Isn’t it aging on the foot, but the early warning of the disease?5 kinds of strangeness appear on the feet, or the body pull alert

"Xiao Jiu, I always have cold hands and feet in winter. Even if I cover thick quilt and put on thick socks, I still feel very cold. What is going on?"

As the weather became colder, Xiao Jiu also received a lot of private messages about this problem in the background.

When it comes to cold hands and feet, some people may think of people who are "cold hands and feet "–

"Short life"

"Poor sexual function"


"Not easy to get pregnant"


It seems that these people have a bunch of buffs. What about the actual situation?

Many people have cold legs and feet in winter. They often sleep all night and get cold. What are the causes of this?

The most common reason is the physiological reasons. As the weather is getting colder and the body does not keep warm, the legs and feet at the end of the body are naturally easy to be cold.

However, if the legs and feet are cold for a long time, you need to be alert to the possibility of blood vessel blocking.

The human body is full of blood vessels, which can be divided into arteries and veins. The main function of the arteries is to transport blood and nutrients to all parts of the body.Once the blood supply arteries on the legs are blocked, the blood supply to the legs will become less, and the symptoms of cold legs will appear.

If you want to judge whether your legs and feet are cold, you can keep standing, and then put your hands with your pants and touch your thigh roots. If you can feel the beating of the arteries, it means that the blood vessels are not blocked.

Or lie down flat and let your family help to touch his instep. Under normal circumstances, you can feel the weak arterial beating. If not, you should be vigilant.

In addition to the cold legs and feet, the blocked blood vessels in the lower limbs can also cause patients with intermittent clamal, varicose veins, weakness of lower limbs, ulcers, and gangrene.

The legs can often be used as our healthy "barometer". When the legs appear abnormal symptoms, we must pay attention to it in time.

Human aging often starts from the legs. The old saying that "the old roots of the tree are withered first, and the old legs are declining first" are scientific basis.

When the feet begin to aging, the skin of the feet, the flatness of the instep, the toe bending, the joint pain, and the slow wound healing symptoms will occur.But some of the abnormality on the feet seem to be like a leg aging, but it may be the signal of the disease:

1. Moles appear

When an abnormal mole appears in the foot, it must be attracted enough attention, which is likely to be a signal sent by melanoma.Especially recently, the moles have become abnormally greater and it needs to be vigilant if it occurs.

2. The toes become round and flat

Lung fibrosis, lung cancer and other lung diseases can cause blood to flow to the small blood vessels of toenails, and then cause tissue to expand and make the toes round and flat.The heart disease, liver disease, and digestive system disease can also cause toe deformation. This phenomenon is clinically called a pest -shaped finger.

3. Aklore swelling

When the renal function is abnormal, the metabolism of the water and fluid in the body will cause abnormalities. A large amount of water accumulates in the body content and can easily cause swelling of the body. In the early days, leg swelling is prone to occur, especially the ankle is more common.

4. Heel pain

Fascinitis and bone hypertension that are wary of foot pain should be vigilant. The specific manifestations are severe pain in the heels when you get up and stand. The symptoms can be relieved after walking, but it will soon come back.

5. numbness

Daily frequent feelings are numbness, which is likely to be caused by pressure on the lower limbs, lumbar nerves or neuritis, and pathological numbness cannot be relieved after rest.

Choosing a pair of suitable shoes is very helpful for protecting the feet, otherwise it is easy to promote the speed of the feet.

The foot is the farthest part of the heart. The blood circulation that can be received in the daily life is relatively small, so it is more prone to lack of blood supply.However, the feet are the "second brain" of human beings. The acupoints on the feet can be connected to the inside and outside, the viscera, and the qi and blood.

And a pair of good shoes can give the biggest protection of the feet.

When choosing shoes, choose the soles of the soles and hardness. The excellent and too soft ones are not good. You should choose to be as loose as possible to avoid squeezing to your toes.At the same time, pay attention to choosing a certain support for the soles of the shoe, which can protect the ankle and arch.

So how to choose suitable shoes?Specific choices should be made according to foot type.Egyptian foot

It is characterized by the longest toe, and the toe after the shortness becomes shorter in order, showing a perfect oblique shape.

This kind of foot -shaped people can choose oblique heads and toe shoes, which can reduce the squeezing to the toe and maintain beauty.Greek foot

The second toe is the longest, but the toes on both sides are relatively short, which is a triangular shape.

Such people can choose pointed shoes, cover the outstanding second toe, and avoid squeezing them.Roman

The length of the five toes is similar, the distribution is evenly, and it is not particularly prominent.This kind of crowd is recommended to choose square shoes and round -headed shoes, or can also choose canvas shoes.

If you want to keep your feet healthy, pay attention to keeping warm measures everyday, and choose a pair of shoes that are suitable for you. This is also important.

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