Is there anything wrong with Carah?About the secret of the selection of ice cream, it’s here

The flat ice cream suddenly became a hot topic of this summer, which also caused a series of discussions of food additives represented by Kara Glossom.So, does the thickener represented by Kara gum affect the quality of ice cream?How can we choose a safe and delicious ice cream?The following content may answer your doubts.

The emergence of additives makes the shape of the ice cream more stable

Human pursuit and understanding of cold drinks may be traced back to before.At that time, people collected ice and snow from the mountain, and then dotted with precious honey to make the original cold drink to provide themselves with a coolness.When the time was transferred to the Tang Dynasty, the combination of dairy products and ice and snow began to appear. At that time, people mixed with milk or goat milk with flour, carefully seasoned in the metal tube, and then frozen.

Ice cream and ice cream, which are in line with the public imagination, actually originated in the United States, but after the 19th century, foods that everyone can consume now began to achieve industrial production and breakthrough in yield.

After talking about the history of ice cream, it is natural to talk about its ingredients. After all, things are good, and the ingredients are the most important.Either ice cream or ice cream. The most important raw materials are dairy products, or protein and fat. The former gives the product a unique frankincense taste, while the latter makes the taste more delicate and smooth.

However, there are not only these in ice cream. The other component of its composition is water -as we all know, water and fat cannot be dissolved. If they want them to be stable together, some food science knowledge is needed, such as saying thatIt can keep fat and water an emulsifier or thickener in the state of "intimate" state, and the existence of the two also allows products such as ice cream, ice cream and other products to show a more stable state.A better flavor experience.

So the question is, what exactly is the thickener?

For thickeners, you must know these details

The so -called "thickener" is actually not a specific substance. It refers to a large type of food additive. If you are a person who pays attention to the formula table, you want to come to the members of these thickenersGlossom, Huangyuan, Arab glue, Guer gum, pectin, agar, etc. are all members of the thickener family.

Speaking back to ice cream, ice cream.As we all know, fat is an insoluble substance. It always exists in sugar and protein solutions with the appearance of suspended particles. In addition to using emulsifiers, thickeners need to be take Carla gel as an example.This natural ingredients found from red algae seagrass have the basic characteristics of soluble dietary fiber. It can quickly absorb water. Through autologous expansion, the fat particles that were originally suspended in water are relatively fixed, forming a more stable structure.According to the requirements of my country’s GB 2760-2014 "Food Additives", in ice cream and ice cream frozen drinks, Kara gum can be "used in moderation according to production" as a thickener.It must be said that Kara Glossoms, as a common substance that was brought out in the process of food science, it also has self -limiting, such as excessive adding to cause the taste of food to taste poor. ThereforeUse cautiously.

Although many people’s eyes, food additives are unnecessary, unhealthy, and unsafe, in fact, this view is not correct.Food science has developed to this day, and various auxiliary products and technologies have emerged endlessly. It is precisely because of the existence of these products and technology that our choices have become richer and diverse.

It is worth mentioning that, for example, in the ice cream and ice cream industry, the content of the thickener is generally 5th of thousands of thousands of thousands, and the amount of Kara glue of Zhongxue Gaohai Salt Coconut is 0.032 grams/78 grams, which is roughly 0.4 thousands of thousands.In an interview, Wu Jia, a registered nutritionist and a Chinese Nutrition Society, stated that commonly used thickeners such as sodium alginate, locust bean gum, and Guer gum are natural plant extracts and one of them.As long as the addition of legal and compliance, it will not affect health.

You have to feel at ease, and you must be at ease.

For consumers, adding emulsifiers and thickeners under legal compliance will not affect health. It is not enough to learn to choose a delicious and peaceful ice cream.In this regard, many industry experts said that consumers can solve problems by focusing on the production information, product types and ingredients tables of ice cream and ice cream.

Pay attention to production information to avoid "three products" and inferior products.Generally speaking, the product packaging of cold drinks should be clearly marked with information such as ingredients, manufacturers, production date, food production license number (SC start), product standard number and other information.You should be vigilant and choose cautiously to avoid purchasing products that have adverse effects on the body.If it is difficult to judge the quality of the product itself, then consider some brands that already have a certain reputation in the market.

The product type and ingredient table can help consumers judge the raw materials and nutritional sources of the ice cream in their hands.According to the national standard "Frozen Drink Ice Cream" (GB/T 31114-2014), ice cream is divided into three types: whole milk fat ice cream, semi-milk ice ice cream, and lipid ice cream.The three types of ice cream types are basically the same, and the nutritional composition is very similar. The difference is that the proportion of fat in ice cream comes from milk fat.Among them, "total milk fat" refers to the mass score of the main body part of the milk fats of more than 8%; "semi -milk fat" refers to the mass score of the main body part of the milk fat quality score of 2.2%;In other words, whole milk fat, semi -milk fat, and fat planting are all legally compliant products, but how to choose it depends on your actual situation.

As for the ingredients table, just like the formula of skin care products, it can help consumers judge the ratio of raw materials in the production process of ice cream.According to the existing standards, the food ingredient table will be arranged according to the high and low proportion of the relevant usage ingredients. The higher the elevated component, the higher the content, and vice versa.If you buy the ingredients table of ice cream products, milk, milk powder, cream and other dairy products rank among the top, it means that the production manufacturer uses more raw materials when making products.It will also be relatively higher.

With the continuous development of the modern food industry, the family of food additives represented by emulsifiers and thickeners is continuously growing, and its future use in various foods will also become a normal state.It is often said that "aside the doses to talk about the harm, it is a hooligan." This is the case for the use of food additives.The use of additives in a certain food does not mean that it will definitely cause damage to the food itself, or it will cause safety risks to health.Food additives are not wolf tiger and leopards. As long as you treat it with a scientific and rational attitude, it will become a good helper to improve the quality of life.

It is worth mentioning that although the food industry has developed rapidly, the relevant food science literacy is slightly lagging, especially when facing the problem of food science, many media will always choose to chase hot spots.Drive, and ignore the truth and scientific explanation of the matter.Rather than carnival in traffic, it is better to think calmly in the lively, so as not to accidentally hurt the brand and industry.

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