Junior girl reads: Three boyfriends are not reliable, but after breaking up, I am pregnant, what should I do?

Looking back at college time, I once experienced a magnificent emotional journey.Three love experiences, three boyfriends, none of them can bring me a sense of security and stability.Perhaps this is the trick of fate, letting me experience a series of challenges and training in order to find true love.

The first boyfriend, he has a weak appearance and delicate emotions, making people feel that he is a gentle and considerate partner.However, I soon discovered that his excessive sensitivity to the outside world and the often expressed mother cannon behavior were not my ideal match.There is a huge difference between our personality and the worldview, which eventually leads to our breakup.

The second boyfriend, he is confident and powerful, with fascinating aura, once made me think he will be a strong backing in my life.However, over time, I gradually discovered the masculine characteristics on him.He always tried to control my life and decision -making, making me feel restrained and unprepared.This inequality and unhealthy relationship finally made me understand that I need a partner who truly respects and supports me.

The third boyfriend, swaying between temptation and deception is the biggest challenge I encountered in the emotional world.He brought me countless nights of insomnia and heartache, and I was troubled by his lies and betrayal.When we broke up, I found the news of my pregnancy.Who is this child’s father?This problem makes me feel confused and helpless.

However, even if I have experienced how dilemma and problems, I never give up my pursuit of happiness.I know that my choice is not because I don’t understand love, but because I believe that real love is worth waiting and fighting.Therefore, I decided to accept this challenge. For the future of my children, I will bravely face reality and find answers.

In this world, there is no problem that cannot be solved.I will find the right way to confirm the child’s father through DNA testing.Regardless of the result, I will love and raise this child as a mother, giving him the warmest care and love.

I also understand that everyone will go through an irresistible emotional journey, and these experiences are part of our growth.Whether it is happiness or pain, it is worth cherishing and experience.This emotional experience in college has become an important chapter in my understanding of love and life.

In the future, it is not because of my pregnancy, but I stand up again to welcome the new challenge of life.I believe that experiencing these tests will make me stronger and mature.I will continue my studies, pursue my dream, and build a beautiful blueprint for the future of my and my children.

The road of love may be twists and turns, but I firmly believe that happiness and true love are worthy of our struggle.No matter who the child’s father is, I will use my love and tenacity to bring a warm, safe and loving family.The ending of this story will be a story of self -growth and brave facing challenges.

In this diverse and open society, love should not be the shackles of freedom to restrain female college students sooner or later.Everyone has the right to choose their own love path, including girls in university.Love is a natural extension of human emotions, and should not be limited by age.

University is an important stage in life, and is a platform for cultivating knowledge and personality development.However, love does not prevent female college students grow academic growth.On the contrary, love can become part of their lives and increase the richness and fun of life.

Love can help female college students better understand themselves, cultivate interpersonal communication skills, and grow in mutual support.As the love master Charles Dickens said: "People in love can better understand themselves." Love enables female college students to compromise, communicate and understand in middle school with others, and then enhance emotional intelligence and wisdom.

In addition, love can also bring positive psychological effects on female college students.Studies have shown that the existence of love can improve the happiness and self -esteem of one person.Female students in love are often more confident and optimistic, and they are more motivated to face academic difficulties and challenges.

Of course, love is not without challenge.Female college students need to balance between love and academics, but this is also a process of growth.By facing challenges, they can develop more powerful time management and ability to solve problems.

All in all, girls at university should not be limited by premature love, because love is a manifestation of human nature. Whether men or women, they have the right to pursue their own love.Love can become a booster for the comprehensive development of female college students, helping them understand themselves, grow and enjoy the beauty of life.Let us embrace love and make it a wonderful journey in our lives.

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