Itchy skin during pregnancy is definitely not a trivial matter

As the baby grows up slowly, the pregnant mother finds that her skin has slowly got up.It itchy here, there is also itching there, from slight itching to severe whole body itching, some even to the degree of unshanding.When is this annoying itching?Scratching it?Take medicine?Don’t be busy doing this, you must know that the harm of some itching cannot be ignored.

About one -fifth of expectant mothers will have skin itching during pregnancy.After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body, the skin’s skin becomes sensitive, and it is prone to itching and other discomfort.There are many symptoms of itching during pregnancy, which are divided into two types: harm and no harm.So how should expectant mothers distinguish?How to do a good job of skin itching?

Symptoms of skin itching

During pregnancy, some women’s skin will have abnormal reactions, with a ratio of about 20%, and most of them manifest as itching symptoms.At first, pregnant women will feel itchy, and they are only located in the local area, such as ten fingers, and then they will spread to the whole body, especially the back and neck feel more intense, and finally move to the belly.Because the skin in itching is in a congested state, it feels hot and red.The skin in the itching area is still red at night, and the itchy ten fingers can cause swollen hands, and it feels tight.

Causes of skin itching

Itching sensations will accompany some expectant mothers to have some impacts on life during pregnancy. So what are the reasons for this phenomenon?

1. Physiological changes

The environmental changes such as hormones and their own immunity in women during pregnancy can cause skin changes.Some small rashes will appear on the skin with this change. They can appear everywhere in the body, and the itching and pain caused to pregnant women is also different.

2. Weather

Summer is hot and humid, and there are more mosquitoes. In addition, there are more sweat. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, it will easily cause eczema and aggravate itching.The secretion function of the skin in winter is reduced and the weather is dry. In addition, the clothes and quilts are thick, which will cause abnormal skin to dry the skin. Some even cracks, which can easily cause eczema and cause the skin rash.

3. External stimulus

Some expectant mothers are susceptible to allergies. If you do not be careful about seafood or pollen, you will respond to the skin. It is common to be a small red dot or a large piece of rash, which will bring itching to the expectant mother. In additionDrug stimulation can also cause itching of the skin.

4. body shape

Individuals who have an excess weight or petite mother usually have obvious itching and pain at the stretch marks of the belly, which is mainly related to the increase of hormonal secretion, plus skin fiber break.

5. Bile secretion blocking

Some female hepatobiliary function will be affected during pregnancy, resulting in bile accumulation in the liver, and itching on the skin, but there is no symptoms such as small dots.

Harm of skin itching

The abnormal signal of pregnant women needs special attention, and it may be a prelude to the advent of certain diseases.Except for some external stimulus factors, itching may be related to the dysfunction of the liver disease.

A small number of mothers will itch my hands and feet, so pay attention, this may be the internal liver stasis. The skin under this symptom will be ulcerated once it is caught.EssenceItching of this symptoms has little impact on mothers, because it will disappear after 2 weeks, but it is very unfavorable to the fetus, such as common premature birth, hypoxia, and even dead tires.

8 major life suggestions

1. Summer weather is sultry. It is recommended to wear expectant mothers to wear as loose, breathable, and easy to absorb sweat as possible. The material is better for cotton and avoid being in a humid and dull environment.

2. Do a good job of sun protection and moisturizing.

3. Take a bath when sweating a lot to keep your body dry.

4. Do not take too much time every day, and water temperature should not be too high.

5. Avoid bathing and hot springs.

6. Avoid using too much cleaning supplies during bathing. After washing, you can wipe some lotion to moisturize.

7. Avoid excessive itching.

8. When the symptoms are mild, you can also use a semi -dry cold towel for cold compress to alleviate the skin itching.

5 maintenance items

1. Select special products

When choosing moisturizing lotion, it is best to choose non -fragrance, alcohol, pigment, or you can also choose a special skin care product for sensitive skin.

2. Pay attention to ingredients

Use care products such as pregnancy cream during pregnancy should pay special attention to the ingredients. If it itchy, it should be discontinued immediately to avoid causing allergic dermatitis.

3. The principle of simplicity

The maintenance procedure should be as simple as possible, and at the same time, avoid trying the products that have not been used; the product types and ingredients are as simple as possible.

4. Avoid irritating products

Do not use products with too greasy care products and stimulating ingredients such as horny, acids (such as A acid, fruit acid).

5. Avoid using non -essentials

Avoid or reduce the use of perm, hair dye, nail polish, essential oil massage and other non -essential products. In order to be safe for mothers and fetuses, try to avoid use, which can reduce the chances of skin problems such as allergies or contact dermatitis.

2 major diet principles

There are many reasons for itching due to pregnancy. In terms of diet, the following two principles can be followed to alleviate the discomfort of skin itching.

Principle 1: Avoid allergens

Specific mothers urticaria, like ordinary people, may be caused by foods, seafood, milk, eggs, crabs, shells, wine and other foods, or due to dust, pets, pollen, dust mites, etc.You should try to avoid it.

Principle 2: Avoid irritating food

Experts suggest that expectant mothers should avoid eating too hot and spicy foods to avoid making the body hotter and aggravating itching. Others are drinks such as coffee, tea soda, and cola, and it is best to reduce drinking.

The problem of skin itching related to pregnancy cannot be predicted in advance, and it is more difficult to prevent it. However, starting to do proper maintenance after pregnancy, it can also greatly reduce the risk factors of foreign countries and ease the degree of skin itching.

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