It is good to eat fruits during pregnancy, so what should I pay attention to when eating fruits during pregnancy?

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Guide: After pregnancy, pregnant mothers have paid particular attention to their daily nutritional intake. In order to meet the growing needs of the fetus and maintain personal health, many pregnant mothers have made adjustments in their own diet arrangements.Strive to eat healthier.In recipes during pregnancy, fruits are also one of the important parts.

When I am pregnant, I will also eat some fruits in the daily recipes. After all, eating fruits to eat fruits is very good. It can not only help us supplement vitamins, but also help digestion.Relieve discomfort during pregnancy.But eating fruits during pregnancy is not just to eat casually, so what should I pay attention to when eating fruits during pregnancy?

Here, I will introduce some of the matters that need attention:

1. Active intake

Some pregnant mothers may feel that the fruit is delicious and eats a lot more consciously. Even the pregnant mothers will use the fruit to eat a meal. In fact, this approach is not appropriate.Although the fruit is good, it is not necessarily the benefit of eating too much. If you eat fruit too much, you will still have some adverse effects on the body of the pregnant mother.

Eating more fruits will definitely affect the eating of meals. Although the fruit is rich in vitamins, the fruit is far from providing the amount of intake required for daily pregnancy in the supply of protein and fat.Therefore, the fruit is just arranged in the form of appropriate meals. You can eat some after meal, or wake up in the afternoon to wake up in the afternoon tea.

2. Eat less sugar and high fruits

During pregnancy, due to changes in the level of body hormone, pregnant mothers can easily occur with high blood sugar. If the blood sugar value exceeds the normal metabolic rate of the human body, it will cause the problem of gestational diabetes.The control of sugar is a very important job in the diet during pregnancy, and most of the fruit contains high sugar, and pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating.

Especially for pregnant mothers with risk of diabetes in themselves, when eating fruits in daily life, we must pay attention to avoiding high sugar fruits, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, dragon fruit, longan, and so on.For women with diabetes during pregnancy, strawberries, apples, kiwi, grapes, etc. are good choices.

3. It is not advisable to eat mature fruits

When pregnant mothers choose fruits, it is best to choose mature fruits, because most of them are not conducive to digestion after eating most mature fruits on the market, and it is easy to bring some gastrointestinal discomfort.And without mature fruits will be greatly reduced in nutrients, there is no mature fruit in the taste, and it is not suitable for pregnant women.

4. Various choices to avoid single food

When we choose fruits during pregnancy, we can choose different types of fruits to try it. Don’t just eat a simple one or two fruits. A variety of fruits take turns to take turns to get different nutrients in the body.Especially in the spring and summer seasons, many seasonal fruits are fresh on the market, which is a good time for pregnant mothers to eat fruit.

5. Don’t eat processed fruits

The best thing for pregnant women to eat fruits is to eat it directly. Do not do too much processing steps, especially pregnant mothers with water squeezing juice. This kind of approach is actually very unsuitable.The fruits and fruits of juice will lose a lot of dietary fiber and some nutritional and sugar are still very high. The nutritional value of fruits will be greatly reduced.

6. Do not use fruits and vegetables to replace vegetables

Some pregnant mothers will use fruits to replace vegetables on the diet, but this method is actually very undesirable.Although the nutritional ingredients and functions in fruits are similar to vegetables, some vitamin ethnic groups and trace elements of vegetables are different from fruits, and the body’s absorption and utilization rate of nutrients in vegetables and fruits is also available.Different, the two cannot be replaced.

Important tips: Eating fruits during pregnancy can help supplement vitamins and have a lot of benefits for maternal and infant health. However, eating fruits during pregnancy should also pay attention to avoid excessive intake, eat less sugar with high sugar, and avoid eating without water.In fruit eating, try more different types of fruits, eat less processed fruits, and also be careful not to use fruits to replace vegetables.

Today’s topic: What kind of fruit do you like the most during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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