Just overnight the fire, the Internet celebrity turned over


Did you discover it?

Real crimes have recently become traffic passwords.

Such as Wu Xieyu’s aunt, Hu Xinyu’s disappearance case, Cai Tianfeng case, Bali murder case …

They have set off a wave of cases in the whole people.

Related videos and articles are huge.

Even a group of "pure prison wind" Internet celebrities appeared.

Relying on the experience of sucking the powder by sharing the jail, live broadcast and bring the goods.

This is not only China, but this is the case in the world.

"Monster: The Story of Jeff Rui Damo" focuses on a 17 -lived rape murderer and ogre.

The ratings are explosive, and they are one of the most popular English episodes of Net flight.

The perverted killer of Damo became a popular role.

A new drama was shot this passionate phenomenon.

The title name is also very direct-

The two people on the poster are a couple.

Husband is a tennis coach and his wife is a real estate agent.

Their lives were quite bland.

When people reach middle age, their passion fades, but the days are still passing.

Dog blood scenes without derailment.

Until one day, they accidentally discovered that Matt, a water pipe worker at home, was a infamous serial murderer- "Western Ripper"

He bears 11 murder cases, and the crime was cruel.

And bold and cunning, so far, did not stop, a day ago, just entered the room to murder a young woman.

However, the police still did not have effective clues, and they could not catch the real murderer.

According to the normal people’s brain circuit, the first reaction must be alarming, right?

But it’s strange.

The couple were excited, and such a celebrity appeared beside her.

Then they made a bold decision–

Invite the murderer to be a podcast theme of the crime.

It is more likely to be invited.

The husband asked the killer to the beach and talked to him.

"I know what you have done, but I will not tell the police unless you refuse to be a podcast with me."

And this killer is also quite a matter of doing things.

The true identity is exposed, not only not panic.

I also readily agreed to this proposal.

Their podcast show, the title is bursting -the real story adaptation: the confession of the Ripper in the Western District.

The killer Matt personally told the killing details and shared the criminal experience.

Not only is the anchor and screenwriter, but also the editing and soundtracks must also be fucking.

It also plans to engage in more derivatives in the future and create a "crime universe" …

The whole scene is fine.

In fact, the couple originally planned to make an interview form, and they also brushed their sense of presence.

But in the face of this pervert that kills without blinking, how dare you mention more requests.

What is even more terrible is that Matt has repeatedly emphasized that this is not the confession of the retired killer, but the killer log in business.

The selling point is "still active."

When there is no new case, you can kill individuals.

At the end of each episode, throw a sentence "Who is the next."

Not only can it greatly stimulate the sensory of the audience, but also make people have a strong sense of participation.

So rampant, I’m afraid it will soon turn over?

No, the couple did a podcast for the killer, and they were broken by a friend.

The outrageous came again.

After the friend found out, he did not choose to call the police.

It is a soft and hard -fledged request–

"Let me go to your show!"

It sounds a bit tip?

In fact, this drama is walking with black humorous comedy roads.

The absurd dramatic plot not only gives people a sense of novelty, but also to tell the real and sad reality.

In fact, the couple also felt that this idea was terrible at first.

But if you look at it, you feel that this is the "good luck" given to them by heaven.

Because, at the time, the couple happened to be in a period of water, and everything was not smooth.

His wife is a real estate agent, but he cannot sell high -end villas.

I missed the best period of promotion, and I was mocked to stay in a low -end apartment area for a lifetime.

Husband originally worked as a coach for nearly two decades at a high -end club.

However, I did not expect that when I had planned retirement, many newcomers and more popular newcomers suddenly came.

However, he was not a young man. He was forced to surrender to teach children and had a big diving.

The family originally needed money.

The mortgage was not over, and his wife was pregnant again. They originally planned to move to a larger house.

Suddenly, after no money, the days were constrained.

In order to save money, he used his free tennis lesson to exchange the water pipe repair.

Because of this, I have more private relationships with Matt.

How do you think of being a podcast?

Because the hottest is the real crime program.

When his wife washed and doing housework, he had to use criminal podcast as a background sound.

Friends chatted, the topics also revolved around the latest crime shows and the hottest serial killer.

The amazing subscriptions make these program anchors a top flow, and celebrities have to take their traffic.

The couple wondered, isn’t this "traffic password" beside me?

When the first -hand information is exposed, it must be easy to turn over other programs.

Once you succeed, you don’t worry about work, and big houses have.

They decided to let go.

After all, "We have always followed the rules and see what we are ending."

The friend who broke the truth also held the same psychology.

A friend is actually a rich person, but her money comes from the rich second -generation husband.

Her husband always suppress and hurt her as a rich man.

She wanted to escape from equal marriage, but there was no suitable way out.

Therefore, after learning that my friend had made a popular show, he wanted to get traffic and accumulate some funds and connections for himself.

As for the killer Matt, it is as mentally as psychologically distorted as those infamous serial killers.

The sin that has been committed for himself has been contented, and he is willing to show off his "achievement" to the outside world.

This podcast can be said to fully satisfy his vanity.

At this point of view, this podcast can be said to be a mutually beneficial and win -win choice.

Obviously, the ridiculous is not the story, but the familiar reality.

A large number of popular cultural elements are piled up in the play, highlighting the entertainment to death.

In addition to podcasts, it also mentioned large -scale limited dramas, sequels that are easy to rot, IP universe, real economy, online celebrity out -of -the -best -selling book …

In a generalized society, all serious social problems have become a pastime.

In the play, the criminals who took countless innocent lives have actually become a popular Internet celebrity.

After the sinner was on fire, the merchant also produced a large number of murderers.

The exhibition of real crimes was planned, and the scene of the incident was restored to induce people to check in.

There are many similar examples in reality.

In the Netflies "Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Damo", it revealed the phenomenon that Damo was arrested that year.

Damo in prison received a letter from a large number of pursuers.

After seeing the business opportunities, the comic company also created a large number of violent and bloody works with an IP of him as a prototype.

In 2014, the gangster Jerry Micks was arrested.

As a result, because he was in prison, he was so handsome on the Internet.

He was signed by a brokerage company in prison. After being released, he started a model career directly. Big names such as Versace and Armani hired him as a clothing model.

A group of "pure prison wind" Internet celebrities also emerged in China.

Some people who have been released to the full sentence treat the stain as eye -catching point and tell their prison life.

After attracting a lot of fans with strong curiosity, they lived on the goods.

These Internet celebrities were later exposed, and they were fighting, theft, and intentionally hurting people, forcing prostitution.

However, they diluted these criminal facts, and made a mad by the "inspirational" person who turned back.

This drama not only satirizes these social chaos, but also tries to analyze the reasons behind.

On the one hand, it is the great way of utilitarianism.

The couple in the play are already the most loving pair in the eyes of others. They are loyal to each other and have common expectations for the future.

Unlike friends around, there are not a few in private life, domestic violence, and derailment.

But they have never realized these, only paying attention to other people’s houses, cars, and income.

I really realize that I really have money, "Our question is not money."

When utilitarian concepts infiltrate collective consciousness, the impetuousness and vulgarity of society are unavoidable.

A complicated crime case can have caused thinking about family, society, psychology and other levels.

As a result, under the name of "justice" and "voicing for the victims", it became a tool for recreation and a tool for making money.

Why are so many ordinary people willing to pay for these Internet celebrities?

This has to be mentioned that on the other hand, the emptiness and scarce of the spiritual world.

The story of the story in the play is in Los Angeles, the largest economic center in the western United States.

Just like China’s north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it seems that the lights are green and the paper drunk gold fans are not easy to survive behind the talents.

In the play, the rich second generation lives a luxurious life, but ordinary people have become the "invisible people" who are busy.

Survival itself is hard enough, and people just want to relax at the rest time.

When the protagonist produces a podcast show, it will immediately realize that the audience will be closed here.

So they can only continue to output superficial information with explosive points.

At a meeting of friends, no one was willing to open his heart or talk about some valuable topics.

They all said the murder.

And only pay attention to those bloody and cruel crimes.

This can’t help but think of the controversy caused by the remarks of Zhang Xuefeng, the postgraduate teacher Zhang Xuefeng some time ago.

Out of concern for Hanmen students, he suggested that students do not apply for news.

"If I am a parent, my child has to report to the journalist, I will faint him."

Some reasons are also revealed in the play. In the era of self -media, the news industry has no prospects.

This view aroused the dissatisfaction of many people, and it was reasonable.

Because he is a vested interest in the media era, and is upholding the concept of utilitarianism.

And this just refers to the reason why the journalism has no prospects.

Zhang Xuefeng has always emphasized that he is thinking for the bottom ordinary people.

But just like the doubts raised by a high praise comment under the article "Character "–

"Can you live better without idealism?"

In the play, the couple originally held this idea. They mistakenly thought that the morality and belief could be exchanged for a better life, but they did not expect the speed of life to fall faster.

There is a metaphor in the play.

The tennis court where her husband has been working has a crack.

However, not only did people not repaired in time, they took the opportunity to dig a large pit and wanted to destroy this court.

At the end of the story, this became the place where he buried the body, and it was where he buried his future life.

At the moment when idealism is so thin, it has continued to advocate successful learning and wealth scriptures.

Isn’t it like this crack.

Not only did it not be corrected in time, but also added fuel to the fire.

In the long run, who will the life be buried?

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