Jiangsu Huai’an: Women have not been pregnant for 3 years!The inspection found that it was bisexual!

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Ms. Li and husband

Jiangsu Huai’an Women has not been pregnant for 3 years!I went to the hospital for examination and found that they were bisexuals!Scared his husband

Recently, in Huai’an, Jiangsu, a shocking news has attracted widespread attention.When a woman who had not been pregnant for 3 years went to the hospital for examination, she was told that she was bisexual.This discovery shocked her, and at the same time made her husband suffer tremendous psychological pressure.

The woman named Li Meili (pseudonym), 28 years old.She and her husband Xiao Zhang were in a good relationship in 2017, and thought that a happy life began.However, now 3 years have passed, but they have not had good news, and they cannot conceive their children anyway.This made Li Meili start to worry about her physical health and decided to go to the hospital for examination.

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After receiving a complete physical examination in the hospital, the doctor gave unexpected results.Li Meili was told that he had the physiological characteristics of bisexual people.For ordinary people, gender is a very clear concept. Men have male organs and women have female organs.However, bisexuals have two gender characteristics, including men and women’s reproductive systems.

For Li Meili, this discovery is simply a thunderbolt.In an interview with a reporter, she said: "I have always lived a completely normal female life since I was young. I never doubt that I have any abnormalities in my gender. Now I know that I am a bisexual, I don’t know what to doAccept this fact. "

Li Meili’s husband Xiao Zhang was also very shocked and confused.He revealed to the reporter: "Before marriage, we had not conducted any medical examinations. At that time, we thought we were healthy. I didn’t expect that for so many years, I realized this problem. This is simply unbelievable."

According to doctors, bipoires are a rare physiological situation. Most people can confirm gender through clear judgments of reproductive organs at birth.However, there are quite a few people, especially when the external organs are relatively similar, they may be delayed until adolescence or adults to find that they are bisexuals.This is because the gender characteristics of the bisexuality have differences in chromosomes and endocrine systems, resulting in external gender showing diversity.

Ms. Li

For Li Meili and Xiao Zhang, this discovery is a huge blow.They originally thought that they could find the problem and treat it, but now they need to re -adjust their understanding of family life and future plans.Li Meili admits that she is very afraid of the views and evaluations of relatives and friends around her, and she is also worried that this fact will bring an irreversible impact on the marriage of herself and her husband.

However, bisexuals do not mean that they cannot have their own families.Experts said that there are indeed difficulties in fertility in bisexuals, but it does not mean that it cannot be given fertility at all.Some bisexuals can choose to realize fertility desires through assisted reproductive technology.At the same time, family support and marriage stability are also crucial.

After a period of thinking and communication, Li Meili decided to actively face this emergency with her husband.They decided to seek more medical help and find the solution that suits them best.They are determined to maintain optimism and believe that they can overcome difficulties and realize their birth dreams.

This incident has aroused the concern of the society for bisexual groups.Experts point out that in today’s progress, we should give bisexual people more respect and understanding.They are also normal human groups, and they should enjoy the same rights and opportunities as others.In addition, it is also very important to carry out related education and propaganda activities to strengthen the perception of gender identity and diversity.

Although Li Meili and Xiao Zhang are facing a huge dilemma, they firmly believe that as long as they support each other and work together, they will be able to overcome difficulties and create a better future.They hope to be able to evoke more people’s attention and concern for bipyle people through their own experience, and create a more tolerant and equal environment for the society.

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