Is there a lot of leucorrhea?

Women with regular menstruation are usually ovulation every month.Most of the women’s ovulation periods are about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, which will last about 3 to 7 days.Women’s body will have some reactions during ovulation, and different women’s physical responses are also different.Some women have a few days of leucorrhea a few days a month, and they think it is the ovulation period.Today, let’s take a look at whether the increase in female leucorrhea is the ovulation period and what are the symptoms of the ovulation period?

The increase in female leucorrhea is not necessarily ovulation. It may be some other gynecological inflammation. Like vaginitis, leucorrhea will increase, and it may also be accompanied by privacy.The ovulation period leucorrhea is generally presented as an egg white -shaped and has a brushed. In this case, most of them appear in the middle of menstruation.In addition, there will be the following performances during ovulation.

1. There is a feeling of falling in the anus. Women will be discharged from the ovary during ovulation, and the mature eggs will be discharged from the ovaries. Some liquids will enter the pelvic area, causing the anus to fall.Some women also have a small amount of bleeding during ovulation, which is mainly caused by changes in estrogen secretion in the body.

2. Increasing sexual desire, female sexual desires in ovulation will increase, which is mainly caused by relatively increased estrogen secretion in the body.In the same room during ovulation, if you do not pay attention to contraception, it is easy to conceive, so for couples who do not plan to want children, we must take contraceptive measures.

3. The resistance will decrease. The ovulation period is to make the female eggs and male sperm better. At this time, the physical resistance will weaken, it is susceptible to bacteria to invade, causing some physical discomfort.

The above is some common symptoms that women will experience in the body during ovulation.For women in the ovulation period, we must pay attention to keeping clean and hygiene in private parts, especially when sexual life, both sides should pay attention to cleaning the reproductive organs.Women often need to change their underwear, do a good job of disinfection, and wash the vulva with water every day.In addition, pay attention to rest and do not do severe exercise.

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