It has not been fruitful for 4 years, and has just found that her husband has very few sperm and weak

I am 30 years old to marry my husband and have never conceived my child for 4 years.Her husband loves sports very well, and he usually has very little cold.The people around me, including myself, felt that it was my problem that I couldn’t get pregnant, because my menstruation was super inaccurate, and I had done an abortion before.

About two years ago, I discussed with my husband, or checked together.Husband said, you can check it first, if you find that there is no problem, I will check it (I regret why I do n’t insist on asking my husband to check with me, because men can only check sperm).I couldn’t persuade him, so I checked it myself and went to the women and children.After a series of examinations, I found that there are nothing else with ovarian tumors, but the doctor said that this does not affect pregnancy, but my teratoma is also so large. It is recommended that I have eliminated surgery.

Last year, I made laparoscopy and eliminated the teratoma. By the way, I checked the pelvic cavity and the fallopian tube.The doctor said that I should be very good. I asked me to try it for half a year, and I planned to do it.My mother -in -law has always been good for us, because the child’s problem is constantly pressureing.

Last week, my husband and I went to women and children to check.I did a very detailed series of inspections, and my husband tested sperm and mycoplasma.Some results had to wait for 10 days, so we went to the hospital two days ago to get the results to the doctor.As a result, it was given the news of the thunderbolt.

Husband is less essence, weak ejaculation, and the number of sperm is very small.At the same time, most of them are dead.The doctor took my husband’s essence report and shook his head and said, "It’s so bad, I will take a month of medicine for you. If the review will not improve after a month, let’s test the tube directly." I asked, "Is there a class A sperm?"The doctor said, "Now that there is a living sperm, I am lucky, what else can I talk about?"

When I walked out of the hospital, I clenched my husband’s hand and said to him with a smile, "Don’t be afraid, science is so developed, and it is a good deal to make a test tube." But I turned my head and my eyes were moist.In fact, my husband shouldn’t be dragged so long to test sperm, but now it is useful to mention these. What I have to do now is to encourage him and enlighten him.

Take medicine with my husband, there are almost half a box of medicine. My husband must take it within a month. He is usually good and takes very little medicine. Now he suddenly needs to take so much medicine. I think he is so pitiful.The eyes are red again.

My husband is my classmate in elementary school. We have a good relationship. He is very good to me. In this world, I should not find another person who loves me more sincerely than him.I’m really worried, worried that his sperm would not go, worried that I would really have a test tube, and I had to do it a few times to succeed.Thinking all day to think of the west.I am also worried that my husband is in a low mood and inferiority.


After watching the doctor back home, I told my father -in -law that I felt sad to see what they were worried and sad.I really hope to get pregnant soon.

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