It was because the pregnant wife had not been violent by domestic ice cream. The husband was killed …

The residence of the courtyard is called "Calling."

Her husband almost killed her because the pregnant wife ate a bite of ice cream.It turned out that when Yan Zhen came to the supermarket when she went out, she saw that strawberry was expensive, and eventually she was not willing to buy it.She turned around and bought a box of strawberry ice cream, sat in a bench in the park ate, and then processed her cut finger.Back at the door of the house, she did not open the door because she knew what her husband was.Sure enough, this beat was even more serious. Yan Zhen was desperately climbing to the living room, but her husband forcibly dragged her in.

In fact, she installed a miniature camera in the living room.That night, Yan Zhen came to the bathroom while her husband was asleep, and until now she was still bleeding.She took a photo of her arms and her body, and sent a friend to consult whether she could be evidence of divorce.

In addition, her friend reminded her not to miss the company’s dinner tonight, otherwise it would affect her opportunity to transfer.In fact, Yanzhen knew that the relationship between Miss Jin and the director of the same period was abnormal, so she knew that she could not turn right.Today, she asked for a long time and returned to her mother’s house.At noon, when her husband came to pick her up, she opened the recording function.

Yan Zhen accidentally overturned the storage box when she was looking for a paper towel, and there was a pink phone inside.Her husband was obviously panicked and took it over.Along the way, he kept scolding people, and Yanzhen could only apologize.However, she found that the route of navigation was not going to her mother’s house.Her husband glanced at the bag in the rearview mirror, so that Yan Zhen would guess how much money would be if it was filled with cash?After all, their children are about to be born, and they will live like others.

That night, Yan Zhen came to her mother’s house soaked in her body. Her half of her body was covered with bruises. After taking a shower, she was lying next to her mother.Although the thunder was loud, her mother still heard the sobbing of her daughter.In fact, her mother has dementia and is currently taken care of by her grandmother.Recently, her condition has become more and more serious.

Just as they were about to leave, Yanzhen received a call, and the police asked her to go immediately.

At the same time, Taixi dug in the yard. Suddenly, she was startled, sitting directly on the ground, and could not stop trembling.Later, she smiled as relieved.It turned out that two fingers were leaked in the soil.

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