It seems that I eat or eat?

Good morning sisters!I woke up early today, and I was weighing, and it was 0.3kg heavier than yesterday morning.Swipe your teeth to eat breakfast.Since pregnancy, I have changed to the toothpaste of Kangaroo Mom’s house, and I can’t help brushing my teeth. Seeing that the teeth of the ulike family that the toolman used to buy, the mouthwash was idle.Cup of warm water on an empty stomach, don’t drink water without drinking water.This habit has been raised for more than 9 years, and I am too powerful.After drinking, eating something, a meat pine bell and red bean bread.It is necessary to filter today’s carbohydrates.

The first eaten by this family, because its seaweed is not crispy, it feels average.I still love the sea moss meat of Master Taihua Bao’s house, but I have to finish it because I can’t waste it.Eating another ice mung bean cake, I still prefer mung bean flavor. I feel that the mung bean flavor is very fragrant, but there are people who do not like mung beans.Drink milk and eat purple potato taro. It is very fragrant but not sweet.Let me eat it a little bit.

There are 3 more Ximei Qian. I heard that Ximei Qiankan can help to eat on an empty stomach ~ Remember to drink plenty of water after eating.I have started several bags of this Ximei dry, and now I control it, otherwise I can’t stop at all. Its shell is particularly small.Eat another red bean bread. This bread is not so soft for two or three days. I like to eat a layer of coke outside. To be precise, there are more red beans outside.I also like to eat red beans, it feels like pure bean head, especially red bean mung beans.It’s really love that can’t be said, let me eat more red beans.

Here I have to speed up 8 times. Pick one and pick it up. I do n’t eat the rest. I eat 3 jujubes, but jujube is a good thing.Because of the iron deficiency during pregnancy, a little anemia is anemia. I hope to eat a few jujube to make up for it and eat the last few mulberries.I heard that the effect of mulberry is not small, and you can also make up, that is, it is dark after eating.Finally, let me dry the milk and finish drinking, you just praise me.

At noon, the father -in -law bought the milk plum and made a meal, saying that it was a Yuner soup that had been stewed for half an hour.Stir -fried shrimp cucumber, cucumber barburies, steamed carp, fried soybean sprouts.Because of the iron deficiency during pregnancy, drinking an iron tool for people to buy it is relatively delicious.Eat another horns to solve it.I do n’t like to eat skin. It ’s not good to digest, but this skin is quite crispy and thin. I barely ate. I came to my in -laws to eat at night. Every time I sit here, I eat a few longan.There are more walnuts today. I saw the children in the community.Good meal, corn paste, rape fried shiitake mushrooms, fried saury, steamed shrimp, cucumber bar rabbit.After eating, I walked and walked to the night market. I bought two beeweds, 3 melons, a big pineapple, and the oily peach bayberry mulberry.At home, eat a peach first, and pineapple is eaten, but the live broadcast forgot to shoot.After eating the live broadcast, the sisters will see it tomorrow.

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