups are decentralized and free. After the child grows up to a certain stage, users will leave the demand for this industry, and the supply side will show extremely decentralized features …

Such a variety is destined to be a unique industry.As an industry person said, the industry is still that industry, but today’s market is no longer the original market.

For players on the track, finding a new way and growing cards is a top priority.

Based on the interactive fields such as search, customer service, Q & A, consultation, as well as professional fields such as text creation, art painting, retail, and education and training, the productivity and huge application potentials have undoubtedly become the "secret of a secret in the industry bottleneck that breaks through the industry bottlenecks.key".

If it is said that in the Internet era, every industry is worth reisting with the Internet.So in the era of big models, the mother and baby industry is likely to be reshaped by large models.

Due to the imagination space behind ChatGTP, domestic manufacturers have entered the field of ChatGPT and launched their own large models.

For example, Baidu issued Wenxin’s words, Alibaba launched Tongyi Qianwen, Huawei released Pangu NLP models, Tencent’s launch of mixed Yuan and other manufacturers, showing a trend of all flowers.

But in fact, not all companies can share a share.

For the subdivision industry, the big model is not to make a general model, but to make a vertical model.

Because companies that deeply cultivate the vertical field have accumulated a lot of data and Know-How, they have core advantages. The genes implanted in the bones are not available in large factories and the opportunity of its curve overtaking.

As a company that realizes the use of GPT commercial scenes earlier, the child king can launch the first domestic maternal and infant and child in the field of maternal and infant and children.

Generally speaking, the core and key of a company’s vertical model are not separated from computing power, algorithms and data.To a certain extent, money can solve the problem of computing power, but it is difficult to buy data and algorithms, which is precisely the most leading advantage of this child king.

At the data level, the first maternal and infant service chain flagship store was opened at Jianyou Wanda Plaza in Nanjing in 2009. The child king who has gone through 14 years has been provided for hundreds of millions of mothers and children aged 0-14.In the process of one -stop shopping and comprehensive value -added services, a deep "infrastructure" barrier has been formed-

On the one hand, from the earliest opening of informatization to digital intelligence, to the future -oriented ecologicalization, the child king has precipitated all -encompassing data in the background.

Taking the service data as an example, in order to empower the company’s business development, the child king not only establishes a large number of basic labels and algorithm labels for users, but also builds thousands of big data -based users based on consumer needs and best solutions.The required intelligent model can provide users with relevant products and services more active and accurately, forming a "thousands of people and thousands" service methods;

For another example, in order to empower grass -roots employees to provide high -efficiency and accurate customer service and management in order to empower grass -roots employees, the King of Children has developed a parenting consultant and customer management tools "Human and Customer Union", "Yunke One", and "Beidou of the Beidou" of the store business management tools "Beidou"Workbet "and so on.

On the other hand, based on the deep cultivation of the mother and infant and child in the field of maternal infants and children, the children’s king platform has professional parenting consultants, doctors, experts, etc. to provide tens of millions of member families from pregnancy to pregnancy to play, teach, and learn, all of whichDuring the product and service of the life cycle, extremely valuable experience has been accumulated.

Taking the children’s king in the country with nearly 7,000 professional parenting consultants holding national nursery qualifications as an example, they solve the problem of parenting problems for members, and can provide various parenting services such as lactation, baby touch, and haircuts.

They are both nutritionists and mother -to -child caregivers, but also children’s growth trainers. This multiple roles allow children to know both the needs of customers and have rich parenting experience and parenting knowledge.The 100 million -level service data has become the most precious wealth of the child king.

At the algorithm level, since 2015, the child king has made a lot of investment in the digital work of the technical team and product system for many years.This forward -looking layout has won the underlying technological advantage of the era of the big model.

Taking the data in the data as an example, it is based on data assets and intelligent algorithms and business models in combination with machine learning to output intelligent marketing, sales forecast and intelligent supplementary delivery in business, and has already realized data -driven business intelligence.

Nowadays, the child king has established a technical architecture that is dominated by the business and data dual -central and Taiwan system, supplemented by AI Zhongtai as the technical structure to comprehensively improve the overall business operation efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the reason why ChatGPT burst into fire was on the shoulders standing on the shoulders of artificial intelligence for many years, and after many technical iterations.It uses large -scale neural network and deep learning technology, can generate natural and smooth languages, and can understand and respond to the problems and requests raised by users.

In other words, KidSGPT still needs to be continuously "pre -training+fine -tuning", and the "hard power" of the children’s king on the data and algorithm determines that KidsGPT will become more and more accurate, and truly understand the most in all walks of life.In the mother and infant industry, the mother and infant industry knows the best users in the mother and infant industry.

This also explains why KIDSGPT after system vertical data training, which shows the shoulder ChatGPT in terms of parenting and education. After the official launch, it caused a lot of sensation.

From this perspective, whether it is data or algorithm, the child king has stepped first and step by step.It can be said that the emergence of KidsGPT is not only a qualitative change caused by the child king’s previous quantity changes, but also the "peak of digital intelligence" that is climbing.

For ChatGPT, there are already many "big guys" in various fields in the world to put forward their own opinions and views. Among them, Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates’s point of view is the most noticeable.

He wrote that OPENAI’s GPT AI model was really shocked by technology in life.The first time was in 1980, when he came into contact with the graphic user interface, which became the cornerstone of his creation of Microsoft Windows operating system.

From this perspective, ChatGPT will be a revolution in the next graphic user interface.Because this "AI assistant" will be able to understand human needs and habits, while helping humans to achieve a better life.

Prior to this, KidsGPT’s KidsGPT will undoubtedly innovate the entire mother and infant industry pattern and help the formation of the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The person in charge of the child king KidsGPT said that with the continuous growth and evolution of KIDSGPT, in the future, it will bring a huge imagination to the child king three aspects: members, enterprises, and ecology.

Specifically, from the membership level, the consensus of an industry is that the vertical model will be used as the basic ability to output the external standard output, and the end -to -end solution to user needs.

For a long time, the child king revolves around the relationship between the customer and based on the customer’s core pain point, the first store model, the parenting consultant service, the "product+service+social" operating model, the single -customer economic model under heavy members, etc.In terms of service, KidsGPT will bring wider prospects after empowerment.

The Child King will concentrate the resources and make KidsGPT a huge traffic tool and service product. It has a unique scene, digital intelligence ability and parenting consultant in the industry.Convert to a deeper product direction.

One example is that KidsGPT will be a professional parenting expert that breaks through physiological and physical limit, which can perceive and interact with users, and timely and accurately meet consumers’ comprehensive, personalized and professional parenting needs.

At the moment when the mother and infant industry are increasingly rolled, KidsGPT will continue to break through the service boundary to better create a life cycle product and service better, increase customer acquisition and increase user stickiness, and help users get better services to get better servicesExperience.

At the corporate level, KidsGPT is a new productive forces.The child will reconstruct all APP products through AL, AL+Marketing, AI+customer service, AI+transactions, AL+members, etc., to achieve productivity explosion -type improvement.

At present, KidSGPT has fully covered the professional knowledge base in the vertical field of parenting, which can fully enhance the intelligent and service experience in the childcare field, and form a comprehensive intelligent service system.

But the child king is not satisfied with this.Inside, the child king is still iterating upgrading the ability of KIDSGPT outside of childcare.

According to the person in charge of the project, the child Wang Zheng Zheng’s ability to KIDSGPT penetrates all aspects of the company’s manpower, logistics, and finance to achieve cost reduction and efficiency and improve production efficiency.In the future, the child will improve the operating efficiency of business at a high speed, consolidate the core competitiveness of the subdivided field, and continue to promote business growth.

At the ecological level, with the productivity transformation brought by the big model, the breakthrough of the children’s king’s ability at the bottom can not only achieve control costs and improve efficiency for themselves.Promote the improvement of the entire industry chain and value chain.

Over the years, the children of the children, the large maternal and infant brands, dealers, and maternal and infant peripheral service agencies in depth cooperation. In addition to providing rich goods, they also built "pregnancy production plus" "mothers, children, and parent -child people.The three service tracks of the growth plus "parent -child plus" have created a parenting and growth ecosystem that integrates the development of multi -industry.

Xu Weihong, the founder and CEO of the Child King, once said that the business logic of the child king is "service provider" and "relationship network". Through the "commodity+service+social" model, he adheres to the user -centric, deeply cultivating the mother and baby industry, comprehensively comprehensively, comprehensiveDigging the value of the industry chain.

KidsGPT can empower AI’s capabilities to empower partners. The child king will reconstruct the "human cargo field" with the entire ecological side, open up and downstream supply chains, and enhance the value of the industrial chain.

The biggest value of the big model is to establish a new business model and new business ideas, and re -transform every link of the commercial organization.From the perspective of industry insiders, the ideas and technology of large models to teeth will inevitably establish a brand new business empire.

There is no doubt that the king of artificial intelligence was embraced early, and the curtain has been opened, and it is like a star.

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