Jinan Shanghe: Polycystic and fallopian tube have triggered twins after conditioning!The family is happy!

"Dada, Dada …" In Lujiafang Village near Shanghe County, Jinan, the boss of the trio shouted the name of the second child Tengda., The youngest sister Youyou watched the two brothers playing with him.These three little babies are Xue Jie’s children, with three babies, which are enviable.

All Xue Jie’s energy is now on the three children. The most tiring time has passed. The noisy life makes many people envy!

The three children of Xue Jie’s family are hot topics that are talked about and envious between the villagers in the past two years. In this simple place, this news can be said to be explosive news. Everyone in Shili and Eight Township knows that Xue Lian is pregnant with trilogy!Especially after the second child was fully liberalized, people in Shili and Eight Township envy the Xue Jie’s family to get the children’s doubles.

No need to toss for the second time, be affected together, and never have to be guilty again. The arrival of these three children is indeed a gratifying and proud thing for the Xue Jie family.

Xue Jie’s Triple Twita Xiyi Ximei: From left to right, the second is: Boss Tengfei, Er Er Tengda and the third child Youyou

The children in the family are all three copies, and there is no shortage of one.

The three children now occupy all Xue Jie’s energy. Because the three children are different eggs, they not only have different looks and different personalities.The boss is calm and restrained, the second child is cheerful and enthusiastic, and the little girl is even more smart.

Xue Jie said that he had a lot of food during pregnancy because one person ate 4 people to make up.I ate several meals a day, and it was more than 190 pounds when I was the fattest, but I did n’t care about my body after making my mother.Most of others have premature births, but Xue Jie’s triplets have to wait until the due date. The three healthy children have been put down after the birth of the whole family.Xue Jie, who was able to give birth to these three children smoothly, still has infinite emotion than the average pregnant woman.

Now the three children are around themselves, Xue Jie said that each child is proud of his face!She said that because of these three children, she is now a famous person in Shili and Eight Village!

"At that time, the fetal protection and birth checkup were indispensable in one step, especially the third child, it was even more sloppy." Until the three little guys were born smoothly, they heard the child’s strong crying sound, Xue Jie was relieved.Be careful, but taking care of these three children has become a troublesome, and one person can’t see the three children at all.So there was a situation where the whole family went into battle. Mom, dad, grandma, grandma, aunt, aunt … all those who could help would come to gang a gang.

And this scene is not dare to think about Xue Jie 4 years ago!

I have been married for many years without a son.

Although Xue Jie lives the envy of everyone now, it is really hard to come now.

"I have been married for many years, and I have no children." Since Xue Jie married her husband, she has always wanted children, but she has never been able to go.The old man didn’t even go out very much, and he was afraid that when he went out, someone asked why he didn’t want a child yet, and he was afraid that others would say that, and the old man was uncomfortable and did not know how to answer.

The couple of the Xue Jie deeply realized the importance of the child to a family, and they decided to go to the breeding specialist hospital for examination.

"Irregular menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome, in addition to these, there are also bilateral fallopian tubes." After checking Xue Jie’s attending doctor Ren finally found the cause for many years of infertility.

After a period of treatment, Xue Jie became pregnant quickly. The news came to the whole family with excitement, and finally had children. When everyone cheered for the arrival of new life, the couple thought they were pregnant.I was relieved, and I didn’t pay much attention. It didn’t take long for another news but the heart of the Xue Jie family sank into the bottom -Xue Jie’s first child was dead.

The old man who was looking forward to the family was empty and happy. Grandpa also found cancer. The couple had to re -roll up the courage to continue treatment for the wish of the elderly.With this successful pregnancy experience, the couple have confidence, and they have confidence in the hospital. They are not that they will not have children, but they have not found the right place before.

After half a year of conditioning and recovery, Xue Jie was pregnant again, and this time it was a triple twitter, which made the whole family happy!

The three children also let the elderly work together. Although they are busy, the old man’s heart is happy!

Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) is a common disease caused by women with age and abnormal metabolic abnormalities.) It is characterized by the most clinical manifestations of irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, hairy and/or acne, which is the most common female endocrine disease.

If there is no deliberate contraception for one year, you should do a related examination as soon as possible.

The main manifestations of polycystic ovary syndrome are:

Menstrual disorders

PCOS leads to patients with no ovulation or scarce ovulation, with about 70%accompanied by menstrual disorders. The main clinical manifestations are amenorrhea, menstrual scarcity and blood, and 70%to 80%of menstrual abnormal women, accounting for 30 relay amenorrhea 30s%, Accounting for 85%of ovulation -free blood.Due to ovulation dysfunction in PCOS patients, lack of periodic progesterone secretion, uterine endometrium has been under the stimulation of simple high estrogen for a long time. The endometrium continuous hyperplasia is prone to endometrial simplicity, abnormal hyperplasia, and even uterine endometrium atypical hyperplasiaAnd endometrial cancer.

2. Clinical manifestations of Highnesty -related clinical manifestations

(1) How many hair and distribution are different due to the differences in gender and race. Multi-hairy is one of the important manifestations of the increase in androgen. There are many clinically evaluating methods of multi-hairs. Among them, the evaluation method recommended by the World Health Organization is Ferriman-Gallway hair scoring standard.The phenomenon of phenomenon of PCOS patients in my country is not serious. The results of the large -scale community population show that the MFG score> 5 points can be diagnosed with hair. Excessive sexual hair is mainly distributed on the upper lip, lower abdomen and the inside of the thighs.

(2) Patients with PCOS in Kenrocoscanic acne are mostly adult female acne. They are accompanied by rough skin and large pores. Different from adolescent acne, they have the characteristics of severe symptoms, long duration, stubbornness, and poor treatment reactions.

(3) Female hair loss (FPA) PCOS starts to lose hair around 20 years old.It mainly occurs on the top of the head, which can extend to the front head (but does not invade the hairline), and can extend to the back head (but do not violate the back pillow), but the hair on the top of the headNeither invading the hairline nor bald heads.

(4) Sebum overflow of PCOS to produce excessiverogens, and high -male hemiamosis occurs, which increases sebum secretion, resulting in excessive oil and fatty fats of patients, increased pores, slightly reddish skin on both sides of the nose and lip grooves, and more scalp scales.Itchy scalp, the secretion of the chest and back oil also increased.

(5) Male expression is mainly manifested in the distribution of male pubic hair. Generally, obvious masculine performance does not occur, such as clitoris hypertrophy, breast atrophy, low sound, and abnormal exterior genital development.Patients with typical masculinity in PCOS patients should pay attention to identify congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia, adrenal tumors, and tumors secreting androgens.

3. Multi -sac samples of ovarian (PCO)

Although the PCO’s ultrasound diagnostic standards have conducted a lot of research, there are still divergent opinions. In addition to the differences in race, the unity of the diagnostic standards is more difficult.In 2003, Rotterdam’s PCO ultrasound standard was ≥12 follicles in the unilateral or bilateral ovarian ovary, with a diameter of 2-9mm, and/or ovarian volume (long × width × thick/2)> 10ml.At the same time, it can be expressed as an increase in marrow echo.

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