Jiang Lisha’s fifth child?Large on the street to expose the belly, and the small abdomen is suspected to be pregnant

In a society with fierce competition and huge pressure, marriage and child are like a big pit. Many people think about crossing the abyss step by step. In the end, they have fallen into the abyss and struggled in pain.Human life.

However, for the stars of the daily head Doujin, these are not a problem. They can earn millions of up and down, and they will be a little bigger, and even more, so buy a house and buy a car.In other words, it is a piece of cake, and there is no pressure.

Among the many stars, many people have 3 babies, and some even want to fight 4 babies. They are full of energy. When they talk about this topic, they must not help but mention Chen Haomin and Jiang Lisha. Their family is within 5 years.Added 4 family members, you did not hear it wrong.

Recently, Jiang Lisha has released a new dynamic on social platforms. She and Chen Haomin are walking on the street. Her husband has set off her clothes so that her belly is exposed to the camera. Then Jiang Lisha pulls off her pants herself.She patted her belly and teased: The woman’s belly is always mysterious.

From the perspective of the round belly, it is likely to be pregnant, so netizens have speculated that this is the fifth child?As for whether the incident was true, some media asked the studio. The other party said that she was not pregnant. In order to prove that she was not pregnant, Jiang Lisha still jumped in front of the camera and "Love You".

Since there is no pregnancy, why should you take your stomach?If you want the audience to feel pregnant, and then prove that they are not pregnant, I have to say that this wave of operations are really not understood, and they are a bit contradictory. Moreover, doing such things on the street is not appropriate.Still pay attention to the image.

Theoretically, it is normal for celebrities to have a baby, but it ’s a bit overwhelming on them. After marrying Chen Haomin, Jiang Lisha gave birth to 4 children in 5 years, and each time was a caesarean section. Even athletes were born.Can’t stand such a bad ruin.

What is the concept of 4 babies in 5 years?Each child takes about 9-10 months, that is to say, in these 60 months, Jiang Lisha was pregnant for 40 months, and only took a rest for 20 months.5 months.

In other words, when the previous child was half a year old, Jiang Lisha was pregnant again. Only in this way can you realize 5 years. If a woman has done this, as the other half, she must take her as a baby and take care of it carefully.After all, Shengwa is very physical, not to mention a cesarean section.

In this regard, Chen Haomin felt indifferent. He kept praising his wife to give birth, and also relying on athletes from athletes. There is no need to confine after giving birth. It can be seen that Chen Haomin does not care about his wife’s adventure.It was not him who was affected.

Everyone in front of the screen, people with a little common sense know that having a child is like walking away at the ghost door, let alone a cesarean section, the risk factor is greater, and it takes a longer time to recover. Generally speakingIt takes a few years, and it can be produced again after the uterus is fully recovered.

Like Jiang Lisha, she conceive many times in the short term, and all adopt a caesarean section. It is very likely that the risk of major bleeding is very likely. This is a joke with children and herself.Because I love children, I just want to tie my husband’s heart.

However, he desperately gave birth to 4 children, but in exchange for Chen Haomin’s derailment many times. Too many splits have become spiders.There is no need to sacrifice his career and ruin his body for a man at all.

Do you think it is worthy of Jiang Lisha’s behavior?

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