It is said that "eating meat is nutritious". In the spring, it is a golden period.

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

We all know that spring is the season of growing up all things. For children, the increase in hormone secretion is also a golden period for long.

The mother group has a mother shared the "parenting scriptures", saying that her children have grown taller recently and they are fat. She sees it from the Internet that spring is growing, and she pays great attention to the child’s diet every day. Usually, the child loves meat, so she loves to eat meat, so she loves meat.Dinner is inseparable from all kinds of meat, and eating pork ribs every day, ribs with bones can help supplement calcium!

In the group, it is recommended that other mothers eat more meat for their children every day, eat more pork ribs and chicken legs, and eat meat to be nutritious, and children can grow taller and fat!

Just like this mother said "meat is nutritious", bones contain more calcium, and spring is a season that is easy to grow. Should children eat more meat and ribs?

Eating meat every day is necessary!

But for the sake of growing up, "eating a lot of meat" is not necessary!

Also, the legendary "bone soup supplement calcium" is also even more unreliable!

Therefore, don’t be too superstitious about these unreliable claims, give your children big fish and meat every day.

Even if you eat for a few days, you are tired of eating, you may accumulate, fat intake exceeds the standard, other nutrient intakes are insufficient, which will affect your child’s health and grow.

If you want your child to grow taller and not gain weight, you need to follow the principle of four words: nutritional balance.

To put it simply, that is, staple foods, various meats, fish and shrimp, vegetables, fruits, soy products, nuts, etc., eat some properly every day, diverse food types, help supplement different types of nutrition, so that the child’s body is in the body of the child’s body.Nutrition will not be missing, as shown in the dining plate below.

PS: Daily diet advice:

① 1-2 cups of milk (about 300-500 grams) every day, helping calcium;

② 1 egg per day can help supplement high -quality protein;

③ 50-100 grams of meat per day. You can choose lean meat, fish, poultry shrimp and shells in meat, and eat it in a combination of types. Eat at least once a week.

④ Eat animal liver 1-2 times a week, such as pork liver, you can eat a few slices at a time. You do n’t need to eat too much, which helps iron supplementation and vitamin A;

⑤ Eat some beans or soy products every day;

⑥ Eat about one pound of vegetables and half a catty of fruits every day. The vegetables should be eaten, and they should be eaten in the same season.

坚 Eat a small nut, now the daily nuts of the mixed dress are good;

⑧ Drink the right amount of water every day, and the temperature rises in the spring. Pay attention to replenish the water to the child.

I said earlier that if you want your child to grow taller, there is no "magical food". You can grow taller after eating. The important thing is that nutritional balance.

On the basis of diverse types and balanced nutrition, it can be cleverly matched, adding some foods to help children grow.

Food 1: Beef

For children who are growing, meat is indispensable, which helps supplement nutrients such as high -quality protein and iron. My child likes to eat beef, so he often stews a pot of beef and cannot be frozen after eating.

When eating noodles, you can make beef braised, you can make beef noodles, put a few pieces of beef, add a poached egg, add some vegetables;

When eating rice, you can make tomato burdock, or add some potatoes to make potato beef.

Food 2: Pig liver

Before I was pregnant, I had never eaten pork liver. After pregnancy, because of anemia, the doctor asked me to eat pork liver often. Then I knew that the pig liver was delicious on earth!

Pork liver is rich in iron. Children who are growing should also eat pork liver frequently, which helps to supplement iron and blood.

You can eat 1-2 times a week and eat a few slices each time.

Pork liver, I usually add seasoning and cook. After cooking, it can be eaten directly, it can also be eaten cold, and you can also stir -fry with other vegetables, such as onions, garlic seedlings, color peppers, carrots, etc.Eat, as shown in the picture, it is the colorful pepper pork noodles that I ate last night.

What pot do you usually use?In spring, what kind of meals will you often eat for your children?Welcome to share ~

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