Is there a safe way to remove acne during pregnancy?

When taking the subway in the morning to work

I heard the problem of two pregnancy numbness discussing acne

I have been madly acne these days, so ugly!Can I use acne products to use?

oops!Your child must be a male treasure!The skin of the male treasure will become worse!Yes, do n’t use acne products, toxic, for the baby, do n’t bear it …

Michami acne is normal

But most of them have to go to work after pregnancy

How to break acne?

I have abandoned myself to affect the city

Today the Ningmeng will share with the pregnant Mama

"How to deal with these annoying acne during pregnancy"

1. Why do acne during pregnancy?

Is it going to have a male treasure?

Pregnant skin difference represents a male treasure?

Don’t believe in these mother -in -law’s words!

First of all, you need to know how acne is formed?

One picture takes you to understand

Once a large amount of old waste horny cells+strong sebum generate "oil lumps", the passage (pore mouth) of the sebum discharge will be blocked.

The blocked "fat block" becomes black head after oxidation, and the white head without oxidation is white head.If you encounter "anaerobic bacteria" (such as Poorate in Acne), at this time, the skin will send "work cells" to sterilize in order to save themselves, and turn them into pustules with bacteria, which is "Acne ".

Therefore, the reason why adequate acne is related to the hormone level during pregnancy, and it is also related to the genetic and diet of pregnant women. It has nothing to do with boys and women!

2. Is there any way to prevent it?

Oil control can eliminate acne and acne from the root cause!

Life and diet

Regular life schedule, balanced diet, appropriate amount of zinc and vitamin B, eat less sugar and greasy food, drink less milk

The regular life and rest, you don’t need to talk about it early and get up early, the pregnant mothers should have been.

For a balanced diet, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin B and zinc.Vitamin B3 and B6 can inhibit sebaceous gland secretion. In addition, zinc is also a good antibacterial agent, which can greatly enhance the ability of skin cells to fight oxygen free radicals.

Eat spicy acne?So far, there is really no clear evidence that spicy foods can acne. Some people say that I have acne the next day when I eat spicy. This can be explained as spicy food stimulating allergies, and then acne.I do n’t have acne after eating a lot of peppers, envious?Ha ha!

Eat less sweets!Sugar can cause the body to secrete more things called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1), so that the insulin in the body will soar, indirectly gives the blood hormone blood, and eventually stimulates more sebum secretion of cortex gland.

There are also milk, and some studies have shown that it is as easy to cause acne as sugar.

Skin care

Reasonable cleaning, strict sun protection, moderate moisturizing

Cleaning: sebaceous glands secrete sebums, and excess sebum only needs to be washed away.Clean up 1-2 times a day, NO as NO DIE, do not clean it excessively.

Avoid using soap -based facial cleanser.Dry skin or sensitive skin will not be able to stand the skin two or three times a day, and the healthy large oil skin can be once a day.Deep cleansing can damage the skin barrier, destroy the balance of PH planting, stimulate the skin, and the acne will be more serious.

Sun protection: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen says a thousand times, ultraviolet rays make your acne deteriorate, and you can make your aunt!

The first choice for pregnancy is to do hard sunscreen, that is, with hats, umbrellas and the like.If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, sunscreen is also necessary. The principle of choice is to choose pure physical sunscreen and avoid chemical sunscreen containing methamphetamine cinnamic acid ethyl ester and dihone-3.

Moisturizing: Moderate moisturizing. To avoid some acne ingredients, you can use glycerin and neuride as the base.

Do not use the moisturizing products or overlapping too much skin care products. Acne is caused by excessive oil. It is estimated that many Ma Ma do not know whether there are oil in the "moisturizing and hydrating" products.The so -called "acne is because of insufficient hydration", so a large amount of moisturizing and hydrating products containing oil contains oil, resulting in more serious acne.

3. How should pregnant women eliminate acne?

Can I also use acne products?

Of course!

I have been popular before

The skin’s absorption rate of cosmetics is very low

Just avoid some components used by pregnant women with caution

It’s safe enough!


Skin care during pregnancy | 10 years old!Who calls me not to take skin care?joke!

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Acne removal is nothing more than trilogy

1. Oil control

In terms of diet, you can choose some skin care products containing oil control ingredients on weekdays.

2. Accelerate keratin metabolism, dredge pores

Two ways are two -pronged.The first is moderate moisturizing, so that the skin is sufficient to allow the cells to automatically complete the process of falling off. Then you can appropriately use some exfoliating products, such as products containing urea, moisturizing the skin and loosening the keratin.

The skin during pregnancy is very fragile. It is not recommended to brush sour!Although salicylic acid, fruit acid, and vitamin acid are fierce, we should not touch it first.

3. Control bacterial reproduction and anti -inflammatory

Like peroxide nazelin, it is sterilized and anti -inflammatory, but it is more irritating. As for antibiotics, it is easy to produce drug resistance for a long time. It is recommended to choose some mild plant ingredients as much as possible!

What are the acne ingredients used by pregnant women?

1. Vitamin B: It can inhibit the reaction of synthetic lipids with glucose and substrate, which can effectively control oil.

2. Antioxidant: Polyphenols, plenty of crickets, lycopene, ribronous, shrimp, etc. can effectively control oil by inhibiting the effect of 5α-reducing enzymes.

3. Equipment for some plants: Aloe, chamomile, tea trees, palm leaf rhubarb, yellow cricket, peony root, etc., can play a role in controlling oil or sterilization and anti -inflammatory.

Finally, recommend a acne product to the pregnant Mama, right?

The ingredients are safe and gentle and non -irritating, and pregnant women can also be used!

Colleagues are effective!

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Specific acne cream

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