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In 1996, 12 ministries including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly issued a notice, listed the Eye Eye Day as one of the national festivals, and determined that June 6th each year was "National Love Eye Day".Essence

June 6, 2023 is the 28th national "Eye Eye Day".Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital issued children’s eye health suggestions on June 6. I hope that parents will pay attention to their child’s eye health.

The time to control the child’s use of electronic products

Parents should consciously control their children’s use of electronic products.The use of non-learning purposes should not exceed 15 minutes in a single use, and it should not exceed 1 hour per day; after using electronic products for 30-40 minutes, rest for 10 minutes to rest for 10 minutes.The younger the younger, the shorter the time to use electronic products.

Take more children to participate in outdoor activities

Parents should usually bring their children to the suburbs to play, exercise, can relax their children’s body and mind, and protect their vision.In addition, sufficient sunlight can prevent myopia.Experts said that children stay at least 3 hours a day in the sun, and the light intensity is equivalent to the light received in the shade of the hot summer.

Cultivate children’s scientific eye habits

When reading and writing, the posture should be correct, and develop the habit of "one foot, one inch, one punch" when reading, and it should not be too long. Every 40-50 minutes, you should rest for 10-15 minutes.In minutes or eye exercises to prevent excessive eye fatigue.In addition, do not lie down or read books; do not read books in the turbulent carriage and places with poor light.

Ensure that the child’s sufficient sleep time

Night is a valuable time for the body and eyes to rest and relax. Successive sleep can promote the normal secretion of important hormones such as growth hormones, which is conducive to the healthy growth and development of the body and eyes.Avoid staying up late to read books and watch the drama to ensure strong body immunity.

Eat more foods that are beneficial to the eyes

A balanced diet should be kept in daily diet, not picky eaters, no partial eclipse, and ensuring comprehensive nutrition. Eat more fish, fruits, vegetables, soy products, eggs, eat less sweets, spicy foods and drinks.Vitamin A is an indispensable nutrient that keeps his eyes healthy. Carrots, cabbage, and lettuce are good choices for vitamin A.Food must be cooked, especially meat, poultry and eggs.

Check the vision regularly

Children’s eye vision is basically normal at 0.6, 0.8, 5 years old and above.At the age of three, he should take him for the first vision test, and then fix the first or second vision test each year in order to find problems early and grasp the golden period of correction.

Persist in doing eye exercises

Eye health exercises can protect the eyes well. Try to do it for a while every day, which is very helpful to relieve eye fatigue.Try to make children develop the habit of doing eye health exercises from an early age.

From 8 am to 11 am on June 6, the Eye Department of Wuhan Sixth Hospital was held in the ophthalmology clinic, endocrine clinics, comprehensive first seizures, comprehensive three seizures, and comprehensive four sectors.In the event, more than 100 people answered questions for more than 100 people and distributed more than 100 copies of popular science publicity materials.

Zhang Qiming, Director of Ophthalmology at the Sixth Hospital of Wuhan: In addition to the free consultation, we also participated in some public welfare activities in the community and divided the doctors to all points. They also hoped to be a popular science preparation with the patients to make them awareness of medical treatment or prevention.

The list is announced!5 people in Wuhan were selected

The latest notice of the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection

Just now, the Ministry of Education issued important reminders!

Reporter Rong Media: Zhou Ping Zheng Weimiao

Correspondent: Yuan Li Liu Wang

Part of the transfer: Hubei Disease Control

Source: Wuhan Radio and Television Station

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