Ji virtue and goodness, happy and happy!Daily Daily Good Daquan

The method of doing good, spread positive energy!

1. Wash your feet for your parents, don’t say that you hit your parents!

2. After the rain, there will be a lot of snails and earthworms on the side of the road. Please put them in a safe place to avoid pedestrians or vehicles to death or pressing them!

3. Giving stray cats or stray dog foods, or adopt them!

4. Give food for wild birds, especially after snow, sweep a piece of land, and sprinkle rice. Xiaomi, sorghum rice and other grains on this land.This method can be done for many years! Or give food for ants!

5. I advise friends who love fishing. Don’t fish, tell him cause and effect!

6. persuade people to abstain from adultery, do not spread obscene information or videos, and do not spread yellow jokes!

7. Now is the Internet era. It is easy to benefit and make evil. We need to spread information with positive energy! For example: traditional culture. Release, nursing, etc.!

8. Mosquito bite you, do not commit death, blow it away gently, do not kill it, this is also released! You can also wait for them to eat, this is also giving!

9. If you see the dead animals, try to bury their bodies as much as possible. In the future, it will report your grace!

10. Don’t waste water resources!

11. Do not put the bowls, pots and other items towards the mouth of the bowl, the rainwater accumulate, and the living creatures will be drowned by mistake! It will produce a variety of small worms in the summer.Kill a lot of insects!

12. Wish to eat Chang vegetarian, or make a long time for a while!

13. Seeing ads for obscene or violent equipment, please clean up these advertisements!

14. Do not preach the evil deeds of others. A good person who has a good virtue will be closed after hearing right and wrong, without comments without arrogance, and will not spread everywhere!

15. Please eat the meals in your bowl, cherish your blessings, and do not waste food!

16. Quit smoking and alcohol, flames and hell are specifically prepared for those who smoke, who will have a chance to smoke!

17. When you are full of at hand, don’t waste or eat and drink, you can release it a lot!

18. Give food for the hungry ghosts, and the merit is great!

19. Don’t say bad things about ancient sages! For example: Lao Tzu. Confucius. Monk and Monk! If you say it, you must regret it!

20. If you see stones or obstacles on the road, carry them to places that do not hinder pedestrians or vehicles!

21. If there are people who are pregnant at home or around you, you can read it (Tibetan Scriptures), or if you read it, your child will be easy to raise!

22. Don’t scold your parents, don’t complain about your parents!

23. When you are free, go to the temple to do a volunteer!

24. Do not do a big banquet to kill the meat. If you want to do it, it is best to have a full banquet! After the birthday feast is given to the elderly, the elderly will die or get sick soon.There are too many killing! It is best to release it for the elderly!

25. Seeing the killing, chanting the Buddha for being killed! I have countless merits! Amitabha!

26. Put back for parents and return the merits to the parents!

27. Pick up the garbage thrown on the road, and then throw it to the trash can!

28. Give a seat on "Pregnant Women. Old Man. Children" on the bus!

29. Seeing someone doing public welfare in the streets, if you are free, take the initiative to join!

30. In the event of a very late stall, "Ru: Vegetables. Fruit" should not be cheaper. Try to buy a little, even if the family is better, it will not set up a stall at this time!

31. Insert a wake -up target to the unsatisper!

32. If your body is okay, participate in free blood donation!

33. Help poor students to complete their studies!

34. Seeing that there are watermelon peels or banana peels on the road, you must find a way to clean up, and you need to kick the roadside!

35. Do not set fire to the mountain forest or grassland, so as not to accidentally hurt many lives!

36. About more people, do good with you!

37. Share once more, benefit one more person, forward once more, give it one more once, thank you for everything!

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