Knowing pregnancy as soon as possible: What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Know what’s the benefit of pregnancy earlier?

For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, the good news of knowing pregnancy early can naturally make them happy earlier.In addition, whether intended to prepare for pregnancy or accidental pregnancy, it is good to know that pregnancy is good early.After knowing that they are pregnant, women can avoid doing things that are likely to cause miscarriage, such as strenuous exercise and overwork.The other is to avoid doing things that may hurt the fetus and cause fetal malformations, such as taking medicine.For women who have to choose a miscarriage for accidental pregnancy, early knowing that pregnancy can also help them miss the best time to miscarriage, minimize the damage value.

How to identify pregnancy preliminary identification?

Menstruation delay is one of the most often noticed signs of pregnancy.As long as the fertility age and normal menstruation are normal, they may be pregnant for two weeks after sexual behavior.However, there are also many factors that can affect the menstrual cycle, such as emotion, psychological pressure, and fatigue.

In addition to delaying menstruation, Xiaobian also wants to popularize various pregnancy signs.If multiple signs of pregnancy appear, you can almost indicate that you are pregnant.However, the sign of pregnancy does not appear immediately after conception.Under normal circumstances, you missed menstruation, and even after these two weeks, you will not notice that you have any pregnancy signs.

If you don’t remember your menstrual cycle, or your menstrual period is not regular, you may not be sure when your menstruation should come.However, if you start to feel the following pregnancy signs, and your menstruation has not come for a while, then you are likely to get pregnant!

Symptoms of pregnancy: breasts become larger, sensitive

One of the signs of early pregnancy is breast sensitivity and pain, which is caused by the improvement of your hormone level.This pain is very similar to your feeling before menstruation, but it is stronger.This sign of pregnancy will significantly improve after 3 months of pregnancy, and your body has adapted to the changes in hormones during pregnancy until then.

Symptoms of pregnancy: tired

You will suddenly feel tired and even feel exhausted.No one knows what caused the symptoms of fatigue in early pregnancy. However, the level of rapid increased progesterone (also known as "progesterone") may make you feel very sleepy.

Once you enter the middle of pregnancy, you will start to feel more energetic than early pregnancy, but in the late pregnancy, tiredness usually appears again.Because at this time your weight will increase significantly, and the common discomfort during pregnancy will also affect your sleep quality at night.

Symptoms of pregnancy: more sensitive to odor

If you suddenly become very sensitive to the smell, you can also ask yourself: "Am I pregnant?".If you are just pregnant, you may not be able to stand the smell of oil fume or the smell of tea, and some fragrance will make you disgusting.Although no one can be determined, this pregnancy signs may be caused by the rapid increase in estrogen in your body.You may also find things that you usually like to eat, and suddenly it will make you feel disgusting.

Symptoms of pregnancy: nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are the most common signs of pregnancy.If you are like most women, pregnancy will only appear after you conceive.A small number of lucky women will not be pregnant throughout pregnancy.However, some women will start to feel disgusting before that.Pregnancy vomiting not only appears in the morning, but also may happen at noon or evening.

Almost half of women with pregnancy vomiting will no longer appear nausea and vomiting after the beginning of pregnancy.Most of the remaining women may need to wait about 1 month, and the symptoms of pregnancy will be reduced.

Symptoms of pregnancy five: abdominal distension

The changes in hormones in early pregnancy may make you feel flatulence.Some women also feel this before menstruation.This is why when your uterus is still very young in the early pregnancy, you will feel that the waist of your clothes is tight.

Symptoms of pregnancy 6: frequent urination

Shortly after pregnancy, you may find that you always run to the bathroom.Why is this so?Mainly because during pregnancy, the amount of blood and other liquids in your body increased, causing more liquid to be discharged into the bladder through kidney treatment and become urine.

Frequent urination may have begun to appear as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy.With the advancement of pregnancy, babies who grow up constantly put more pressure on your bladder, and frequent urination symptoms in early pregnancy may continue, or even more serious.

Kind tips:

Not all women will have all of the above signs of pregnancy.You can also determine it through early pregnancy test.The results of early pregnancy tests should be the most accurate sign of pregnancy.But no matter how to write the packaging, many early pregnancy self -test agents can measure most of pregnancy after women miss menstruation for one week.So, if you are testing before, and you get a negative result, in a few days, you can test it again.

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