Itching of skin during pregnancy may be a calamity caused by cholecoscanosis in the liver during pregnancy

Recently, Ms. Wang, who gave birth at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Laoshan District, was discharged from the hospital.

Ms. Wang was a third child this time. She was tortured by itching of the skin in the previous two pregnancy. In addition to itching and difficult to fall asleep, Ms. Wang was also worried that the fetus in her body was dangerous at any time.Due to the pruritus of the skin in the first two pregnancy, both children were produced in cesarean clinic due to "fetal distress", and they were prematurely produced. One 34 weeks and 35 weeks.

At the 30 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wang suddenly appeared severe itching after eating shrimp after eating shrimp. She thought it was allergic to shrimp."Severe", after the doctor’s conditioning, Ms. Wang finally produced more than 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers occur during pregnancy and itching, often thinking that they have skin diseases or allergies to pollen and food.Everyone must not be careless. This is likely to be a special complications during pregnancy-the intrapatic tile disease during pregnancy, referred to as ICP.

What are the cause of ICP?

It is unclear, but most of them think it is related to female hormones, inheritance, and environment.

What are the performances of ICP?

The most common is skin itching.At first, it was itchy in the palm of the palm and feet. After that, the belly and face itching, itching during the day, itching at night, and could not sleep.Some pregnant mothers will have jaundice, skin scratches, sometimes with disgusting and vomiting, and lack of appetite. Symptoms such as itching of the skin after childbirth can quickly retreat.Blood test during pregnancy will find that total bile acid and transaminase in serum will be found in pregnancy.

Introduction of ICP on the fetus:

There may be premature birth, fetal distress, and even unpredictable fetal death.

Therefore, once the pregnant mothers appear, they should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.If you are diagnosed with ICP, you need to take related drugs such as bears and oxygenic acid under the guidance of a doctor for treatment. During pregnancy, you need to pass several fetal movement, fetal heart monitoring, and ultrasound examination.

Generally speaking, mild ICP can give birth naturally, but the process of childbirth should be tightly monitored. If the fetal heart abnormalities or the progress of the output process occur during the output process, the cesarean section may be transformed in time.It is recommended to cesters.

Therefore, don’t look down on itching during pregnancy, I wish you all a healthy and smart baby! (Laoshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

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