Is there a history of fetal or abortion?"Can’t hide" these aspects of the pregnancy examination, the doctor is clear

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With the progress of society and the opening of thoughts, young people are also more and more open to sex. Many young people have lived together before they get married.Moreover, because contraceptive measures are not in place, many little girls are pregnant before they get married.It seems that this phenomenon is no longer a big deal in the eyes of young people. Everyone is no wonder, it is normal.

Many young couples are lacking in nurturing knowledge after pregnancy.Therefore, they will choose to go to the hospital for pregnancy, and regular pregnancy examinations can perform a systematic test on Bao Ma’s body.

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Sun were known by the family members. After they knew each other, they were very satisfied with each other.Therefore, in less than a month, the two got married.

What also makes the two happy that less than a month of marriage, Ms. Sun was pregnant.Therefore, Mr. Zhang took her to the hospital for a pregnancy test, and the ex -grandson was uncomfortable at the beginning of the pregnancy test.Unexpectedly, a doctor’s words made her face a sunny thunderbolt: Have you ever been born before?This sentence, Mr. Zhang, who was paid back, heard that he was not angry. Following Ms. Sun, he finished all the inspection inspection.Ms. Sun also knew that she was wrong, and her feelings and Mr. Zhang were afraid of it.

These imprints will be left on women who have been fetal in the hospital. These links in the pregnancy test will be detected, and the doctor is clear about it.

Is there a history of fetal or abortion?"Can’t hide" these links in the pregnancy test, the doctor is clear

① The shape of the cervical mouth of Baoma

During the pregnancy test, it is necessary to check the cervix of Bao Ma.Women who have not been hit, the cervical mouth is round, and on the contrary, it is in a shape.As long as the doctor can judge whether Bao Ma had a fetus and flowing through the shape according to the shape.

But many women now have gynecological diseases.Cervical erosion can also lead to changes in the shape of the cervix.Therefore, according to the judgment of the cervical mouth, it is not necessarily accurate. As a husband, you still have to believe in his wife.

② The examination of the uterus during the checkup

At the same time as the birth check, the uterus can be detected.When miscarriage, the uterus needs to be expanded; while flowing out the fetus, the substances retention of the uterine memory need to be processed.Therefore, it will cause damage to the uterine wall.Women who have not been fought, the uterine wall will be very thick, on the contrary, it will be very thin.These phenomena will be clear about doctors during the birth of the delivery.

③ Storage of personal information in the hospital

With the development of science and technology, the real -name system is now adopted.Every examination in the hospital will leave records in the hospital.And now the data interoperability is made, and the big data method is used. When you have a pregnancy test, if you have a fetal fetus before, then you will definitely show your fetal records.As long as the doctor checks, you will know your experience of getting fetal.

Even if you have been tires and flow, don’t be inferior to casually, you can still find the other half that loves you

① The two sides are frank and understand each other

Even if you have a fetal, if you meet someone you like, you must tell the person you like this real situation.Two people should take on their pain together.The two sides do not have to have inferiority.If he likes you enough, then he will tolerate everything that tolerates you, and he can accept the fact that you get your fetus, but looking at the future, you are still his best partner.

② Single women must know how to love themselves

Many women are in the stage of falling in love. If men ask cohabitation, most of them will agree.However, if men are not ready to marry you, it is obviously inappropriate to cohabitation so soon.When the two sides determine the relationship, have seen each other’s parents, it is certain that they can get to get married, and it is not too late to live together.Single women must know how to protect themselves, be alone, and avoid unnecessary damage.

Therefore, if you have a history of abortion, you don’t have to worry about it, and even inferiority, those who you have suffered, will definitely bear it silently for you and help you share it.What you do is to cherish yourself even more.Dear netizens, will you treat women with abortion experiences differently?

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