It hurts every time in the same room, for several years …

Recently, a sister came to see vaginal pain because of the same room.She said: This situation has been for several years. After watching a lot of doctors, some doctors say that it is endometriosis, and some say it is pelvic inflammatory disease. They have done corresponding treatment, but the effect is not good.

What has actually happened?

After I learned about her in detail, I found that her menstruation was very regular. There was no dysmenorrhea, and her stomach was not painful. It was only somewhere in the vagina.To the thigh.

After further inspection, I found that she had a significant pain in the pelvis muscle group, and there was no compression pain, and there was nothing else in other places. So after I considered, I suspected that she had a female pelvic muscle fascia pain syndrome.

This disease is rare, and many obstetrics and gynecologists do not know the disease.What’s going on with this disease?It can be imagined that if we carry heavy objects for a day, our arms may be painful, and the iron will be painful for a long time, and the muscles in it will also be painful.

The reason is the same.If due to some factors, the pelvic muscles or fascia will cause tension and spasm, which will also cause corresponding pain, which will show pelvic cavity, vaginal, vulva, rectal bladder pain or sore burning.Others will lead to excessive bladder activity and constipation.

The pain caused by this disease may be excessive, or it may continue.

As for why this disease occurs, it is not particularly clear in medicine. It can only guess that some factors are related to it, so the current treatment is also based on possible causes.

The first is psychological guidance.This condition may be caused by too much pressure and anxiety and depression, so some psychological methods can be used to soothe pressure, such as meditation and deep breath.

Second, you can try the massage of the bottom muscle. This is the same as the muscle soreness of our body for massage. There must be a professional obstetrician and gynecologist to find your painful pelvic muscles or fascia for massage.This is more troublesome, you need to run the hospital frequently, and it is not necessarily effective.

The third is to do some exercise. At present, it is not sure which movement is effective to alleviate this disease, but we can try some stretching movements, such as yoga, Prate, etc., or to do the Kiger movement.Of course, the pain may be aggravated at first, so the strength and strength should be adjusted according to the reaction of your body.

The fourth is to try physical therapy or hot compresses.

Finally, if there are similar situations, it is best to find a professional doctor to see it.

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