Is there a difference between the reaction during pregnancy of the daughter and the son?People who come here tell you: the difference is very large

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I have a daughter, and I am curious whether my son reacts with his son and his childhood pregnancy. So when I was looking for information on the Internet, I found that there was really a big difference between the reaction of the daughter and the son during pregnancy, and there were many treasures above.Mom shared her own experience.

I remember when I was pregnant with YOYO, I almost spent in bed a few months ago. I had no strength every day, and I even wanted to vomit some things, so I did n’t eat it directly, but I did n’t expect to eat it.Things also want to vomit, and even vomit the throat hurt.

At that time, my mother -in -law and husband were more worried about me. I immediately took me to the hospital to check it. However, the doctor said that there was no good solution. I could only survive it slowly through my own adjustment.

At that time, I really suffered every day, and I never thought that pregnancy was so tortured.

Fortunately, my husband, mother -in -law and father -in -law are particularly good to me, and they are particularly patient. My husband will say to Yoyo in the stomach every day, do n’t make trouble, be obedient, and you will accompany me with time as soon as you have time. I want to eat it. I want to eat it.What, my husband and mother -in -law prepared for me to help me spend the most torment.

I think that her daughter is so tormented, so the reaction of the pregnancy of her son should be greater.

I saw that a second child Baoma said that her first child was a daughter and the second child was a son. At that time, she was particularly uncomfortable when she was pregnant with her daughter, but when she was pregnant with a second child, she was the same as she was not pregnant.Just do yoga, and go to the runner to jog in the early stages of your arms.

The reaction during pregnancy during pregnancy is almost negligible compared to her daughter.

There are also many Bao moms similar to her situation. After watching so many people’s explanations and experience sharing, I know that the original difference is really great.

There are some careless women who are pregnant, but they think they are not pregnant. Let me tell you what symptoms are in the early stages of pregnancy:


The most obvious symptom of early pregnancy is that menstruation stops. If you usually have stable and normal menstrual time, but suddenly find that you have no menstruation for more than 5 days, then you must pay attention. It is likely that you are pregnant.It is only possible to check.

Frequent urination

Many women ignore frequent urination. In the early stages of pregnancy, they did not drink too much water, but caused by the hormonal secretion in women’s body. At this time, it is likely that women are still pregnant.

feel sick and vomit

After a month of pregnancy, the reaction during pregnancy will slowly appear. Most of the pregnant mothers will vomit, and they will be nauseous sooner or later.

Suddenly the body becomes tired

In the early stages of pregnancy, a small life appeared in a woman’s abdomen to absorb the energy of the pregnant mother’s body. Therefore, the pregnant mother’s body will be tired, even if nothing is done in a day, the body will still appear tired.

However, due to the different constitutions of each person, the symptoms occur in the early stages of pregnancy are also different. If you want to judge whether you are pregnant through physical symptoms.

For places where novice pregnant mothers need to pay attention to during pregnancy, we must not only pay attention to diet and rest, but also pay attention to their own mood. After all, for pregnant mothers, we must pay great attention to accidents, so as not only to hurt themselves.It also affected the fetus in the abdomen.

The response of daughters and her son during pregnancy is still very different. Novice pregnant mothers must be prepared for psychological preparations. Although the reaction during pregnancy is difficult, when the baby appears in front of you, the heart will be full of happiness.

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