It is not important to choose yoga and Prate in the early pregnancy. These four points are the most important

Kiki is a prospective mother. Just two months pregnant, the body began to appear pelvis, hips, and sore thighs, telling me that walking is moving.The feeling of bad body made her panic, scared, and worried.After being introduced by a friend, I came to me for consultation. Through the conversation, Qiqi had a lot of questions about his current physical condition.Usually healthy, there is no major problem, why can’t you get up as soon as you are pregnant? There are still such problems?

As a mother of two babies, I can deeply feel the hard work of Kiki for the first time.Why does Kiki have such a big physical reaction?

Kiki represents a large part of the physical condition of modern people. When some special periods come, the body has no ability to fight. This is why I take out Kiki’s case to share with you.Modern urban populations are basically sitting and moving for a long time.Sitting in front of the office for eight hours a day, I can sit home without standing, lying down and not sitting.Based on these people’s physical fitness is far worse than our father.Sitting and moving for a long time, lack of exercise, and sub -health are the common problems of our modern people.

Pregnancy itself is a great challenge to women’s bodies. For a long time, sedentary and less movement will lead to lack of physical functionality.As the fetus grows, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the heavier the mother’s body burdens.Various physical fitness during pregnancy will also bring huge impact and pressure on the mother’s spirit. Pninal postpartum depression is a typical special condition during pregnancy.Therefore, when women go through this special stage, they need to maintain a good state, and exercise is particularly important.Before starting exercise, we need to understand some characteristics of the early pregnancy to formulate targeted exercise plans.

In the early stages of pregnancy: About 1-4 months of pregnancy and the fetus for 4-11 weeks. At this time, the fertilized eggs have not yet developed into a fetus.In four months, it can be found that the fetus is like kiwi fruit.During this period of the fetal system of the fetus, pregnant women should supplement a large amount of folic acid. If the pregnant woman’s nutrition is insufficient, it may cause the fetus to have nervous system disease after birth, such as brain dysplasia.

Physical changes: The physiological period is delayed, the body temperature rises, the pregnancy, frequent urination, and the changes in eating habits. At this time, the body shape and appearance of the pregnant woman have not changed significantly.

I believe that many pregnant mothers know that exercise is good for themselves. I have the idea of wanting to exercise, but I don’t know how to move.In response to the problems of Qiqi, the sore pelvis, hips, and thighs are due to weak abdominal pressure and cannot maintain the gluteal muscles caused by the pelvic stability, and the inner muscles of the thighs are compensated.Weaken abdominal pressure is a common problem in many women. How should you exercise in the early stages of pregnancy and how intensity should be?Running or raising iron?

Maintenance of aerobic ability

Sports intensity suggestions are below the medium intensity, and the self-sense is 11-13.Because the early fertilized eggs did not stabilize the bed, the exercise strength was low.If the aerobic exercise strength of pregnant women before pregnancy is high, and regularly participate in the marathon, they do not need to deliberately reduce the strength of the exercise in the early stages of pregnancy. Maintaining good aerobic ability will help the mother’s blood power more stable.

Maintain abdominal pressure stability

Increase abdominal pressure and improve pelvic stability.Avoid pregnant mothers due to weak abdominal strength and lumbar spine compensation, causing lower back pain, unstable pelvis, and sore parts.

This training plan is suitable for most women in the early stages of pregnancy

Main training action

1. Side tablet, 30 seconds at a time.

2. Small the calf and hit the water, a group of 12-16 times.

3. Kneeling on the chest with four feet, 10 unilateral sides, do it on both sides.

4. Touch the shoulders in a push-up, a group of 10-12 times.

After the four main training actions are completed, aerobic training is added.

Aerobic circulation training

A. Bow and arrow steps

Combination A+1+A+2+A+3+A+4 is a cycle training, there is no rest in the middle, and a cycle is done before rest.

It is hoped that the mothers in the early stages of pregnancy will conduct scientific exercises as soon as possible under the permission of the doctor.The early pregnancy exercise will make the pregnant mother’s ability to resist load more, so that we have the ability to support the larger and larger belly, and lay a good foundation for the next pregnancy and third trimester.As long as you move, you will find that the whole pregnancy will become easier, and we can better enjoy the happy time of the baby in the belly.

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