It turns out that the pregnant mothers are "afraid of heat". These three reasons, learn 4 methods to let you easily solve the heat

As the saying goes, "fat people are afraid of heat", people with more fat are more afraid of heat. In addition, pregnant mothers are more sensitive to summer heat.

Many pregnant mothers are afraid of heat after pregnancy, and sweat a little bit.

After pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant mothers is higher than normal, and the closer to production, the weaker the endurance of the summer heat.

Although there are air conditioners and fans, many pregnant mothers have suffered a lot.

It is very hard during pregnancy. In August of Kuxia, it will be harder during pregnancy, and Tao Tao, who is 7 months pregnant, is very painful.

Once I went shopping with my husband, thinking about buying some small clothes for my baby, but as soon as I walked into the mall, Taotao couldn’t sit down.

At this time, her husband looked at Tao Tao, and the clothes on his back were wet, so he asked her "Are you so hot? You have so sweaty."

Helpless Taotao said, I am really hot, let’s go here.

Not only that, I usually dare not open a fan and air -conditioning to sleep at night, and Taotao is often awakened.

During the day, you can also do some housework and sweat like rain. You can only be comfortable for a while after taking a shower every day.Later, her friend told her that it was caused by hormones in the body.

Since pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant mothers has changed quietly.In the summer, most pregnant mothers will feel extremely hot and difficult. They all say that pregnant women are afraid of heat, which is based on it.

1. Hormonal impact

After pregnancy, the hormone level in the pregnant mother rises, and a large amount of progesterone, estrogen, luteum hormone, etc. in the body, etc.

The center of regulating body temperature is very sensitive to luteum hormones, causing the body temperature to rise.The body temperature of pregnant mothers is generally between 36.9 and 37.2 ° C.

2. Metabolism

With the increase of the gestational week, the baby gradually becomes larger, and the blood flow in the pregnant mother also increases.

Not only meet the needs of pregnant mothers, but also provide energy to the baby.

The nutrients and exhaust gas of the baby throughout the pregnancy must be transported by pregnant mothers. The metabolism of the pregnant mother has accelerated, and the phenomenon of more fears appears.

3. Internal heat constitution

Some pregnant mothers are internal heat before pregnancy. After pregnancy, the body will be more obvious and more afraid of heat.

Sweating more and skin problems may also occur.Such as urticaria, acne.

Pregnant mothers are afraid of heat during pregnancy, not only uncomfortable, but also uncomfortable baby. 4 methods can relieve heat and heat.

① Summer fruits

First of all, it is easy to be thoughtful to be "watermelon".Watermelon is loved by many people because of cool and sweet.

However, the sugar content of watermelon is too high, and it is not suitable for pregnant mothers to eat more.

If the blood sugar is high during pregnancy, eat less or not.Grapes and cucumbers are also good summer fruits.

Note that no matter what the fruit is, pay attention to the amount of food. Remember not to be too much.

② Drink plenty of boiling water

The heat is easy to sweat, causing the body to be prone to water, so you must replenish water in time.

It is recommended to consume 1500-1800 ml of warm water per day (do not drink cold water).And drink plenty of water and sweat, the body can metabolize calories and make pregnant mothers more comfortable.

③ comfortable to wear

After pregnancy, you must wear it comfortably. Choose cotton or hemp clothes.

Don’t pay too much attention to the style of clothes, just dress comfortably, mothers feel comfortable, and it is also good for babies.

Especially pants, do not wear tight -fitting, choose the waist tightly without compressing your belly.

④ tree -lined park

Summer is hot, and pregnant mothers cannot always blow the air conditioner and fan. At this time, it is a good choice to go out near the park.

Pregnant mothers can not only dispel heat and breathe, but also exercise exercise.

【Mom Sending】

It is hot in summer, and the air conditioner may make the pregnant mother feel comfortable, but it should not be too low to pay attention to the temperature of the air conditioner.

After the air conditioner is 1-3 hours continuously, it is best to open the window, turn off the air conditioner, ventilate once, and improve the air quality once.

Because the hotness can cause the pregnant mother to be irritable, at this time, you must adjust your mood and mood, and don’t cause your baby to be restless in his stomach.

【Topic today】

How can pregnant mothers relieve hot during pregnancy?

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