It is said that female dysmenorrhea can be solved after getting married and having children. Is this really the case?

A few days ago, Xiaomin Heping Ping was shopping, and suddenly his face was pale and sweaty. He scared Xiaomin and said, "I call 120 right away, don’t scare me!" Pingping grabbed XiaominSaid: "It’s okay, it’s old, I don’t get used to it every time I come to the holiday for a while." After Xiaomin helped a flat rest, he said, "My mother said, if a woman comes to menstruation every menstruation, every menstruation will every menstrual period.When you are painful, you can get married quickly, and getting married can treat dysmenorrhea. "Dysmenorrhea, I believe that many women are troubled, and they also heard that Xiaomin said to treat dysmenorrhea. So, can marriage and children treat dysmenorrhea?You need to understand from these aspects.

1. The truth of dysmenorrhea

Many women who have experienced pain in physiological periods have basically heard of dysmenorrhea as long as they get married and have children, and they will not hurt anymore, and they have also been confirmed by many people who came. Is this really the case?First of all, we need to understand why women have dysmenorrhea.

1. Primary dysmenorrhea

There is a symptom of dysmenorrhea, which mostly appear in adolescence, or unmarried, and unmarried and unmarried women. The cause of this dysmenorrhea is mostly because the young women’s ovulation function is not stable, or the cervical mouth is too tight.

2. Successive dysmenorrhea

Another kind of dysmenorrhea occurs on women with gynecological diseases, such as: endometriosis, muscle adenia, etc. These women need to consult professional doctors to treat them.

Second, just get married and have children?

Many people say that they have dysmenorrhea, but then they have no symptoms when they get married and have children. This may be relieved for women with primary dysmenorrhea, but for secondary women, marriage and child are completely useless.

1. Some women reach the age that can be born, and hormone secretion in the body will slowly change.After pregnancy, women’s uterus may slowly increase with the fetus and affected by the fetus. After childbirth, the woman’s uterus will also be expanded. After the uterus is not so tight, the symptoms of female dysmenorrhea may be relieved.

2. Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by gynecological diseases. If this symptom is not improved from the root, it is completely useless to get married and have children.There are also some women who have no dysmenorrhea before pregnancy, but because of the later infection, there may also be secondary dysmenorrhea. If this is the case, it is necessary to treat it early.

Regarding the rumors of getting married and having children, I hope that everyone’s correct view may have some effects on the originality, but it has no effect on secondary.

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