It is also 4 months pregnant. Why is her belly larger than me?Obstetrician and Gynecologist: There are 5 reasons

Is there a standard in the size of a pregnant belly? The pregnant mommy is particularly sensitive to the changes in the stomach after pregnancy. When you see the belly of others, you are worried that your baby is dysplasia; the belly is slightly lower and he is afraid of premature birth.How do you know if your baby is safe in his stomach?

Many pregnant mothers will care about changes in the stomach. Once the belly is not as expected, she is worried that the baby will develop.When will the stomach start to get bigger after pregnancy?

The attending doctor of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital said that after 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus was separated from the pelvic cavity, and the abdomen began to increase.Generally speaking, pregnant women will start slightly abdomen after 3 or 4 months pregnant.

It is best to measure the abdomen per week during pregnancy

The increase in the increase of the abdomen is very different at different stages of pregnancy.20 to 24 weeks is the most obvious growth of the abdominal circumference. At this time, the average weekly increases by 1.5 to 1.6 cm per week; the growth rate of the abdominal circumference of the abdomen from 24 to 36 is between 0.8 and 1 cm per week; 36 weeks of 36 weeks; 36 weeksIn the future, the increase will become slower, and it will be about 0.3 to 0.5 cm per week.

The sudden increase in the abdomen may be that eating too many starch or sweets

Because the abdominal circumference can reflect the amount of amniotic fluid and the changes in fetal weight, it is best to quantity once a week during pregnancy to observe whether it suddenly increases, and the abdominal circumference suddenly changes to increase production risks. It is recommended to seek medical examination immediately.

There is no significant increase in the abdomen in the middle of pregnancy. It may only be measured by measuring errors. You can observe for a few weeks first, or you still have no additional medical examination.It is best to tell the doctor for further examination immediately.

Abdominal measuring method

Take the general measurement ruler as the benchmark point, and surround the belly around the stomach.

Low belly means that it is about to give birth?The doctor said no!

Doctors said that the body proportion of pregnant women and the baby’s fetal position will affect the state of the stomach, and judging whether it is as fast as the belly is not accurate.

Many pregnant women will be puzzled: the number of pregnancy weeks is the same, why does my belly look particularly large/small? What are the reasons for the size of the pregnant belly? Let’s take a look:

Excessive belly physiological factors

* Fetal body

The fetal body depends on the father’s gene. Dad is tall and the baby will be relatively large.A large amount of starch or sugar -containing drinks and foods during pregnancy will also make the baby significantly larger.

* Number of fetuses

Regardless of whether the twins are large or small or two, the stomach of the twin pregnant women will be larger than that of a single pregnant woman.Doctors said that the abdomen of twin pregnant women will grow sharply at 24-32 weeks of pregnancy and gradually slow down after 32 weeks.

* Pregnant woman weight

The faster the weight after pregnancy, the faster the belly will be bigger.Even if it is thin, if you do not control your diet during pregnancy, your belly will become larger.

* The number of fetuses

Many mothers will find that the second child is faster than the first child’s belly, and the speed of "falling" in the belly is also because the muscles and fascia of the belly becomes more flexible and ductantly after the first pregnancy is enlarged.Therefore, it will soon be supported; the greater the belly, the insufficient muscle support, and the more obvious the belly sinks.

* Inmumps in the early pregnancy

Although the stomach does not change significantly in the early stages of pregnancy, severe harm of joy can cause gastrointestinal motility to slow down, and the stomach often protrudes due to flatulence.

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