It is known as "the world’s first fresh", and eating it can improve immunity!

Enter May

Many seafood has reached a very fat season

There is a seafood

Rich nutrition, tender meat, and delicious taste

It is said that there is also the reputation of "the first fresh in the world"

What is it?

[Guiding experts in this issue]

Qin Xiaoming

Professor of Food Science and Technology, Guangdong Ocean University

National shellfish industry technology system processing positions

the scientist

What ingredients are known as "the world’s first fresh"?

It is clam, which seems to be ordinary, but it is the fresher seafood among all aquatic products.According to the measurement results, there are about 100 umami ingredients in clam substances. It is the most fresh seafood in all seafood.

Clads and oysters belong to shellfish seafood. Among all shellfish seafood, the umami flavor of clams is ranked first.Clam), the umami is more prominent, which is oysters, which is the oysters we often eat.

Experts tips: The scientific names of "Flower Clam" and "Clade" are "Philippine Clam". The southern regions such as Fujian and Guangxi, Guangdong are called "flower clams".The difference is just.

Why is shellfish more delicious?

According to statistics, there are about 3,900 types of shellfish that can be edible in our country. Our common shellfish are mainly oysters, that is, we often call oysters, as well as clams, abalone, mule, Jiang Yaobei, Pearl shellfish, each each, each eachPlant conch and so on.

In addition to the amino acids and umami peptides containing other aquatic products, as well as nucleotide associated substances, it also has more alkaloids, glycogen, and amber.The umami flavor is fresh and prominent, and it tastes stronger and more pure.

What are the nutritional value of shellfish seafood?

Shellfish seafood mainly contains some carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and many vitamins and minerals. The most prominent is its high protein content. In addition, the amino acid composition in its proteinThe formation of amino acids required is very close, so its digestion and absorption are the best.

There are some special ingredients in shellfish, such as taurine, zinc, and some alkaloids. These are more and richer than other seafood.

Can shellfish seafood really improve immunity?

Yes, the shellfish has been found and confirmed that active peptides with the effect of improving immunity, most of them are active peptides, which play a role in it.

[Expert Reminder] Select the bright and odorless seafood. For shellfish seafood, such as clams, you can touch its body gently. If the shell can be closed quickly, it is relatively fresh.Try to choose the method of steaming during cooking. The soup can be kept well in the shell. Eat with the soup and meat together, which can better stimulate umami and nutrition without loss.In addition, patients with high uric acid and gout should be eaten as little or not.

Source: CCTV Life Circle

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