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In the era of comprehensive two children, how to prepare reasonable pregnancy, scientific contraception has become a "subject" for many couples to study.In particular, how to better arrange fertility interval to avoid unnecessary abortion, it is even more troublesome to trouble many women.

As one of the most common contraceptive methods, contraceptives are the first choice for many people when accidents, but Jian Zhijun wants to remind everyone gentle and powerful here that it is easy to buy contraceptives, but it is not so simple to take.If the method is wrong, it is still possible to "win" to cause unnecessary harm to your body.

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Why still get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?Will you affect your baby after taking pregnancy?Whether you are already a two -child mother, the long -term contraception mother is not intended to be pregnant for the time being in the fertility interval. Jian Zhijun hopes to talk to you with the correct way to use the contraceptive pill through this article to help you help you.Enjoy the life of "sexual blessings" better.

There are many links in conception. The contraceptive pill is to set up barriers in these links to achieve the effect of contraceptive;Fertilization egg movement, or changing the endometrium, preventing the fertilized eggs from bed.

What are the contraceptives?

Most contraceptives are unilateral preparations of estrogen and progesterone or unilateral preparations of progesterone. The common contraceptives are the following:

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1. Short -term long -term contraceptive pill

Oxibal hypoxyl eryosterol, alcohol ketone, estradioline, propylene glycol.

The method of taking is to take about one piece daily on the first day of the menstrual cycle, even take the 21st day, and then stop the medicine for 7 days, and start taking it again from the 8th on the 8th on the 8th.

The biggest advantage is that the side effects are small. Once stopped, it can restore monthly ovulation, so it is especially suitable for newlyweds.

2. Long -term long -term contraceptive pill

Zuo Nuo Peridone Radone Female.

The method of taking is counted on the day of menstruation. On the 5th day of lunch, take the medicine at a time interval for 20 days or the second day of menstruation and the 10th day of each day.Take 1 tablet, usually with retreat bleeding 6 to 12 days after taking the medicine.

It can only be considered for half a year after discontinuation, so it is more suitable for childcare women who have been born and have long -term contraception.

3. Emergency contraceptives

Zuo Nuo progesterone.

The method of taking is within 72 hours without protective sexual life or contraception.

Can emergency contraceptives be used for a long time?

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Emergency contraceptives are only temporary remedial measures. They cannot be used as conventional contraceptive methods. They are used at most once a month and do not exceed 3 times a year.

Why still get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

Emergency contraceptives only work on one -time non -protective behavior, and the previous multiple behaviors (especially more than 5 days) and the non -protective behavior that occurs afterwards may cause contraceptive failure rateIncrease.

At the same time, taking some drugs may also cause contraceptive failures. Common: liver enzyme induction agent: Lifepiping, Babadu, Kamazi, and sodium benzene, etc., can speed up the metabolism of contraceptives and reduce the drugs in the blood in the blood in the blood in the bloodConcentration; antibiotics: inhibit the bacterial flora in the intestine, which affects the absorption of contraceptives.For example, tetrain; smoking and drinking: can speed up drug metabolism and reduce the effect of contraceptives.

Will emergency contraceptives affect the baby?

Although taking emergency contraceptives may have adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting, a large number of research data show that high -dose oral emergency contraceptives will not cause damage to the formation of embryos.

If you accidentally take it during pregnancy, it will not cause serious adverse consequences, and you do not need to terminate your pregnancy. At the same time, if you have determined pregnancy, emergency contraceptives should not be taken anymore.

Contraceptives have both the effect of preventing pregnancy and annoying reactions.Only by mastering the correct way of use in childcare, can women can achieve healthy contraception, good luck and good pregnancy.

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