It is said that fetal dreams can foresee the sex of the baby. What kind of fetal dream do you have to do when you are pregnant?

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Many pregnant mothers say that since pregnancy, I have always had some strange dreams. Sometimes I dream of a big python, sometimes dreaming of flowers and plants, also dreaming of shoes, and some cute little rabbits.Strange things.It is said that this is a dream of fetal. Many elderly people say that the dream of fetal dreams can foresee the sex of the baby. It can be inferred by the sex of the baby according to the fetal dream during pregnancy. Of course, this is a superstition. There is no scientific basis.

I remember when I was Huai Dabao, I dreamed of a large python, and more than once, I always dreamed that a big python snuggled beside me. At the beginning, I was afraid of it, but then I liked it with it very much.Together.After my mother -in -law knew my baby’s dream, my mother -in -law said with a smile that I must be a boy, and she was indeed a son.However, when I was pregnant with a second child, I always dreamed of a snake, but I was born with a daughter.

In fact, whether it is a boy or a girl, the pregnant mother pays attention to these three points during pregnancy to promote physical health, ensure the safety of fetal treasure, and smoothly produce.

1. Pay attention to diet during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers begin to have no restrained diet after pregnancy. The name is for the baby for the baby. In fact, it is to satisfy her appetite. Although pregnancy needs to supplement nutrition, the diet is still restrained, otherwise it can easily lead to the pregnant mother’s.The weight is soaring, the fetal baby is excessive, the fetus is too good, the weight is too heavy, which affects the production of pregnant mothers, brings great danger and trouble to production, and the fetus is too obese, which can easily cause some diseases.

Postpartum pregnant mothers to lose weight have also become a big problem, so the diet is sufficient after pregnancy to maintain a nutritional balance.

2. Pay attention to sleep during pregnancy

Of course, many pregnant mothers will change the bad habits of staying up late after pregnancy, and they are regular when sleeping, but not all pregnant mothers are like this. Some women are typical workaholics. Stay up late.Even if you are pregnant, you still stay up late, but do not sleep at 12 o’clock.Staying up late for a long time is also unbearable for ordinary people. It hurts a lot of damage to the body, not to mention that for pregnant women, the damage is doubled, and it is not conducive to the healthy development of the baby.Mom should be honest, rest when you should rest, and do not harm the baby.

Third, pay attention to exercise during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers are very careful after pregnancy. For the safety of the baby, the door is really not the door to the door.It is very good for production.However, it must be noted that if the fetal elephant is unstable, pregnant mothers are still best to obey the doctor’s arrangement and raise the fetus to prevent the fetus from dangerous.

What kind of baby do you have during pregnancy?


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