Just clean for 1 week and bleed again!Will bleeding during ovulation affect pregnancy?

Liu Xiaohong Bai Wenpei, Beijing Century Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University

Editor in charge: Huang Lingling

In daily life, many female friends will have such confusion: I have just been clean this menstrual period for 1 week. Why is it bleeding again?The sisters around said that this is "ovulation bleeding". Will bleeding during ovulation affect pregnancy?What should I do if "ovulation bleeding" appears?

In fact, for women with menstruation, ovulation days generally appear in the middle of two menstruation. For those with irregular menstruation, the ovulation day will appear around 14 days before the next menstrual tide, the ovulation date and it 2 to 3 days before and after the time.Paragraph is called ovulation period.Of course, if we have no way to speculate that when we have ovulation, we can also determine through the method of monitoring ovulation.

The growth of the endometrium is adjusted by estrogen in the body, and the estrogen level in our body during ovulation will fluctuate or decrease transiently, occasionally causing some female uterine endometrium, which will cause bleeding. This is the ovulation bleeding period bleeding.reason.

If women’s bleeding appears in the past few days, it lasts about 1 day; the amount of bleeding is not large, and they will stop by themselves.It is bleeding during ovulation.

Of course, there are various causes of vaginal hemorrhage. If you want to determine whether it is "ovulation bleeding", you need to go to the hospital to eliminate some diseases that can cause vaginal bleeding to be said to be ovulation bleeding.

Clinically, the common causes of vaginal bleeding include pregnancy -related diseases (abortion, ectopic pregnancy, hydatarios, etc.), cervical lesions, inflammation of reproductive system (cervical polyps, endometritis, fallopian tubeitis, etc.), endometrial polyps, Uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer, gynecological endocrine disease (ovulation -free uterine hemorrhage, lack of luteal function, etc.), oral contraceptives, intrauterine breeding device, cesarean section scar diverticulum and other diseases.Therefore, if women have unknown vaginal bleeding, it is necessary to do some related examinations such as gynecological examinations, pregnancy tests, gynecological ultrasound, ovulation monitoring, cervical cancer screening, vaginal mirrors, hysteroscopy, etc.Vaginal bleeding.

Bleeding during ovulation usually has no effect on the body, so don’t worry. If it is only occasionally bleeding, and the amount of bleeding is small, stop it in a short period of time, you can do not intervene without any intervention, just observe it.However, for women who want to get pregnant, if you have bleeding during ovulation for 3 consecutive months or ovulation bleeding during ovulation during more than one year, it is recommended that the hospital for consultation, doctors will give professional judgments and subsequent diagnosis and treatment suggestions.

Bleeding during ovulation requires the following points:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, combine work and rest, pay attention to rest, learn to regulate your mentality, maintain the joy of mood, and avoid severe volatility of some emotions.

2. Keep the perineum clean, wear cotton and breathable underwear, and change underwear and underwear at the same time.Pay attention to sexual communication.

3. Reduce the intake of irritating foods such as cold and spicy, drink more warm water, keep warm in winter to avoid cold irritation.

In fact, any disease or physical discomfort requires awareness of prevention, and we need to pay attention to our own health management.The gynecology department of Beijing Century Hospital is committed to the health service of the women’s life cycle and opened an online and offline gynecological health management nursing clinic to explain the explanation of disease knowledge for menstrual disorders, infertility, cervical diseases, menopause, perioperative surgery.Diet, exercise, medication guidance, and psychological guidance to ensure women’s health in all aspects.


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