It is said that these fetal dreams during pregnancy are the baby’s grace?I was shocked to see Article 3 …

Can I really judge the sex of the baby?

Recently, a girl left me a message saying that she always dreamed of snakes after pregnancy. My mother -in -law said that this was a foreshadowing son. Is it true?

Before that, I really didn’t pay attention to this problem, because I was also curious, I went to search for it. I did not expect that the popularity of "fetal dreams" was so high. In just a certain degree, there were more than 30 million pieces of information.

Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?

There are various ways of interpretation of fetal dreams.

Some people say that more than 90%of pregnant women have dreamed of snakes. Dreaming of black snakes and pythons will have boys, and snakes will have girls.

Some people say that the fruits of seeds, peppers, peaches, and peaches means having a son. Dreaming of the fruits without seeds such as chestnuts, tomatoes, oranges, etc., they will have girls.

Others say that the baby dreams during pregnancy are notified in advance for the baby in order to repay.

Although it is carefully investigated, there is no scientific basis.But I have heard a word called "the end of science is metaphysics"!

Haha, whether you believe it or not, let’s take a look at the fetal dreams of these mothers first. It is really amazing.

Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?


I had two fetal dreams before pregnancy: a little girl in the first dream has been chasing to play with me. I said that her aunt had something to do if she was busy.It didn’t take long for this little girl to come to me again. After I played with her for a while, she asked me if I could play with her often, and I said yes.

As a result, after this dream, I found that I was pregnant. When the child was born with a daughter, when my daughter was more than 2 years old, I found that I was too similar to the little girl in the dream. Thank you God to give me a baby daughter.


When I was pregnant for more than 7 months, I dreamed that a monster followed me, four feet, and two horns, and then heard a voice saying -this is Kirin sent the child.Later, he gave birth to his son.

Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?

@round and round.:

A friend said that when she was pregnant, she happened to be pregnant. One day she dreamed of three swans, and three of them snatched one by one person, but she ran slowly and only grabbed a lame.The swan of the leg.

Later, they all gave birth to their daughters, but her daughter had problems with her legs.However, the little girl looks really beautiful, and her family also hurts her. I believe that the future will always be happy ~


When I was pregnant, I wanted to be a daughter.One day I dreamed of a big black snake holding a baby to me. When I saw a boy, I ran away when I sprinkled my legs.

The next day I woke up and cried, and then gave birth to a son and cried.I really want a daughter …


When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a colorful net with a large color net with a big spider on it. It was very big and dark. I was not afraid. Later, I interpreted the dream that it was the daughter of her conceited.

Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?


When I didn’t know before I was pregnant, I dreamed that I was on a mountain. Many people were digging gems. I also dug it, and then dug a piece of slate. It was very large, with a colorful phoenix.Someone next to it said that this is a tomb, and it is valuable to dig a baby down.

I hugged the slate and said, you dig it, I don’t want any baby, I want this slate, and then hold the slate tightly in my arms and walk down the mountain.The brighter the color of the Phoenix on the slate, the second week of the pregnancy was found to be pregnant, and a beautiful girl was born!What baby is not as important as my daughter!


In the late pregnancy, I dreamed that I went to the water park to play. When I saw a black dragon swimming in the water, I quickly dragged its tail.After going ashore, another elder who knew it and handed me a bright pearl, and gave me a pair of dragon and phoenix tires.


I have three clear dreams throughout my pregnancy.The first time in the early days, I dreamed of a turtle.The second time was in the middle, dreaming of a group of black and red carp.The last time was the one -week before production, the carp dreamed of it, but it was all black.Some people say that my dream indicates that there is a boy, and the result is really a boy.

Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?


When I was pregnant, I dreamed that a tiger broke into the room and scared everyone away. I couldn’t run. I lay on the ground and pretended to be dead. I felt that the tiger came to me and opened my mouth and gently contained my face ~ No, noBite, I had to be beautiful and cute tiger, and as a result, I gave birth to a handsome and sweet son!

@李 李:

It is really amazing. I used to have one biochemical before. Later, I did n’t come for more than a month, but David did not deepen obviously. It was urgent to die, so I was afraid that it was as biochemical as the first one.After four or five days in a row, I still didn’t deepen obviously. I was almost desperate, and I was unbelievable.

One day at noon, I dreamed that a frozen fish swam in the water for a while and lived.After I woke up, I tested it with David, and the obvious double bars were now 20 weeks of pregnancy. I hope the child is born safely.


I dreamed that I bought flowers and bought a lot, but I was afraid that I could n’t raise it well.Later, when the flower farmers saw that I liked flowers, I took me to the flower field and gave me a super beautiful flower like the moon, so that I would keep it well.

Are these baby dreams during pregnancy?

Fetal dream, daughter, really accurate.

@. Jun.:

Before pregnancy, I dreamed that there was a child following me following me. After a while, an old man led another child to give me. I said no, so I ran to the elevator to hide.

But the old man pushed the child into the elevator at that moment when the elevator door was closed. In this way, these two children kept following me. After a week, I was pregnant, or twins, amazing!


When I was pregnant with my Jiabao, I dreamed twice. For the first time, there was just him. A very beautiful snake in the dream chased me madly, and then I yelled in my heart.There is a handsome big cock on the shoulders. It turned out to be a father who liked him.At present, it is really accurate and loves dad.


My style of painting is wrong. I dreamed that a crab becomes a fine crab and chased me at a speed of 100 meters. As a result, my son was born.


Let me also talk about 7 months of pregnancy. Dreaming of the company’s organization of traveling to Tibet. I walked alone on the mountain, on the one hand, it was a cliff and rain.When I saw a small house, I wanted to wash my hands. As soon as I entered, I saw a pig standing and washing their hands. There was a Tibetan people outside. I said: Oh, your pigs are so smart that they will wash their hands by themselves.

The Tibetan people said that she killed her money and sold money. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable, and I thought that such a smart pig was going to be killed.Later, I suggested to the Tibetan people to buy this pig. I did not sell a lot of money. I only said that it was willing to go with me without money.

I turned around and wanted to ask the pig but turned into a little girl. I asked her if she was willing to go with me. The girl said with a smile that I would like it. Wherever you go … Now my girl is half a year old, my little male lifts up.Essence

Ah, seeing these fetal dreams, it’s really warm ~

When I wrote this, I remembered that when I was pregnant, I also had a baby dream.

Maybe because I have been buying and buying, there are too many express delivery. I dreamed that the courier sent me a package, which was a little boy, and then I woke up (yes, I want moredaughter).

Haha, anyway, no matter the baby’s dream is not allowed, or the boy and girl.I believe that there must be a deep fate to be parents and children.So what we can do is to protect this good destiny ❤❤




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