It is important to prevent gout. Eating food is right. Are you eating these 4 kinds of food?

Gout is a very common disease, especially some people with poor metabolism, coupled with the problem of eating habits of many young people, and patients with cardiovascular and kidney diseases.Gout appears, so there are more and more crowds of gout now, and the age of onset is getting smaller.

So eating more foods can help reduce uric acid, such as:

1. Corn beard

The corn beard itself has the effect of diuretic and swelling. Drinking some corn bearded water every day can help reduce uric acid. There are many experiences that corn beard can also help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, so drinking some corn beard soaked water every day is very very goodOKIf you have the conditions, you can also drink water with loofah, which can play a better effect.

2. Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is used as a cold food, and it can also be used as a medicine. The fire effect is very good, and it also contains a rich dietary fiber. Frequent bitter gourd can not only reduce the occurrence of gout, but also for patients with hypertension patients, but also patients with hypertension patients with high blood pressure.It is also very good.

During gout seizures, bitter gourd can reduce the degree of pain of gout, and can also play a role in preventing and reducing the seizure when the outbreak.

3. Cherry

As a cherry with very rich iron content, it is also very good in reducing the incidence and pain of gout, because cherries can also play a role in removing moisture and treating limbs.very good.

If anemia and gout, patients with gout, such as some patients with kidney disease, can also eat some cherries properly to relieve symptoms.

4. Tomato

When it comes to tomatoes, everyone may think of tomato fried eggs, but you must know that tomatoes can reduce uric acid in addition to the stomach of food.This may have a lot to do with the ingredients of tomatoes such as vitamins.

But in general, in fact, eating these foods do not know how much help is to reduce uric acid, but it is certain that if you eat less foods that will promote gout, it will be greater helpful to reduce gout attacks, such as eating less seafood less seafood, such as less seafood., Animal viscera and so on.

Of course, many people love to drink some old fire soup, which will actually greatly increase the occurrence of gout.Therefore, it is more important to prevent gout.

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